Chocolate Cream Pie

Total Time:
10 min
10 min

4 servings


Beat 8 ounces softened cream cheese, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/3 cup cocoa powder, 1/3 cup milk and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract until fluffy. Spread in a chocolate cookie crust. Beat 1 cup heavy cream with 2 tablespoons sugar until soft peaks form, then spread over the cream cheese layer. Top with shaved chocolate.

Photograph by Antonis Achilleos

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    Super delicious and easy to make! Made it several times and always came out perfectly, following the recipe exactly as written. Cream cheese was just about room temperature, not softened in the microwave or anything.
    I did an extra 1/4 c. of sugar in the pudding recipe and I had some whipping cream and used that instead of milk?.oh good Lord it's good! I had to add some more cream to thin it out a little but man it's good.
    I wish I had read the reviews. I didn't have any trouble with it being runny but it was way too bitter. Had to add more sugar and more milk. Still its just "okay" tasting. Will never make this again. If you do make it cut way back on the cocoa powder
    Needs at least 4 more tablespoons of sugar in the chocolate mixture, and at the minimun 3 more tablespoons of sugar in the whipped cream!
    Cool, creamy pie. Using Cocoa gave it a different kind of chocolate taste. Beware of the instructions & don't do what I did...I dumped all the ingredients in a bowl as suggested, then began using hand mixer...wrong!...cocoa powder w/milk flew up out of the bowl everywhere in my kitchen...even on me & my clothing...took longer to clean everything up than make the pie...geez!
    I followed the recipe and the filling did look a little thin. So I added about a dozen crushed up Oreos to the mixture, then put it in the fridge for a few hours to set up. The crumbs softened up, melted right in and tightened up the filling perfectly for slicing. Instead of making whipped cream from scratch, I used canned fresh whipped cream on top of each slice. Perfect.
    Delicious! I followed the recipe. If yours came out too runny the only thing I can think is that maybe you heated to soften your cream cheese first? Or measured out the wrong amount of milk or cream.I changed it up just a tad. I used half and half and cream (a little more H&H than cream in place of the milk. Very nice recipe, easy and tasty.
    Cut back on the cocoa powder, 1/3 cup gave it a bitter after taste. I had to add 1/2 cup powdered sugar to the pie filling mix and it was still slightly bitter tasting. Cut down on the heavy cream, way too much for toppping this pie, half the amount would bebetter. The topping was twice as high as the pie itself and unless you LOVE whipped cream it is over powering.
    VERY GOOD FOR THE EASE IN MAKING. For those of you who have had problems with the whipped topping, I would suggest that you just use Cool Whip. Of course, it doesn't taste as wonderful as true whipped cream, but it's just fine. Cool Whip makes a "Lite" topping that is very good as well. It also makes one that is "Extra Creamy" that is even better. Our family consists of just two old folks, so we couldn't possibly eat the whole pie in one day. That is another reason I use Cool Whip and just put it on the piece of pie when it is served.
    Super Easy and delicious. OI love to cook, but HATE to bake, so am always looking for simple recipes. My 9 year old son made the batter, came out perfect with just a hand mixer. I did use my Kitchen Aid to make the whipped topping, just to save time and a real work out on my arm. Served for Memorial Day and it was a real hit. This is a keeper.
    I added chopped walnuts for little cruncb and drizzled with caramel sauce. Keep changing the game up. 
    Simple and Amazing!!
    Was a big hit at our Christmas party!!
    I made this pie for Thanksgiving and it was the first to go!! I used a regular pie crust since that's what my grandmother always used and also substituted heavy cream for the milk. definitely a keeper!!
    The pie itself is a great recipe! Really fast, simple, and good! I did substitute heavy cream for milk to get a thicker consistency. My main problem was with the whipped topping recipe. If you don't have an electric mixer, be prepared for a killer arm work out! I added extra sugar to help thicken it (and a little vanilla for taste and had to beat for almost a solid 10 minutes. Then I let my husband beat for another 5 minutes! Only then did it have a good, thick, whipped consistency!
    Easy and good! And chocolatey. We rarely finish desserts in our house but me and my boyfriend inhaled this one. YUM!
    I like this recipe a lot. I use it often for a quick and easy dessert. People complain about it being runny but I always chill the pie before I top it with whip cream. If you want it less cheesecake-like, I fold in some whipped cream and it makes it more like a mousse.
    Holy decadence!! This is deeeeelicious and so very easy to make. A little goes a long way!! :
    I've been making this pie for some time, it's quick and easy and it does taste like chocolate cheese cake. Instead of using milk in the filling I always use heavy cream. Most cream pies usually do turn out better and less runny if you use heavy cream. Too keep the whipped cream topping from getting runny I always add some unflavored gelatin dissolved in a small amount of milk. Too really jazz it up try coarsely crushing a couple of chocolate covered English Toffee bars and fold them in the filling once it's made.
    Excellent. For those of you that had a runny pie, be sure that heavy cream is ice cold and beat on high in a chilled bowl. Adding a little vanilla to the cream makes it even better.
    Too runny--and I followed the instructions meticulously! Will pour it over ice cream to serve.
    I loved it! It was my first time making a pie and i will never stop making it! I used the oreo crust recipe and it helps if you mix the whip cream for a long time. People say it doesnt work but it helps if you have beaters.
    I tried to make this but I just couldn't get the batter to thicken. I added some egg whites whipped to try to fluff it up but it didn't work. So I added 4 heated marshmallows to see if it would get fluffy, but t didn't work. So can someone please tell me ho to get it to be fluffy..........PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! :
    Made this last night for my Fiance and brother. They liked it. It does taste like chocolate cheesecake! It was good and easy. I accidentally dropped my crust so it i mixed the chocolate crust that didnt fall on the ground with some crushed up oreo's, some butter and made that the crust. That was Good!!! 
    The WHIPPED TOPPING- tried to mix it and whip it and it came out soupy all three times I tried it. So i just drizzled a little on the top. 
    In a pinch or if you don't have time to make a very intricate dessert this is good and only takes about 10 minutes.
    I thought it was a good dessert really easy to make.
    I thought it tasted more like a chocolate cheesecake. Very good recipe considering how quickly it came together. I put it in a homemade oreo pie crust (16 oreos and 3 tablespoons melted butter.
    This pie is delicious and so easy to make. I have used a plain chocolate crust and also an Oreo crust. I like the Oreo one better. I made it first on Easter. On Memorial Day, my family requested that I bring this again. Now the 4th is here and this pie still made the "requests list". I like to make it the day before the event. Thanks so much for a great recipe!
    Super easy and totally delicious. I made it at the last minute for a dinner guest and she loved it!
    It was really easy and my whole family liked it!
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