Simple Pineapple Sherbet

Total Time:
2 hr 20 min
10 min
2 hr
10 min

6 to 8 servings

  • 1/2 fresh pineapple, peeled and diced (about 1 cup)
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 2 tablespoons water or pineapple juice
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon lemon zest
  • 1 quart lowfat buttermilk

In a small heavy bottomed saucepan over medium heat, add the pineapple, sugar, water or pineapple juice, lemon juice and zest. Stir just until sugar melts. Let cool to room temperature.

Transfer pineapple mixture to a food processor, with 1 cup buttermilk. Puree until smooth. With the motor running, gradually add remaining buttermilk, until smooth and well blended.

Pour into a freezer-safe dish and place in the freezer. Freeze until firm, at least 2 hours. Eat and enjoy!

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    Could not believe so few ingredients could make such a delicious sherbet dessert. Her presentation was so simple that I knew I could do this.  
    Thanks so much...Lynn Short
    I prepared the Simple Pineapple Sherbet after watching Claire on Five Ingredient Fix. It's a healthy and yummy quick desert and the grandchildren loved it!
    this recipe had way too much buttermilk i could barely tell there was pineapple :(
    i just watched this episode and the shernit looks delicious but im not a huge pineapple fan...any way to try a different fruit?
    Really delicious but difficult to get out of the pan. Had to slice it rather than scoop it. Did I do something wrong?
    While making this recipe, I was skeptical. I didn't change anything in the recipe. After I froze it, I had to leave the sherbet out for quite a while for it to become soft enough for me to scoop it. So I like the idea on here about freezing it in several smaller bowls and then popping each one in the microwave for a bit before eating.

    At first, I did think it tasted too much like buttermilk, but then the pineapple came in behind that and I thought it was the perfect combination of flavor. Now I can't get enough of it!
    i'm not sure where to add this information without actually trying the recipe.... but we can't just add useful information without attaching a "star rating" it seems.
    Like so many others that use these reviews faithfully, i'm not happy to see ( or be adding) a recipe rating without having made the recipe.
    however, all that being said ... i watched that episode recently and I believe she used 3/4 cup buttermilk (not the quart she menitoned and also seemed to use in the video. So I would try cutting that amount down to 3/4 cup & see how that works.
    I too wish they would edit some of those errors and comments from time to time.
    After seeing this episode and happening to have some buttermilk in the fridge, I wanted to try it. I didn't have pineapple, so I just used the method with what I had - I processed some fresh mango (about 1 whole, maybe a little more) and some strawberries with a little sugar and lemon juice/zest and add all the buttermilk I had - probably 2 cups. So more fruit and less buttermilk - but it was perfect! I wish I had written down all the amounts - just goes to show that the method is good as long as you adjust to your tastes!

    I'm trying fresh cherry (from our tree!) next... here's hoping it's just as good!
    I made this for my husband and he fell IN-LOVE with this recipe. It does have more bitterness than I'd prefer, but it just goes to show that it's all on taste preference. My husband got creative and added some Very Berry Strawberry by Arizona Green Tea to kick it up and WOW, he's in love with this recipe all over again.

