Rosemary and Garlic Roast Leg of Lamb

Total Time:
2 hr 5 min
20 min
15 min
1 hr 30 min

6 to 8 servings

  • 1 leg of lamb, bone in (about 6 to 7 1/2 pounds)
  • 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 8 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary leaves
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons coarsely ground black pepper
  • Sauce:
  • 1 cup chopped fresh herbs (combination of rosemary, chives, and parsley)
  • 2 cups diced onions
  • 2 cups chicken stock
  • 1 cup red wine

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Using your hands, rub the lamb all over with the lemon juice. Pat the garlic and rosemary evenly all over the surface of the meat. Season the meat with the salt and pepper and place the lamb in a roasting pan. Place the lamb in the oven and roast for 30 minutes. Reduce the oven temperature to 350 degrees F and continue to cook for about 1 hour longer for medium-rare, or until a meat thermometer inserted into the center of the roast registers about 145 degrees F to 150 degrees F (be careful that the thermometer does not touch the bone.) Remove lamb from pan and allow to rest for 10 to 15 minutes before carving.

Position the roasting pan over your stove burners. Add mixed herbs and onions to pan, and stir to combine with pan drippings. Add chicken stock and wine to deglaze the pan, scraping the bottom with a wooden spoon to release any fond. Reduce over high heat until sauce consistency. Strain before serving, if desired. Slice lamb and serve with sauce drizzled over the top.

