Apple Pie

Total Time:
1 hr 20 min
25 min
15 min
40 min

8 to 10 servings


Combine the flour and salt in mixing bowl. Cut room temperature shortening into flour until mixture is uniform and shortening resembles large peas. Beat egg, water, and vinegar together to blend. Pour all of the liquid evenly over flour mixture. Stir in with fork until all of the mixture is moistened. Divide dough in half and shape each into a ball. Flatten each into a 4-inch circle. Wrap and chill dough for 15 minutes for easier rolling.

Dust rolling pin and work surface lightly with flour. Roll dough to a uniform thickness. Roll to a circle about 1-inch larger than upside down 8-inch pie plate. Carefully place one dough circle into pie plate and gently press into form of plate. Trim excess dough around the edge with the back of a knife.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Peel, core, and slice apples. Mix apple slices with sugar, flour, and cinnamon. Place apple mixture in pie shell. Place second pie crust on top and form to the edges of the pie plate. Cut slits in the top crust to allow for steam to release in oven. Bake for approximately 30 to 40 minutes, until pie is fully baked and apples are tender.

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    This is what I'm looking for. Thank you so much.
    This is the best pie crust ever. It is flawless every time. I even use it for my quiche!
    I have made many pies, always try new ways, this was very easy. Looking forward to 40 minutes from now
    Dough was way too tricky! Hardest dough I have made so far.
    Hi, everyone you should use the mixed berry pie dough recipe. It's much better!
    Crust was flaky enough ...but lacked flavor .... Good, but will try a different dough recipe.
    I followed this recipe from start to finish and I didn't deviate. It was pretty simple and straight forward. The final outcome just wasn't up to my expectation. The crust was a bit dry and lacked flavor. The filling wasn't that bad though it was runny and very sweet.  
    Overall, it wasn't terrible but I probably won't use this recipe again.
    My 10 year old daughter baked her very first apple pie with this recipe and it was quoted as "the best apple pie" ever made in my family. It was simple enough for her and we had so much fun preparing it. The only thing I did was help cut the apples. Thanks for helping us start a new tradition of baking an apple pie from scratch. :
    This was my first time making a pie and for a first timer this recipe was easy to understand and the results were delicious. Here in Finland, pies are made differently so I was a bit worried I might botch it. Since we don't have vegetable shortening here, I used butter instead. For the filling, I got creative as well. I made a apple-pear pie with cinnamon applesauce. I just layered some apples and pears, then some applesauce. I'm really glad it turned out well and that I chose this recipe.
    Very good recipe for both goodies and crust. I made it exactly as is was written. After all was ready took the dough out of the refrigerator and rolled it between two pieces of saran wrap. This worked great and clean up was a breeze.
    I loved it
    Tastes great! This was the first dessert pie I've ever made, and the first time making my own pie crust. I did add some nutmeg to the recipe too though, about a half teaspoon.  
    The crust is flaky and delicious. But, the first one I rolled out did fall apart a bit, so for the next one I rolled it out over wax paper (used a little scotch tape to keep it down, so all I had to do was pick up the wax paper and flip over then carefully peel off. worked great. 
    The crust was horrible! Had piece it together on the bottom of the pie pan, and threw it on the top in large chunks because it would not hold together.
    I have used a pastry recipe with vinegar, egg, etc. The absolute best!. I added Ľ teaspoon of nutmeg to the filling. It was wonderful.
    Ths is a great basic recipe for apple pie... Extremely easy !!!! It was soooo yummy!!!
    It was light and flakey even the next day the crust stay crisp..This is the first time I have ever made pie crust with egg and vingar.. and my ususal pie crust are always good but this is now a keeper.. thought maybe the first time might have been a fluke did it again a couyple days later and was consistant.. yummy once again.. I use 2 types of apple combined, granny smith and ambrosia
      a sweet apple and was very good. very happy with!
    Using a variety of apples really helped! Also I used brown sugar for the filling. Made the pie that much better! This was also my first apple pie- came out better than I expected!
    I made this recipe today and was surprised at how little time it took especially with an apple, peeler/corer/slicer i picked up for $10 a bed bath and beyond. I took the advice of some other reviews by adding way more apples of assorted kinds, double the flour in the filling, adding caramel syrup to the filling, adding more cinnamon to the filling, and egg washing the top of the pie before sprinkling with cinnamon and sugar. This pie was a huge hit tonight! I will definitely be making it again!
    Last night, I baked this pie. My first applie pie from scratch. Pretty darn good! Here's what I did. I left the dough in the fridge for almost an hour. Multi-tasking cooking. I used the secret to flour the board, but wanted to make sure no to over do it. Still sticky...apparently you need lots more flour! I used 7 small Granny Smith apples, and had them marinating in the bowl of flour, sugar, cinnamon for awhile. By the way, I did not use Vegetable shortening...never use that stuff! I'm butter all the way. Unsalted. The crust was moist, and had a delicious flavor! Next time, more apples!
    This is the best crust for an apple pie ever! The secret is to flour the board like crazy and keep it covered in flour while you roll the crust out. Also, I used Granny Smith apples and only used 4 because I found this to be better than the time I made it with Northern Spy apples. Just be sure to let the crust chill for 15-30 min and keep it floured!
    the dough was too wet adn didnt stick
    This was my first time every attempting to make a pie, let alone from scratch. And my friends and I thought it tasted fantastic. I have to say though I also had trouble transferring the pie crust dough. I ended up just rolling out the dough on wax paper covered in flour, and just flipping that into pie tin when I had a big enough circle. Worked surprisingly well.
    Very easy to make and quick. I had to make some substitutions because I didn't have all the ingredients. I used apple cider vinegar and margarine instead of white vinegar and vegetable shortening. I used Golden Delicious apples.
    I made this for Thanksgiving and it was great! I used a premade crust, the kind that you roll out. The filling was perfect. So simple, so good. Not sure which kind of apples I bought but I did get them from Whole Foods.
    This was the first time I've ever made a pie; it turned out fantastic!
    I've made this apple pie recipe twice already and have made the dough twice for sweet potato pie over Thanksgiving. Everyone raved about the crust and thought it was from the bakery.  
    Thanks to those who recommended using a little more flour in the pie filling than suggested in the recipe. I used 4 Tablespoons flour to keep it from being too runny/wet.  
    I brushed the top of the crust with egg-wash and sprinkled sugar for that caramelized sheen and color effect. Winner! 
    TIP for transferring the dough: Roll dough to a circle, fold it over gently to make a half-moon shape. Fold over gently onto itself again to make a 90 degree angle. It will look like a triangle (with a semi-circle edge. It makes it easy to pick up. Align pointed part of the triangle onto the middle of your pie plate and unfold.
    I have never made my own crust before. I admit I had a lot of trouble rolling the dough as it kept breaking. It was impossible to move it onto the top of the pie as well as the bottonm of the pan! I became so frustrated because i had to "cut and paste" the crust into pan and then make it look like it wasnt ten different pieces pinched together on top. The inside of the pie was deilicious. So sweet and yummy! I will try soemthing different with the crust next time!
    That is the best best apple pie recipe. My sister is a baker she good and I beat her with this apple pie recipe thank you thank you
    Oh my god! I have NEVER made pie or the crust before this !  
    It was so easy to make and everyone who ate some was amazed that that was my first pie ever !  
    it was so a hit with my family that I'm making it for thanksgiving!!!!!  
    thank you Bobby!!!!
    My step sister and I tried to make this exact pie but for some reason using Crisco or shortening for the crust it didn't come out the way it was suppose to, but we re-made the crust with butter to find that it works better, but they are AMAZING, thanks for sharing that recipe.
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