    Recommendation: Freeze several smaller bowls with this recipe size and when you want to eat it, put it in the microwave for about a minute to soften it up just enough to start eating it. ENJOY!!!
    I really wish I'd read the reviews here before wasting the time and money on this recipe! It was as hard as a brick coming out of the freezer and the texture was awful.. but not nearly as bad as the taste! It was very very sour and disgusting! What a waste of delicious pineapple!
    Even used less sugar - 1/2 cup. My pineapple was very sweet.Added 2 teaspoons vanilla. My family loved it.
    My family does not eat alot of sweets or ice cream so this was absolutely wonderful for us. It was creamy yet had such a great flavor with the pineapple. We will definitely do this again. Just thought maybe I could try a different fruit next time. I also like the cool whip idea instead of the buttermilk and maybe using splenda.....will try that too.
    I was really excited about making this dessert. It was such a waste of time and money. It tasted like pure buttermilk. I added a whole core of pineapple and even more sugar than the recipe called for and it was still sour and disgusting. I threw the whole thing away. This was my first recipe from Claire, and honestly, I don't if there will be a second.
    Unlike some of the other comments, I didn't find this too buttermilk tasting. I did use 1 1/2 cups of pineapple though, and next time I might not use quite the whole quart of Lowfat Buttermilk, mainly because it was too much for my food processor to handle and made a mess :-)
    this is delicious...sweet, tangy and creamy all at once
    I used buttermilk & added more pineapple & 2 teaspoons vanilla. Used my ice cream maker to freeze (adds air). Delish!
    I read the comments and was hopeful that I would compensate for the buttermilky taste by adding a bit more pineapple juice and lemon but this was disgusting. I had to throw out the entire thing. It tasted way too much like buttermilk and not a sweet dessert. I am so terribly disappointed! I like buttermilk but this was just too too much. I just wasted a lot of money on the ingredients and the time.
    We made this at the beach this past weekend and it was great. We all loved the flavor and the creamy almost homemade ice cream like texture. We will make this again.
    I made this for my husband who is a big pineapple fan. I don't even like pineapple, and I ended up enjoying it. There is a very strong lemon flavor so if you want more pineapple taste to come through I might add a bit more pineapple juice instead of the lemon juice, but still use the lemon zest. My parents, who love both pineapple and lemon, absolutely raved over it and my three year old loved it, too.
    The biggest complaint about this recipe is that end product is HARD - nothing like sherbert. I modified the recipe slightly, using 1 cup Splenda instead of sugar - to reduce calories and make it diabetic friendly. I also added 2 teaspoons of vanilla, just in case the comments about "too buttermilk" tasting were right. I froze it for about 4 hours and yep, hard as a brick. Letting it melt a bit didn't help, just gave soup and lots of ice crystals. BUT, the taste was wonderful so tried to figure out how to make the texture more creamy. Bingo, an idea! I scooped the pineapple mixture into a big bowl, got out my 'motor boat' bllender (as Emeril calls It), and beat it to a soft ice cream consistancy. Then I worked in a tub of Fat Free Cool Whip, poured it all into my freezer dish and back to re-freeze. You can actually use a dipper to scrape off scoops and the texture is MUCH creamier. I know, it is a little more work with an added step but my final result is a refreshing low sugar, low fat, and practically guilt free treat.
    This was awful. I'm sorry I wasted the money. I should have just cut up the pineapple and called it a day. It had a weird buttermilky taste...tossed the whole thing in the trash after one bite.
    This was delicious - not too buttermilk-y and very pineapple-y! I was skeptical about the buttermilk too but I followed the recipe exactly and it was great. My five year-old twins and I sandwiched it between some soft frosted lemon cookies and ate it up. My husband likes it too - he is a huge buttermilk fan to begin with though. Tomorrow we're going to put the leftovers on shortcake, sprinkle some blueberries over it, top it with a dollop of sour cream and CHOW DOWN! Go Claire.... the other recipes from this show seem sound too!
    I saw this the other day and decided to read reviews first as I'm skeptical about the use of buttermilk in creating a frozen dessert. I buy bmilk for fried chicken, mash potatoes but have little use for otherwise. It seems like mixed reviews so far, so I will try recipe as is as it seems like something we'd enjoy for a light hot summer dessert however some reviewers who gave it a thumbs down got me thinking .........why not try can of coconut milk (not the cream stuff)? being a natural with pineapple. hmmm not sure about shredded flakes either but coconut milk could give it that tropical pc twist.
    When I made mine, I added a cup of sugar with a little extra sprinkle, I used canned pineapples in juice not syrup. i used the zest and juice from a whole lemon, and a dash of vanilla and it turned out great! It definately takes waaayyyy more than two hours to freeze.
    I saw this on TV and instantly wanted to make it. It turned out "okay", nothing spectacular. The only issue I had, was mine took way longer to set up than 2 hours. I really suggest you make this the night before, not the three hours ahead like I did.
    The amount of buttermilk, a quart (4 cups) seemed like a lot, and I noticed that a lot of people said it was too buttermilk-y. I'm thinking it may have been a mistake. So I used a pint (2 cups) instead, and it was DELICIOUS. Really, really good. The flavors really complement each other. Also, I used a little less sugar (about 2/3 cup). Don't skip the lemon zest, it really comes through.
    Make it right now. But use half the buttermilk, and less sugar to compensate.
    This recipe is very simple to make and really is quite good! My only complaint was that it was too lemony, so I skipped the zest in my second attempt. I also used canned pineapple and it didn't make a big difference in taste. Overall, a fabulous treat after a long day!!!
    What a wonderful unusual sherbet recipe! It wasn't too sweet and it was perfectly flavored. I had some buttermilk leftover that I needed to use up and I was so happy when I saw this recipe. I will keep it in my recipe file for sure. I did alter the recipe just slightly by using my ice cream maker. It was absolutely divine. Thank you Claire and keep up the good work. Don't let it go to your head like Giada did!
    I saw Claire make this and just had to try it. I followed the recipe, using fresh pineapple, possibly adding more than was called for. I served it to friends, and everyone loved it. My only complaint was that it was too hard. I solved that problem by shaving it using an ice cream scoop. That made it light and fluffy, like snow ice cream. Would definitely make again.
    I made this recipe twice thus far...something about the pineapple, sugar, lemon & buttermilk tasted really good together. It is also a "light" go-to dessert when I get my ice cream cravings after dinners in which does not damage my weight-in the next morning. One complain I have with this recipe is the ice crystals formed is somewhat "hard", the end product is not exactly smooth like a sherbet should be. If we find a way to smooth out the ice crystals this would be a wonderful dessert to share! Happy Eating!
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