Emeril's Funky Fried Steak

4 servings
  • 4 (4-ounce) beef cutlets
  • Southwest seasoning mix
  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 2 eggs, slightly beaten
  • Vegetable oil for frying
  • 2 cup roasted garlic mashed potatoes, hot
  • 1/2 cup Emeril's Worcestershire sauce, recipe follows
  • 1 cup white gravy for the steaks
  • Garnish: 1 tablespoon chopped chives, brunoise peppers
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 6 cups coarsely chopped onions
  • 4 jalapenos, with stems and seeds, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons minced garlic
  • 2 teaspoons freshly ground pepper
  • 4 cans anchovy fillets
  • 1/2 teaspoon whole cloves
  • 2 tablespoons salt
  • 2 whole, medium lemons, skin and pith removed
  • 4 cups dark corn syrup
  • 2 cups Steen's Pure Cane Syrup*
  • 2 quarts distilled white vinegar
  • 4 cups water
  • 3/4 pound fresh horseradish, peeled and grated
  • In a cast-iron skillet, preheat the oil. Heavily season each side of the cutlets with the Southwest seasoning, Season the flour with the Southwest seasoning. Dredge the cutlets in the flour. Dip each cutlet in the beaten eggs, letting any excess drip off. Dredge the cutlets back into the flour, coating each side completely. Place the cutlets in the hot oil. Fry the steaks for 3 to 4 minutes on each side. Remove from the oil and drain on paper-lined plate. Season the steaks with salt and pepper. Mound the potatoes in the center of the plate. Drizzle Worcestershire sauce around the potatoes. Lay the steaks on top of the potatoes. Spoon the gravy over the steak. Garnish chives and brunoise peppers.

  • * The information for Steen's Cane Syrup:

  • Telephone number: 1-800-725-1655 Web site: www.steensyrup.com

  • Combine the oil, onions and jalapenos in a large stockpot over a high heat. Saute for 2 to 3 minutes or until slightly soft. Add the garlic, pepper, anchovy fillets, cloves, salt, lemons, corn syrup, cane syrup, vinegar, water and horseradish. Bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer, stirring occasionally for about 6 hours or until the mixture barely coats a wooden spoon. Strain. Store in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks or preserve in hot sterilized jars, following manufacturer's instructions.

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