Dutch Baby

Total Time:
45 min
15 min
30 min

4 servings

  • 3 tablespoons butter, melted and divided
  • 2 3/8 ounces all-purpose flour, approximately 1/2 cup
  • 3 tablespoons vanilla sugar, plus extra for serving
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/2 cup whole milk, room temperature
  • 2 large eggs, room temperature
  • Lemon wedges

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

Place 2 tablespoons of the melted butter into a 10-inch cast iron skillet and place in the oven. Set the remaining tablespoon of melted butter aside to cool slightly. Wait 10 minutes before assembling the other ingredients.

Place the flour, vanilla sugar, salt, milk, eggs and remaining tablespoon of melted butter into the bowl of a food processor or blender and process for 30 seconds. Carefully pour the batter into the preheated skillet. Bake on the middle rack of the oven for 30 to 35 minutes or until the edges are puffed and brown. Sprinkle with additional vanilla sugar and serve with lemon wedges.

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    delicious! went according to directions, not salty, not too brown...not sure why others had problems. Loved it and will make it again.
    I love dutch babies. This recipe is off the mark. The cooking time is too long. Mine was done in 20 minutes. If you're unfortunate enough to make this recipe, don't walk away from it while it's baking. The recipe calls for WAY too much salt. I wanted a sweet treat and got a salty Americanized dutch baby hybrid. Dutch babies are typically more airy and less dense. I had much more luck with Martha Stewart's version which calls for three eggs (not two), more milk, and less salt. Don't waste your time on this recipe. I'm actually surprised because normally I have a lot more luck with Food Network recipes. This just reminded me of one of the millions of recipes from one of the millions of blogs out there with measurements that are way off.
    I think the cooking time is too long, or the temp too high, or both. Mine was still good but VERY brown. Medium brown, heading towards dark brown. And that made it crunchy in an overdone way. I'll cook less time next time.
    loved it!
    I accidentally put in 3/4 cup milk and it came out with a custard like center....so good.
    Simple and a nice light treat! Tried it with the sugar and lemon and that was perfect. Also, used a Dutch Oven instead of a cast iron pan... It worked ! I also thought the 3 Tbl. of vanilla sugar would be too much, but it wasn't. Just follow the recipe and you will be delighted. Just check at 30 minutes!!!
    Love it! And make it all the time! my daughters favorite breakfast!
    I loooooove this recipe and make it all the time. It can be doubled pretty easily. Today I threw in some flaxseed, and they flew under the radar as a nice way to get some extra healthiness in there.  
    I do love throwing some apples or pears in the butter in the oven for 10-15 minutes before I put the batter on. Creates a nice fruit pancake.
    This was really yummy but I have to admit that I made an error in the recipe but I didn't realize it until I opened up the microwave after this yummy Dutch Baby was already gone. I neglected to add the tablespoon of melted butter to the blender. Next time I will but I can't imagine that it could taste better than it was. This is a keeper.
    Try this recipe; it is very versatile and easy. If you are looking for experimentation- I took some steel cut oats, pulverized them in my Vitaimx and added them to the base recipe (subbing out some of the flour. This improved the taste and made the Dutch Baby even more fantastic and a bit healthy.
    This was very well received as a breakfast dish. We topped it with preserves but it was delicious plain as well. I didn't have vanilla sugar so I put a bit of vanilla in the batter. Will definitely make again.
    We used to order this at a long gone local eatery, paid big bucks for it, the wait was horrible... I'd spent a lot of time trying to duplicate it with no success. This is great as is suggested or with apple pie filling in the middle as a dessert. Thanks so much for the recipe. It's a lot easier to make than all the gyrations I was going through! It takes a lot less time to eat than it does to bake! 
    Fun and easy weekend breakfast option. Wasn't sure about the lemon, but WOW!!! the combination of the light "pancake", sprinkle of confectioners sugar, and the lemon was great. Add a cup of earl grey tea and I'm there!
    Such a simple and delicious recipe. The hardest part is waiting for the ingredients to come to room temperature. Had to adjust the cooking time down to 17 minutes, so you may want to keep an eye on it the first time you try this.
    I agree. The cooking time is way too long. 
    This is one of my new go-to breakfasts. It's easy and delicious. I love mine with a bit of loganberry jam
    This is a great Saturday breakfast! Made it several times now and it always comes out delicious. : We're going to try mixing different things into the batter next time (spices, etc and see what happens. Thanks, Alton!
