Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries

Total Time:
6 hr 12 min
5 min
6 hr
7 min

6 servings

  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 1 tablespoon unflavored powdered gelatin
  • 3 cups whipping cream
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • Pinch salt
  • 2 cups assorted fresh berries

Place the milk in a small bowl. Sprinkle the gelatin over. Let stand for 3 to 5 minutes to soften the gelatin. Pour milk mixture into a heavy saucepan and stir over medium heat just until the gelatin dissolves but the milk does not boil, about 5 minutes. Add the cream, honey, sugar, and salt. Stir until the sugar dissolves, 5 to 7 minutes. Remove from the heat. Pour into 6 wine glasses so that they are 1/2 full. Cool slightly. Refrigerate until set, at least 6 hours.

Spoon the berries atop the panna cotta and serve.

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    Easy & delicious! I made this for Mother's Day & it was a hit. Everyone scraped their bowls & even joked about licking them to get every delicious drop! I followed the directions exactly. A very easy recipe.
    my aunt made one which was so sweet, I absolutely ENJOYED it
    I've made panna cotta before with a recipe I found from Epicurious and it was delicious; I didn't think a recipe from Giada can go wrong so I attempted this for Christmas. Followed the recipe to the T and wow, it was probably THE worst panna cotta I've ever had. It tasted like steamed whole milk in gelatin form? Thank goodness I found a supermarket that was open on Christmas day! I found another recipe on Epicurious and made that the day of and it was so yummy!
    I made this recipe for a pot luck at work and it was a big hit.. I garnished with fresh raspberries that I had covered with 1 tbsp. of sugar and let sit for an hour before topping. This recipe made about 18 -2 oz dessert cups perfect size for the event.
    I just made this for my husband and in-laws, who are all Italian Food Snobs, in Italy. And they LOVED it. Its really hard to impress his mother but all she did was keep complimenting me and asked for the recipe. I used raw organic honey and followed the recipe exactly as written. For the berries i just mixed frozen sliced strawberries and blueberries (thawed out so they were juicy) with the same raw honey. Everything was GONE!
    Thank You Giada De Laurentiis for Posting this Panna-Cotta with fresh Berries Dessert.I am a Student at a Local Culinary Program Called Cincinnati Cooks, and on November the 9nth 2013 we put on a 5 course Dinner that day and the evening of the 8th I began putting together the ingredients and finished putting it together on the day of the party and it came out amazing. You could taste all the ingredients equally, the Honey and the Vanilla with the berries was a Great and Tasty Sensation. Everyone LOVED it, I can't wait to make another one of your Delicious Desserts GODBLESS!!!!
    I used cream top milk for my panna cota and turned out quite well. Although I could not taste the honey I used. I would make this again but with whole milk next time. So I could hopefully taste the honey in it. Although I must say a friend whom had this dessert asked me what I put in it, and I said "honey etc etc etc". He did taste it. Everyone at our little get together liked it.
    I?m in culinary school and as one of our class projects we were broken down into groups of two and each group had to come up with a menu and serve it to 30 people. Our desert was this one; however we did have to upsize it, and push cool (used the freezer to cool it in less than an hour the Panna Cotta came out perfect.  
    Not only did we end up feeding the 30 guest, but most of the chief?s from the other classes as well. Someone even told the department chair (who is a classically trained Swiss chef about our desert came to try it. He said we could serve this at his house any time. 
    I have served this many times since then to friends and family because it?s easy, good and everyone enjoys it so much. 
    This recipe was just ok. It was very easy, which was nice. I did not cover the panna cottas before refrigerating them, as a result, they had this unappetizing film over the top that you had to skim off. The recipe didn't say to cover them. Should have gone with my instincts on that part. Also, it was bland. Received lukewarm reviews. The fresh rasberries i put on were the best part. Usually am a big fan of Giada's recipes. Won't be repeating this one.
    absolutely divine dessert! i received numerous compliments on how delicious the panna cotta came out! guest asked me to call them again when i make it!! i made a few adjustments to the recipe. the gelatin i added two envelopes into the milk and set it aside for about 15 mins in till it dissolved. 
    i didn't add just add fresh fruits on top of the panna cotta, but i made a berry sauce which was phenomenal! 
    2 cups frozen berries 
    1/4 cup sugar 
    1/2 cup water 
    1/2 teaspoon lemon zest 
    1 tablespoon brandy 
    puree all the 4 ingredients. in a heavy saucepan cooked the sauce for about 10 mins than added the brandy for a min. strained the sauce and cooled.
    So easy to make and delicious, I make this often for girls' nights, showers, etc. and always get rave reviews. The recipe is perfect as is but I added just a little bit of vanilla extract to it and it really made all the difference. So easy, you'd have to work hard to screw this recipe up.
    I love this recipe because it is simple and only has a few ingredients that I normally have around the house anyway so no need to take a trip to the store!  
    Instead of the honey, I substituted the vanilla syrup I put in my coffee (Torani or something equivalent, I make it homemade with 2 parts sugar, 1 part water, boiled down with a little vanilla and it came out really well. I also used 2 cups of heavy cream and 1 cup of half and half because that's what I had and it definitely worked! 
