How to Make Ricotta and Tomato Pizzas

Learn how to make homemade pizza with Food Network Kitchens' step-by-step instructions.

Ricotto and Tomato Pizzas

Pizza dough is a great place for a yeast-dough beginner.

Get the Recipe: Ricotta and Tomato Pizzas

Step #1

Your risen dough should look fuller and double in size. If it's tight and dense, let it rise longer. If it's airy and about to collapse, it has gone too far.

Step #2

Divide dough in half. Form dough into rounds. Press dough into cornmeal, flipping to dust both sides.

Step #3

Lightly brush a pizza screen or crisper with oil and place round on top.

Step #4

To stretch the pizza dough, hold it up like a steering wheel and rotate and stretch it to make a thin disk. Take care not to make it too thin and poke holes in it. If you tear it, simply pinch back together.

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