    Wow! Way cool, way easy, really good. I did not have a cast iron skillet, so made in a pie plate. Turned out great. When I ate at the OPH I had the version with the vegetables inside (sauted broccoli, mushrooms, onion, with cheddar. I was afraid this recipe would be too sweet with the sugar in it. Not so and will make this again soon with veggies. I used 2% milk and margarine and did not have a blender, so just whipped with a whisk.
    My husband and I absolutely love this Dutch Baby recipe and we make it about once a month! It is easy to make and tastes amazing - especially with lemon and powdered sugar on top! We always double the recipe as we have a large cast iron pan.
    Easy, simple, delicious!
    so tasty...I've had these way back when in the Pa Dutch country breakfast restaurants in the Lancaster area...so good!...we've made this a few times at home now and it is easy, seems to come out perfect every time and can stand any topping you serve it with (I do prefer the pure maple syrup on these...but also great with powdered sugar or any fruit/jam/marmalade, etc...definitely a cast iron skillet works best...just be certain to preheat it well with the butter!! 
    Alton, you're the best...been watching you for years, and wish one day I'll "bump into you" at the Crabapple Kroger or Cooks Warehouse or Harry's/Whole Foods!! This is Good Eats, bud!
    I've made this many times...weekend guests always ask for it...look/tastes impressive, but so easy to make...fresh strawberries (in season), sautéed apples, or lemon curd & blueberries, as toppings, make it different & special each time...I've raised the temp to 475F...and bake these for 12 minutes...Thanks Alton, you are the best.
    I have to use a glass pie dish because I don't own an iron skillet, but it still comes out great every time.
    I followed Alton's directions exactly as he wrote them, used my cast iron chicken-frying pan (deep-sided and had an absolutely perfect pancake. I'm not sure what's troubling people about this, but I'm guessing that people are either not using cast-iron pans, or they don't have a reliable oven thermometer inside their ovens. The dials and digital readouts aren't perfect, and a cast iron pan cooks quite differently from your average stainless steel pan. My children just love eating "babies" for breakfast. We make this every weekend. Thanks Alton!!  
    Niko, I have the same issues as you. Half the time I get a dense, flat pancake. Still tastes good but very frustrating to bake. I don't quite understand the "physics" ( I didn't see the show), but I wish I knew what was different in my prep because I've had them puff and I've had them flat, using the same recipe and pan.
      I guess the REAL issue is why do I contiue to make a dish that I can't rely on the outcome?
    My mom used to make this in the early 60's. I still do. I like real maple syrup on them. It is attributed to a restuarant in Seattle at the Frederick & Nelson Store in the 40's and I have the reference if you would like. Popovers were something she also made back then. I still have the glass cups that she made the popovers in as well as the cast iron pan for the babies. Thanks so much for keeping this alive. Alton Brown rocks!! BTW, I made Yorkshire Pudding at my little bro's last Christmas as he likes a Prime Rib rather than a Goose that night.
    I filled it with sauted apples with cinnamon.
    This is soooo easy, and crazy delicious!
     I didn't even have real butter or vanilla sugar - subbed 3 tbs of our regular Brummel and Brown spread we always have in the fridge and a few drops of vanilla extract with regular sugar and it turned out perfectly after exactly 30 min.
     YUM! =]
    I just made this for my husband and myself, I was disappointed when I opened the oven door to see that it had burned on the edges! However it was very tasty, crisp on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. I will make this again because it was so good and easy, but i will increase my oven temp and decrease the cook time. Also I don't own a 10-in. cast iron skillet so I used a nonstick pan and it worked just fine, but it you have the cast iron use it.
    I LOVE making this dish in the mornings. So quick and easy! I love to put lemon and powdered sugar on top, gives it a fresh taste...
     I like the recipe without the vanilla aspect, just normal table sugar.
     Plus: I love that it is large enough for a couple day's breakfasts (even though it usually doesn't last that long!)
     In addition to doubling the recipe, using vanilla and sugar instead of vanilla sugar, if you increase the temperature to 425 and 20 or 25 minutes, put the ingredients into a blender, mix, then blend on highest setting for two minutes, have the pan hot in the oven, pour it in and it works like a charm. That's how they do it at the Original House of Pancakes. Other than that, the recipe is perfect. :-)
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