    For some reason the consistency is not uniform but I'm guessing it's a fluke. I used just shy of one tablespoon of gelatin since I wanted a panna cotta with a creamier texture versus something more solid and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it was generally what I was looking for (aside from the flukey non-uniform texture. The flavor is outstanding and I will definitely make this again although probably in a half recipe.
    I made this last night for a dinner party. It was amazing. We had a large group, so I had to triple it. I was a bit concerned with some of the reviews stating that the honey overpowered it and not to make it if you don't love honey. That is completely wrong. You can't taste the honey at all. Just a lightly sweet creamy custard.
     One word of warning though. One packet of gelatin does not equal 1 tablespoon. Adjust the amount of liquid used or use about 1 1/2 packets.
    super easy and delicious. the handling of the gelatin is key. softening the gelatin is essential, we are not making jello here. old gelatin from the back of the cabinet probably won't set. measure the gelatin from the packet if using knox. That way you know you are using the right amount. boiling will ruin this. I added lemon zest and used agave nectar in lieu of the sugar and honey. will make again.
    This should be so easy to make but it was a total flop. I do not know what happened here. I followed the directions exactly and it never would set even overnight. I had to throw everything out. Complete waste of ingredients. I'm going to try Ina's recipe instead. Sorry Giada, normally I love your recipes but this one just did not work out!
    Nice consistency, set up well, but too bland for my family. I'll try again and add some vanilla or almond extract. Just note that an envelope of gelatin is not a tablespoon.
    I have made this numerous times and it is delicious, elegant, and easy. It's a go to recipe for special meal. A flavorful honey can make this creamy dessert great. Strawberries or any mix of fresh berries is perfect.
    This recipe is really good. I lightened it up a bit and the flavor was still excellent. I used 2% milk; and 1 1/2 cups half and half and 1 1/2 cups whipping cream in place of the  
    3 C whipping cream. I also skipped the salt. This recipe serves 8 easily. 
    Panna cotta is one of my favorites. This recipe was very easy to make however the finished product is a little too stiff - not quite creamy enough. It could also use a little bit of vanilla.
    I love panna cotta. It has been always one of my favorite desserts, and I have tried a lot of different recipes in the past. This one is very easy to make especially if you're not used to be using a powdered gelatin. Sometimes melting all the gelatin could be tricky, but following this recipe you wouldn't fail!
    Loved this panna cotta, and it's easy to make--so creamy, but so refreshing!
    Oh. My. Gosh. This was so very good! I served it after a pretty filling meal and my boyfriend was protesting that he didn't want dessert. Guess who was cooing as he ate the first bite? My sister asked me if I had more hiding somewhere. Wonderful flavor, excellent texture and it was beautiful on the plate. I put mine in ramekins and inverted them onto a plate then served the berries over. This will stay in rotation, I can guarantee that!
    Wonderful! We used Tupelo honey and added a splash of almond flavoring. Topped it with cherry preserves and fresh cherries:-):-)
    this recipe was just ok. i made it for company and i was really disappointed. i almost did not want to serve it. everyone ate it but no one really loved it. looked nice. just didn't taste great. won't be making this again.
    I love this recipe! I have made it many times and it works well when you want something sweet, but not too heavy (especially after a rich or heavy meal. I cut the amount of honey a little and add 1 teaspoonful of rosewater. It makes an interesting combination of flavors. I made it for Christmas dinner dessert this year and it was a hit as usual.
    Easy, quick & delicious. I've been trying different honey flavors (orange, wildflower and sage),depending on the main menu, and all of them are wonderful. This is great without berries too and I have also been using different fruits/garnishes other than the ones in the main recipe. It always turns out perfectly and everyone I've served it too just loves it. Try serving with a pignola/pine nut cookie. The only down side - there are never any left. Great & light dessert that no one ever turns down.
    I made this panna cotta the other night for my famlily and everyone loved it (especially the 2 year old)! It was easy to make and it will definitely become a staple in our household!
    Yummy dessert! I loved it, but make sure those you serve it to like honey. Some people in my family weren't fans, but they also don't care for the flavor of honey. If, like me, you enjoy honey, you'll love this recipe!
    This receipe depends on very few ingredients and hence you will taste and smell the honey flavour so if you dont like the flavour of honey DONT MAKE IT . I have been making this since 2007 and every single time its been a big hit with my guests who want the receipe . The panna cotta thickens more the next day . One word of caution cover the mouth of each serving dish /champagne flute/wine glass( in whcih you serve the dessert) with cling film or else a skin like film of the mixture will be formed . I think it tastes great just by itself . I never knew honey . milk and cream could come together to form such delicious results
    I made this when I had guests over. Its delicious and everyone loved it. One tip tough.... it is a little heavy so serve a little portion of the panna cotta with lots of berries. I am glad it does not have too much sugar, the honey tastes great in this dessert as it is not overly sweet. Its just right.
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