Hot Buttered Rum Cocktail

Total Time:
21 min
10 min
1 min
10 min

10 to 12 servings

  • 1 stick unsalted butter, softened
  • 2 cups light brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg
  • Pinch ground cloves
  • Pinch salt
  • Bottle dark rum
  • Boiling water

In a bowl, cream together the butter, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and salt. Refrigerate until almost firm. Spoon about 2 tablespoons of the butter mixture into 12 small mugs. Pour about 3 ounces of rum into each mug (filling about halfway). Top with boiling water (to fill the remaining half), stir well, and serve immediately.

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    GOOD LORD, this is the best hot buttered rum, or hot drink period, that I have ever had!!!!!!!!! I did add a smidge of buttershots to each glass....BAM.
    Excellent recipe. It is nice that you can make a paste and then make drinks to order, rather than making a huge batch all at once. It was a big hit at our New Years Eve Party.
    Great for putting the lights up outside in a blizzard
    Perfect winter drink. I cut the brown sugar in half & it is still good. I agree with others that a little extra butter can't hurt, and don't skip the cloves!
    How many ounces do you think is a "bottle" of rum? I've got three different kinds of rum and they're all different sizes! :-) Thanks!
    BAM!!! Emeril, you're the king! This hot buttered rum recipe is the best I've ever tried. I follow it exactly as written each time, except I do add a large spoonful of the most flavorful vanilla ice cream I can find. There is something truly magical about hot and cold hitting the lips at the same time during that first sip. Most men have laughed at my "girly drink", but then they typically end of polishing 3, 4 or even 5 buttered rums at my Lake Serene retreat in Lynnwood, WA. This one's a keeper! Thanks, Emeril.
    I am originally a southern girl and was never really interested in hot alcoholic beverages until I moved to Washington state a couple years ago. A bartender at a favorite spot turned me onto to this drink on a super chilly night out with friends. I loved it but after the holiday season was over I couldn't find anybody that still carried the 'butter mix' but yet this is WA and it's still cold outside! So I looked up the recipe and came across this one. I cut the recipe in half and only added 2 ounces of spiced rum. 3 would have been too much for me. This recipe is delicious but I did feel it wasn't really that buttery so as another reviewer stated, maybe some butter extract would do the trick. I think I may have to pick some up and try it. Otherwise, this recipe is perfect! Btw, I also think the cloves in this recipe really make it. I've seen other recipes that didn't call for cloves. Somehow, I think they'd probably be lacking in the yummy department without it...
    This was a perfect cocktail for a very cold evening. Hit the spot. Easy to make. I rolled the batter in plastic wrap and just cut off what I needed. Will definitely keep this recipe and never again purchase the pre-made again. thanx Emeril
    My husband and I are at home sitting alone together on the couch for what feels like the first time since the holidays began; surrounded by boxes of Christmas decorations waiting to be carried back down to storage. All we want to do is relax a little and enjoy each others company while we watch a college football game (he watches while I read recipes online. Hey, do you want a Hot Buttered Rum? Good idea! Do you remember how to make them? Um... after going online and reading one recipe after another, Emeril's sounded most like the method a friend taught us years ago. I mashed the butter and spices up, scooped some into mugs, added the rum and hot water and it is outstanding! I'm thinking this butter mixture is something to keep handy for the winter so we can whip these babies up whenever the spirit moves. Mmmm!
    As a head and neck cancer survivor I have a chronic sore throat. This recipe totally relieves my symptoms and tastes great! A lot cheaper than the drugs I take and no side effects. Thanks Dr. Emeril!
    I love a hot buttered rum, but to me this recipes' proportions are off. Needs more butter, less rum, a touch less nutmeg. And I can't believe I'm saying less rum, lol.
    Just like the last reviewer, I was also sick before Christmas. I have never tried a 'hot butter rum drink' and I really needed a lift!  
    Oh Yes! It was so delicious and it actually helped my cold...well maybe a little. The rum was great and for the heck of it, I tried scotch (my husband loves his scotch :- ...Wow he enjoyed the 'hot butterscotch' even more! 
    Mahalo, Emeril! Best wishes for 2013!
