Perfectly Boiled Eggs

Total Time:
15 min
15 min

6 servings

  • 1 dozen large eggs
  • Water to cover
  • Pinch salt

Place the eggs in a saucepan and cover with water. Season with a pinch of salt. Place the pan over medium heat and bring to a boil. Cook for 2 minutes. Remove from heat and cover with a lid. Allow the eggs to sit for 11 minutes. Drain and cool the eggs for 2 minutes in ice water. Drain and peel the eggs.

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    My eggs turned out perfectly. I have never had eggs cooked just right without that green ring around the yolk. I will keep this in my file for quick reference.
    This is a good method and the timing is right. Just make sure to keep eggs cold if you are going to peel right away. Looking good on the inside. Perfect for egg salad sandwiches for our Mother's Day Tea Party!
    My eggs stuck a little, but that could be because they were older. They were cooked all the way through, so no problems there. I'll try this way again with fresher eggs, but all in all I'd say it worked better than my old way.
    I have never known how to perfectly boil eggs, but now I do!
    Perfect! Easy to peel
    Perfect!! For those saying they were under or over done, have you thought it could be your range or your cookware? Some cookware heats unevenly and can cause issues, same with a burner that is heating unevenly. Yes this evens affects boiling eggs. I have boiled my eggs using this method for years and they are perfect every time, fresh eggs or a bit older.
    I agree with ranfitz on this one. Made it exactly like the recipe stated (used a timer too but the whites were stuck to the eggshell and the inside whites were raw.
    i loved it i tried it an loved it
    I want to say thank you. I am a 43 year old grandmother, and first time in being a grandmother, I have made 16 beautiful easter eggs and not a cracked egg in the bunch. I was skeptical at first, but I reread and reviewed all of it.
     I can now cook deviled eggs and easter eggs and have them looking fabulous all the time. Thank you for all your help. Happy Easter.
    Works great! Yes, you do have to monitor the eggs with said times and be sure to let them come to a boil. Aside from that, the yokes were consistently tender and yellow with the shells peeling easily after chilling. I boiled the pot of eggs on an electric stove over medium heat and reserved a few (whole and uncracked in fridge. The reserved eggs make a delicious egg salad sandwich the next day. ENJOY!
    Ok, been meaning to write a review on this method of cooking hard boiled eggs since 09' but just now got around to it. Sorry Emeril :/ 
    Love my eggs boiled this way and look forward to my egg salad since I found it! Now all my friends and family ask me to make my deviled eggs and egg salad everytime we have a gathering.  
    I will say that it takes a little more effort attempting this on an electric stove top. It's hard to bring the water to a true boil on medium heat. It can be done, you just gotta be patient and make sure the water comes to a vigorus boil and then let it boil this way for two full minutes before covering and setting aside for 11 minutes.  
    It works everytime and you'll never boil eggs any other way again!
    These were the best ever hard boiled eggs, hands down! The yolks were creamy deliciousness. I never knew I was making them "wrong", until I tried this recipe. Will def do it this way from now on.
    Bravo Emeril, Yes, they came out prefect. I cut the yoke away from the white and mash the yokes with a small amount of mayo, then stir in the egg whites. I used only 3 eggs, because if I made 12, I would eat 12. Thank You.
    I read a review of where someone was having trouble with shells sticking to the boiled egg. A way to remedy this problem is to buy eggs that are somewhat older. The fresher the egg the more likely it will stick. I use my older eggs in my fridge when I want to boil eggs for chicken salad. This is a good recipe. Easy to put on, set timer, and get to work on your next task.
    I am teaching my daughter how to took and she was picking out recipes. I think Emeril knows what he is doing. I read the negative reviews, frankly they were quite ridiculous. I am sure if he had instructions for making toast ya"ll would gripe about that too. Put bread in toaster, push lever down and wait for it to pop up...oh, you do have to choose how toasted you want it, which you would probably blame on Emeril. Good luck on that toast! Emeril, you rock!!
    I've tried this recipe three times and it doesn't work on my basic electric stove. The whites stick to the shells every time. I'm sure Emeril knows how to boil eggs, but I'm guessing he's also using a high level gas stove and I think the timing, etc. is off for those of us who have different heat sources.
    Tried Emeril's recipe but it's been inconsistent. Sometimes I get perfect eggs and other times undercooked/overcooked. 
    I use the Egg Boil Pro app. Has worked pretty well. Similar recipe but I think the timer in the app makes the difference.
    True to it's name! Perfect! Note* MEDIUM HEAT is a must unless you like rubbery eggs!
    Have been having problems with making hard boiled eggs that don't stick to shell for years it seems. Have tried everything...old eggs, vinegar in water, boil for this long, that long, and they all didn't work EXCEPT this one! I really believe it has to do with bringing the eggs to a boil using MEDIUM heat because I have always used high heat. One dozen perfect hard boiled eggs and the shell just slipped off. I was stunned because I have become so skeptical about different methods. Definitely try this.
    Don't waste your time or eggs on this recipe. I followed it to the letter because I haven't had a lot of luck boiling eggs. Well, they boiled perfectly, except for one that burst. However, THAT was THE egg that peeled the best. The others held onto that membrane around the egg and when I tried to peel the egg, I lost most of the white. My goal was to make "pretty" deviled eggs for a graduation party. Now I get to run to the store, buy a couple more dozen eggs and start over again .... with another recipe!!
    I basically cook it like Emeril says. But i dont cover it and after 10 1/2 minutes i drain the hot water out and add cold water to the pan i take on e egg and crack just the top and a little around it while it is still hot but running under cold water while i do it, it comes off easy and cooked perfectly- I tryed ever which way and this is the only way i like it
    I followed directions exactly. I even used a timer. Whites stuck to the shell and the yolks were slightly undercooked.
    Try it and it works Thank's
    Works perfectly.
    We've been using this recipe for years. If your shells are sticking, your eggs are too fresh. Older eggs peel easier. I'm talking days, not months. Great and easy recipe.
    Comes out perfect every single time!
    How could anything so simple be so difficult? Did exactly as instructed.. still had problems peeling... maybe it's because electric stove seemed to take an eternity for "boiling"... saw bubbles but maybe not boiling enough. Anyway, the eggs are delightfully soft once I get the shells off... broken whites in the process.  
    Anyway, thanks Emeril. I will keep trying!!!
    No question this recipes yields perfectly hard-boiled eggs. Since I am used to throwing the eggs in a pot and boiling them until I "think" they're done, I do find this recipe a little more cumbersome with several steps and cooking times. Nonetheless, it's worth it. No cracked shells and the egg slips easily out of the shell. 
    One review indicated it was hard to get her eggs out of the shell. This may have been due to the fact we have to really keep the eggs on MEDIUM until you they boil (which seemed like forever to me.  
    Anyway - great recipe and I will always use it.
    Best hard boiled eggs I,ve ever made!! Thanks Emeril!
    the only way i boil my eggs, been doing this ever since i saw emeril show or tell it on one of his shows years ago!! will be making some tomorrow for my easter sunday deviled eggs! oh, just read that hard cooked eggs can be safely stored in the fridge for one week only and can be left out unrefrigerated for about two hours! happy easter everyone!! love you emeril!!
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