Red Wine Vinaigrette

Total Time:
10 min
10 min

1 2/3 cups

  • 1/2 cup red wine vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons honey
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 cup olive oil

Mix the vinegar, lemon juice, honey, salt, and pepper in a blender. With the machine running, gradually blend in the oil.

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    Excellent basic Italian dressing. Perfection in simplicity. Thx.
    Added 2 Tbsp Grey Poupon, 1 tsp Roasted Garlic and was great!
    Loved it !!! Wasn't sure it would be t-h-a-t good, but it was !!!!!! 
    Only change I made, was to not add as much oil - I used 2/3 cup oil and 1/3 cup water. 
    It was probably more watery, but I don't like heavy dressing. 
    This was tasty vinaigrette. The only modification I would make is adding 2 more tablespoons of honey and using only 1/4 of red wine vinegar.
    I think my redwinevinaigrette is better, I try your but I prefer mine.
    Well, can you provide the recipe? ;D I would like to try the better one!
    Wonderful robust flavor. Great on salads(vegetable or pasta a must add to your recipe box.
    Fantastic! I used a local meyer lemon olive oil and threw a handful of basil in for good measure. Turned into a gorgeous green dressing and was mouthwatering on top of nectarines wrapped in proscuitto.
    OMG!!!! Mouth watering!
    I LOVED this salad dressing. It was so simple and so tasty. I usually use bottled salad dressing, but this was so fresh-tasting and light that this will be a go-to dressing for a long time.
    Was it very sweet? I am trying to mimic the classic Italian salad at the Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza restaurants for a birthday party and I'm nervous about the honey....
    Never making again.
    I love vinaigrettes, but this was too dull and not spicy enough.
    My boyfriend and I made this on a hot summer night and it was perfect, after slight adjustment.
     We only used 1 teaspoon salt and then probably closer to 4 teaspoons honey - we thought it needed a little more sweet to balance out the zing of the red wine/lemon juice.
     We also think it was only so good because of the salad we paired it with. We used primarily sweeter ingredients on a spinach salad to balance things out (cucumber, dried cherries, asian pears, avocado) and then also some toasted slivered almonds.
    If you like a really STRONG red wine vinegar flavor then you will love this.... this actually made me choke and i only used a 1/4 cup plus i added over a cup of olive oil.... this was way too strong! Disappointed that i wasted that much olive oil too! After reading all the posts .... it's amazing how everyone "tastes" something different.
    I'm a sweet kinda girl so I added a little extra honey. Perfect for my salad with dried canberries, mandarin oranges, pecans and strawberries in an italian salad mix. Big hit with the fam and super fast to make with common staples everyone has in the house.
    This recipe is found on numerous websites, so as to whom copied whom, I am sure no one knows. The one thing that is important here though is, this recipe is horrible. A lot of adjustments are needed to be made to make this recipe edible. I may be trying to eat with Texas taste bud's in an Italian restaurant, but my my my, I have traveled and it does not take a genius to figure out when something tastes off.
    lol...great review!
    Cut the salt in half, add teaspoon of parsley
     1 clove of garlic
     a dash of dijon mustard
     1 teaspoon of grated parmesean
    So basically, do NOT use this Thanks for the great tips... the Dijon and cheese round it out nicely.
    I would of rated it a 5 star but there is something wrong with the taste, but it was still good.
    I wont be using this recipe again. I looked at it one time and knew it was too much salt, but decided i'd go against my instinct. I was right. It also lacks any flavor besides oil. I'm better off just winging it.
    It's Great On Pizza!
    This is really good. However, I thought it needed just a little more flavor, so I added 2 cloves of fresh, minced garlic, a dash of dijon mustard, and a little freshly grated parmesan cheese.
    We prefer our sald dressing with more vinegar and less oil, so I used 3/4 cup each of the red wine vinegar and olive oil and it turned out great. I agree with the comment from another reviewer that the quality of the vinegar is the key to this recipe. A good quality vinegar will have a lot of flavor without a harsh taste. This is a great recipe and very easy to make. I usually have everything on hand so I can mix it up in a few minutes. I do not even bother using the blender (since the dressing separates anyway), I put everything in a jar and shake it up.
    It was easy and it made LOTS of dressing, However, the flavor was a little lacking. It tasted like something was missing.
    the recipe is already present in
    I've made this as written, and it's delicious. I think the key to makind salad dressings is to use a good quality vinegar. I've also made this recipe with the addition of 1 teaspoon of dijon mustard & a clove of garlic; very tangy.
    This dressing is inedible.
    This recipe was flavorless to me. It for sure was missing it's Zing! I was easy to make, but needed some more flavor.
    The vinairgrette lacked energy. Personal tastes I guess. Two teaspoons of salt was kind of scarey. Seemed like way too much to me, so I didn't do it. Could be why it was boring.
    Recipe makes alot. Definately don't need full recipe for one salad
    There was not much depth to the dressing and I thought it was a bit to oily. I love her recipes, but was a little disappointed in this particular one.
    Great with Roasted Room Temp Asparagus and goat-cheese salad.
    Far better than store bought. And as typical of Giada's recipes, this dressing is light and flavorful.
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