    Like one of the other reviewers I wasn't sure if it was packed brown sugar and I did packed so I added more butter, but I tell ya, I was here pretty depressed the day before Christmas eve since hubby and I both have the flu and may miss Christmas so I made this and like everything else Emril does, it saved the day and there is plenty for tomorrow if we can make it with the family! Your're the best Emeril all of your recipes always come out great!
    Why oh why did we ever get away from this traditional drink? Wow...amazing!
    This is such a tasty hot buttered rum! So easy to make. I used half and half as a topper! Wow, it was fabulous!
    awesome recipe!
    This was easy to make, and such a warming, delicious beverage for a cold winter's night. I used a good tasting stick margarine instead of butter as I have a dairy allergy, and it worked just fine. I love Meyer's rum, and this was perfect for it. We actually made ours lower alcohol (about 3 tbs in each cup and with the full flavored Meyer's it was still really good. My boyfriend added extra water so it wouldn't be as sweet - you can just customize the proportions. It's a winner! Making more for a different occasion tomorrow.......
    This was my first time trying a buttered rum drink...and it was sooo delicious and sooo strong..i dont know if i measured it right.......but I think it would be so good with something creamy like whipped cream or something of that sort....but everyone should definitely try..its different and great for those cold winter nights!!
    Discovered this recipe at the last minute for the Red Rock Balloon Rally in Gallup - in December (10 below zero. We made it in a zip-lock baggie in the hotel room and it was a hit all weekend. Now I dare not show up without it! My husband thinks the girls are flirting with him, but they really just want another :
    OMG.........this recipe is too good for words. I've ordered this beverage in drinking establishments and it was nowhere as good as this recipe. Look no further, this is a winner!
     Sammy G
    This recipe is fantastic. I rolled it into a log, froze, then sliced into 10 pieces which I put in a baggie in the freezer. Now it's always on hand! Next batch I'll try with 1/2 splenda brown sugar. Will also be giving as gifts along with a nice bottle of rum for Christmas gifts to the neighbors.
    The recipe doesn't say 'packed' brown sugar or not, so I did measure two packed cups and the ratio of sugar to butter was too much. I ended up having to add another 4 tablespoons (1/2 of 1 stick to the batter for a more buttery, richer flavor. I made a few cups to drink and it was good, but still lacking strong butter flavor, so I added a dash of butter extract and it was perfect!
    Took this to a party a couple of years ago and now it's a tradition because everyone LOVED it!! Add some whip cream and a dash of nutmeg or cinnamon on top...YUMMY! Thank you Emeril!
    So yummy and so easy. I used the splenda brown sugar mix to lower the carb count a bit and it is still delicious. Thank you Emeril!
    This is the best drink to hand a guest when they have come in from the cold! I added more than nutmeg, as well. I put in any warm spice I had, cloves, and cardamom for example. So tasty!
    We love this drink in the winter! We've modified it using Splenda to make it a little more diabetic friendly.
    Hot Buttered Rums are my hubs fav holiday drink! We've always bought batter from liquor stores or markets, but ever since we moved from NoCal to SoCal we have the hardest time finding any. Mulitplied recipe x 4. For past couple nights, I've brought jars of batter, with bottle of spiced-rum to host's houses. These "hot" cocktails were the talks of the nights! Also, perfect for alcoholics/non-drinkers, cuz you can mix it w/almost anything as a hot drink! One friend mixed it with hot-chocolate, another mixed it with hot-cider. No more looking for batter in the stores!!! Sooooo much better than store-bought, w/o a doubt! BTW - I accidently bought "dark" brown-sugar, vs. light- JUST AS GOOD!
    Fantastic!! Why on earth would you spend your money on the stuff you buy in the store, when this is soooo easy to make and so much better tasting. Nothing better than Emerils Hot Buttered Rum on a cold day with good company! I discovered this recipe about 6 years ago and have made a batch or 2 every year as soon as the cold weather hits. Haven't found anyone who dislikes it yet. Enjoy!! Great idea familyburtness on the bottle of rum and jar of mix idea....tis the season for host/hostess gifts...certainly more original than the traditional bottle of wine. 
    This is the best hot buttered rum I've ever had. I've purchased the pre-mixes in the grocery stores and they don't compare to this. I was thinking it would be fun to mix this up, put it in a fun canning jar, and give it to my friends for Christmas with a bottle of Rum. Oustanding recipe. Thanks Chef Emeril!
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