Mushroom Risotto with Peas

Total Time:
1 hr 10 min
10 min
1 hr

6 servings


Bring the broth to a simmer in a heavy medium saucepan. Add the porcini mushrooms. Set aside until the mushrooms are tender, about 5 minutes. Keep the broth warm over very low heat.

Melt the butter in a heavy large saucepan over medium heat. Add olive oil. Add the onions and saute until tender, about 8 minutes. Add the white mushrooms and garlic. Using a slotted spoon, transfer the porcini mushrooms to a cutting board. Finely chop the mushrooms and add to the saucepan. Saute until the mushrooms are tender and the juices evaporate, about 5 minutes. Stir in the rice and let it toast for a few minutes. Add the wine; cook until the liquid is absorbed, stirring often, about 2 minutes. Add 1 cup of hot broth; simmer over medium-low heat until the liquid is absorbed, stirring often, about 3 minutes. Continue to cook until the rice is just tender and the mixture is creamy, adding more broth by cupfuls and stirring often, about 28 minutes (the rice will absorb 6 to 8 cups of broth). Stir in the peas. Mix in the Parmesan. Season with salt and pepper, to taste.

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    Outstanding...coming from a first generation American of Italian immigrant parents Italian mom could really cook!! Instead of chicken broth, I used my own homemade mushroom stock/broth (see Whole Foods website for an easy recipe to do this!). As this makes a lot of risotto, make sure when you reheat any portion of the refrigerated risotto, to place some fresh chicken broth in the pan with the risotto, cover, and heat up!
    made with 1/2 rice and 1/3 the recipe, added crispy pancetta 4 cups broth 1 cup water
    This recipe is great fresh, but it doesn't reheat well. The mushrooms add a lot of depth to the rice. It is rich - I might halve the recipe next time because it makes so much and it is very filling.
    All I can say is "OMG, this is excellent!" the only thing more I added was 3 slices of crisp, chopped bacon.
    My first risotto! And it was a hit! Made a few changes. Used portabella mushrooms, didn't have white wine. But it still was delicious, especially for a first try. Used 1 cup of arborio rice, 3 cups of chicken stock. I will definitely make this again. And by the way it makes quite a bit of risotto.
    Nailed it!! This is SO good!! I much prefer salt over sweet and this satisfied. Not overly salty though, just not sweet. Delicious! Made this exactly as Giada did with defrosted peas and it was perfect.
    Great. First time making risotto. Didn't have dried mushrooms, so I diced Italian squash because of the same texture as mushrooms.also didn't have white wine.
    I have always wanted to try to make risotto I have to say this turned out more delicious than the one I always order at a certain restaurant we frequent! I did make a couple tweeks, I added some crunchy pancetta I cooked up and withheld the peas and added chopped spinach instead. Lastly I topped it with a poached egg. I was so impressed with myself! Great recipe I will make again and again!!
    This turned out great and was easy to make! The flavor that the Porcini mushrooms add is awesome. If you stir your risotto often and watch it carefully then this turns out to be a creamy and rich dish - good as a side or main course.
    I made this. First time cooking risotto- never ate it often either. It was yummy. I was happy. Great flavor.
    This was amazing! I've made risotto a lot of times but this is the best recipe I've found. I used Oyster, Shitake and Baby Bella mushrooms.
    YUMMMMMMMMMM...thanks Giada!
    I've made risotto a few times, this sounded good, but a little too rich for us. I may try it again.
    Like so many of the reviewers, this was my first attempt at risotto. I followed the recipe exactly, but didn't have quite enough parm so I made up the difference (about 1/4 cup with Grana Padano. It was fabulous!! It used about 6-1/2 cups of broth and cook time ran to 33 minutes instead of 28. Highly recommended!
    Amazing with one problem. This is the first risotto I have ever attempted. It was magnificent. It was easy, easier than I was expecting. My 3 and 6 yr old kids love it. It is versatile and easy to adapt. The only problem I find. Now when I go to a resturant I get excited to see risotto but end up disapointed. I end up telling myself that I could make a better risotto myself at a fraction of the cost. Ummm try this recipe you will succeed and love it. Thanks Giada.
    This was my first time making and eating risotto. I didn't have any dry white wire, so instead I did 2/3 cup of chicken broth with about a tablespoon of white vinegar. I also added in some rosemary and basil in the cooking process. My biggest judge (my husband liked it, but we had some left over chicken that he mixed in with his' because it needed meat.
    This was easy and delicious!!!! Even grandkids got involved! Will be serving again and again
    This risotto is simple and delicious. As long as you don't ruin it with the frozen peas at the end. Just stick the cheese.
    Very easy and so delicious! Tastes better than restaurant quality risotto!
    This was an awesome recipe. I made it for my friends who loved it. Great flavor, simple, and considered a treat by everyone at my table because of the attention required to make risotto in general. Really delicious!
    I was nervous to make risotto because I've heard how difficult it was but this recipe made it easy and delicious!
    First risotto I've ever made and it was soooo delicious! The first time I made it I didn't have dried porcini mushrooms and substituted fresh oyster mushrooms - it was still good but definitely not as good as the second time around with the dried porcini mushrooms! Now I double the recipe and freeze portions for when I'm too busy to cook! Thanks Giada!!!
    I have been wanting to try risotto for a while. So glad this is the recipe I chose. I used white mushrooms and baby portobellos because I had no other mushrooms on hand. I was nervous the whole cook time that I would end up with mush or some other mess. Alas, perfection! It was creamy and very tasty!
    i tried this recipe for the fist time , it was very easy to make and ,i substituted the mushroom it came out wonderful my daughter loved it ELIZABETH RIVERA HOLIDAY FL. 08/17/12
    What a beautiful hot pot of risotto. I omitted the peas, didn't feel like running into a sweet pocket, and added some fresh time. Amazing. I had 6 ounces of mushrooms and it still turned out great, eye balled the butter, olive oil, wine, etc. it's not s strict recipe. This was my first time making risotto and I am so pleased. It makes a big batch so I plan to freeze some of it.
    My first attempt at making a risotto, time consuming but well worth the effort. I only used button mushrooms and it worked out well. Follow the instructions exactly for adding the broth. Only thing I would change is a little less cheese.
     Will make again for company, now that I have experiened on my husband.
    I LOVE this recipe! I had never made risotto before, but it's worth it! Except I'm calorie counting and am so sad (but not surprised at the results... SPOILER ALERT: stop reading if you love this recipe as much as I do!
     Calories 420 (Calories from Fat 144
     Total Fat 16.0g (Saturated Fat 7.5g
     Cholesterol 30mg
     Sodium 1007mg (AUGH! And, yes, that's the low sodium stuff
     Total Carbohydrates 49.8g
     Dietary Fiber 4.1g
     Sugars 5.0g
     Protein 13.8g
     Vitamin A 14%, Vitamin C 10%, Calcium 15%, Iron 14%
    My first time making risotto and it turned out fabulous. Followed the recipe and it was perfectly delicious I added a touch of fresh lemon juice at the end. It makes a lot, I should have cut the recipe in half for just the two of us so I froze the rest. I loved the peas and might try it with asparagus next time. Another great recipe from Giada.....
    I enjoyed this risotto. I would make it again.
    This is crazy delicious! 1st time making mushroom risotto and it tastes fantastic, rival restaurants. I used portobello mushrooms and pocini mushroom and is so sweet and earthy. I used fontana cheese because that's what I have, it gives it a bit of tang, will use the pam cheese like it calls for next time.
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