Chocolate Milk Shake

Total Time:
10 min
10 min

In blender combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. Pour into glass and serve.

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    Very yummy!! I normally don't use syrup but this came out well. I've never understood making chocolate shakes with vanilla ice cream. One of my favorite shake places switched from using chocolate ice cream to vanilla. YUCK! A CHOCOLATE shake with vanilla ice cream is a total disappointment!
    It was awesome with all the ingredients it was great.

    The milkshake was super good because of all the chocolate!
    it was amazing!!!!!!!!
    I had a hankering for a chocolate milk shake and this did the trick. I still love chocolate milk shakes made with vanilla ice cream better, but this was definitely acceptable!
    I'm 15 years old and this amazed my friends! They think milkshakes are hard to do and they've only used ice, not ice cream. It was SO EASY and took about 3 minutes total. I love it. <3 (-":
    My friend and I decided to make a chocolate milkshake. Being teenage girls, we didn't know a recipe. I googled how to make a chocolate milkshake and this came up. We got all set to make it, and found we didnt have chocolate ice cream, or enough syrup. So compromising, we made this with cookie dough ice cream! VERY GOOD! I can only imagine what chocolate would taste like.
    this was the first milkshake i have made and i really like it. it has just the right ratio of chocolate amd ice cream. it has just the right level of sweetness also.
    perfect balance of milk and CHOCOLATE ice cream in the CHOCOLATE milkshake-i make it every weekend for my family & if i miss a day (hardly ever) they make it themselves! easy, quick & definitely tasty!
    i tried this and chocolate ice cream makes it too sweet. when my dad died, i found his secret chocolate milkshake recipe behind his stove. this is what he always did and it was wonderful;
    vanilla ice cream
    pinch of confectionary sugar
    two cubes of ice (small
    chocolate syrup
    powdered hot chocolate mix
    finally i found a recipe that actually uses chocolate ice cream! i love chocolate milkshakes and order them often and made them few times but i always use chocolate ice cream. i like my milkshakes thick and with ice. to me there is nothing more annoying then having a chocolate milkshake made with vanilla ice cream with chunks of the vanilla ice cream still left, i have to say VANILLA ICE CREAM DEFEATS the purpose of having a CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE!
    I am a milk shake connoisseur. This is probably among the worst recipes I have ever tasted. Chocolate Ice Cream is never to be used in making a chocolate shake or malt. It virtually destroys the taste by making it dramatically over sweet. If someone ever hands you a shake made like this, do not hesitate to send it back, they don't know what they are doing and have no business operating a blender or handling ice cream.
    I made milkshakes for my family using this recipe and they all LOVED it! We saved tons on money just by making them at home, too! We will definitely be making these again.
    IN a word YUMMO !!!!!!!!!!!!
    easy & good
    I made this for my kids after school and they loved it!
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