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    This recipe is so wonderful and fairly easy to do, (especially when your husband helps). 
    It is moist and delicious. The rosemary is the secret ingredient, I believe. We used a boneless leg of lamb.
    Phenomenal...I've tasted recipes for this and I never thought I'd find this simple recipe would be so good...just cooked this tonight (minus the sauce) would be SO good!!! I'll DEFINITELY do this again!!!
    Easy and impressive introduction for anyone wanting to try lamb. Delicious flavours.
    This was our Easter dinner. Best and easiest lamb dish I have ever made. I had a 9lb roast. Herbs I used were fresh rosemary, tarragon, basil, and parsley. We paired it with roasted butternut squash and a spinach salad. This is going to be a tradition!!!
    145 to 150 deg is way over done. 125 to 130 will produce a pink center.
    Perfect. Amazing. I don't even particularly like lamb, but I loved this lamb. Also, I cooked a 4 lb cut about 20 minutes longer than even this recipe calls for and it was a nice mix of medium and medium-well. Just delicious.
    This lamb was outstanding. I prepared it exactly as directed, except I accidentally left it in too long. It was more of a medium-well, but it was still tender and excellent. Can't comment on the sauce as I didn't have time to make it, but I saved the drippings to make a sauce for the leftovers.
    The roast was perfect even though I had to cook mine a little longer because it was frozen. The sauce however was too strong in my opinion, but complimented the roast well enough. Next time I make it, I'll simply make a gravy with the drippings to save time and energy. I would recommend this roast to anyone who has little to no experience with cooking lamb.
    The roast itself was awesome, and came out perfect in exactly the time that was listed. I have a new stove that cooks hot, and it was pre-heated well. I did not have much drippings, so I cooked together the sauce ingredients without the lamb fat,. The sauce did not come out well to my taste, but 2/4 people at dinner loved it.
    One of the tastiest things to ever come out of my kitchen. Amazing. Balance with a little traditional mint jelly if you like for some sweetness contrast.
    Yum. The lemon imparted a flavor that I was not expecting with lamb. I deboned the lamb myself and boiled the bone with the onion and chicken base, then after 45 minutes added the wine and herbs.
    I used some marsala that I had for the red wine and also added a couple of dashes of red wine vinegar to the sauce, I cooked the roast with about 3 lbs of new red potatos in the roasting pan, other than that I followed the recipe exactly. It was incredibly delicious and, easy. It was complimented perfectly with a sprig of Italian parsley and a bottle Cab/Merlot.
    delicious - although i add veggies to the pan from the beginign to make a really hearty meal. 
    Usually add - Potatoes, carrots, fennel bulbs, and mushrooms. 
    The mushrooms release so much juice that make the combination scrumptious. 
    truly great recipe that can be played with your own taste and soul to make an authentic dish.
    This recipe made a very delicious roast lamb. I didn't have much time, so when the roast was finished, I sliced it and put the slices into the pan drippings, instead of making a gravy. It's a quick and tasty way to serve roasts when time is limited. I do this with roast beef, as well. Can't wait to have the leftovers tomorrow night.
    Instead of the traditional brisket along with stuffed cornish hens to celebrate Rosh Hashonah, I chose this recipe and let me tell was a BLAZING HIT! I used a boneless roast instead of a leg, followed the recipe tho didn't have all the herbs on hand or time to marinate it for the suggested time; the aroma while cooking was hypnotic. Roast came out perfect and the sauce was... INCREDIBLE. Everyone passed up the stuffed chicken and feasted on the lamb with the gravy. Kudos to you Emeril, for a fabulous recipe that is now part of my repertoire!
    Very easy and very good receipe. It took about 45 minuites longer than the receipe said...I have a new gas range and I used an oven and a meat thermometer until the inside read 145 to 150 plus degrees for medium rare . I put quartered potatoes,carrots and celery in a pyrex baking dish and cooked the lamb on top in a turkey rack......Really good !!
    tasted very good. Took longer to cook than recipe says. 1 hour longer for med. rare 145 degrees. 
    This is probably the best sauce I've ever made. My wife raves over it. It's magnificent. 'Can't wait to cook this again! Thanks Emeril!
    I have never made lam before and this was the perfect starter recipe. It turned out wonderful. My kids (6 and 2 ate it without complaint...which is great news to me.
    This recipe was a real hit! I made it for Easter dinner and everyone (including my picky daughter loved it. My uncle, who is a real foodie, said it was among the best lamb he had ever had. I took the advice of one of the previous reviewers and let the wine, chicken broth, onions and herbs simmer for about an hour while the lamb was cooking; after I took the meat out of the pan to rest, I strained it into the pan drippings, deglazed the pan and then returned it to the saucepan and thickened it with a little flour. I served it with parsley potatoes and asparagus; a wonderful holiday meal - I will certainly be making this again!
    Fabulous. New Easter tradition for our family. My guests and family absolutely loved the lamb. For the sauce, I made a more traditional gravy in the same dutch oven pan that I cooked the lamb in. First, I used one chopped shallot instead of onion which I sauteed in the oil from pan drippings. Then I mixed 2 tablespoons of the oil from pan drippings with 2 tablespoons of flour to make a rue. Next, I mixed in the wine, meat juices, and broth scrapping the bottom of pan to make a gravy. Totally awesome. I used extra gravy to make french onion soup - very tasty!
    Absolutely delicious! Simple and perfect. I made this for Easter dinner and everybody loved it. This will definitely be a recipe I use again and again. I let the meat reach 150, but next time would only cook it to 140 as I like a little more pink.
    The flavor was fantastic. I would just pull the roast at 135 instead of 145 if you like it a little rarer.
    Wonderful flavor! My husband does not care for lamb, but he loves this recipe!
    My husband has been asking for Leg of Lamb as he hasn't had any since he was stationed in England over 30 years ago. For a treat for Christmas, I chose this recipe to surprise him! He is still raving! Said it was just like he had over there. Will be making this again I am sure!
    I just made this for xmas. It turned out really good. I have my own rosemary tree, chives and parsley plant. I went easy on the garlic and wine. I used my own chicken stock that I made in advance, and let the sauce cook while the lamb was cooking. I make my chicken stock with all the usual stuff plus a few sliced apples. Extra yummy! After the lamb was done, I took the lamb out and added the pot of sauce to the pan and then poured the whole thing back into the pot. I also added a little bit of flour to thicken it. Then I strained the sauce. It tasted really good.
    I will be making this for the fourth time this weekend. It has been a huge hit each time. My wife raises our lamb on our little hobby farm and the grass-fed method she uses produces the best lamb ever (no gaminess whatsoever and this recipe accentuates the flavor magnificently.
    The best roasted leg of lamb recipe. Without the sauce, forget about it. You need the sauce.I've made this 3 times in the last month. Guests love, love it. A salad and asparagus and it's a perfect healthy dinner.  
    Key: Must be New Zealand lamb or it will taste gamey. 
    A very good recipe and so easy to cook.
    All I can say is "ditto" to those of you who LOVED this recipe. My husband has never liked lamb until I made this. Now, he loves it and can't wait for me to make it again! The house smelled marvelous while it was cooking, and the meat was juicy and so flavorful. Honestly, I think Emeril is the real deal. Every recipe I have made of his has been a serious hit. No exceptions. :
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