Gobbler Cobbler Pie

Total Time:
1 hr 15 min
45 min
30 min

6 to 8 servings

  • 1 package long-grain wild rice (recommended: Uncle Ben's)
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 1 yellow bell pepper, diced
  • 1 green bell pepper, diced
  • 1 package fresh sliced mushrooms
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1 can French style green beans, drained
  • 3 cups cooked turkey, chopped
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 cups grated Cheddar
  • 1 small can sliced water chestnuts, drained
  • 1 teaspoon poultry seasoning
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • 1 package preformed pie crust
  • 1 egg, beaten

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Prepare the rice according to package instructions and set aside. Saute onions, peppers, and mushrooms in oil and set aside.

Combine all ingredients except 1 cup of cheese and pie crust, into large bowl and mix well. Pour into greased 9-inch glass pie plate. Top with remaining 1 cup cheese and set aside.

Roll out pie crust, cut into 1/2-inch wide strips and cover dish in lattice design, then brush dough lightly with egg.

Place in 350 degree F oven for 30 minutes, when top is golden brown, remove, let cool, and enjoy.

This dish is an excellent way to use holiday turkey leftovers, plus it freezes well.

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    Love Love Love this dish -- we use with roasted and cut up chicken .. and so does hubby and he's very picky!
    I do love PD but not so much this recipe. I didn't care for the mayo as some others said. I also thought you could half the filling. You didn't really get to enjoy the crust. All in all so so and I probably wouldn't make again without changing the recipe. Lots of great reviews so maybe just our taste. Thanks A&A Deppen
    This was really good, husband loved it too! I used chicken instead of turkey and i swapped the mayo for a can of cream of chicken soup.(I didn't like the idea of hot mayo). I omitted the water chestnut since I dont care for them too much and added a can of whole kernel corn for a little crunch. The crust with the cheese under it tasted awesome! I will definitely make this again...THANKS PAULA!
    This is a great recipe. It has good flavor and the water chesnuts give it a good crunch.
    Was tasty enough for my man, he is not picky however. Comforting and the pie crust worked well. Note to user below named Kelly: Rice you just prepare "according to package directions" so you would use that seasoning. I agree that leftover turkey is better used in other ways however.
    I made this instead of the traditional turkey and dressing this year and it was a great hit and I will do it again. Delish!
    Just made this today and it was fabulous! It makes a HUGE pie so you could probably make 2 out of it, but I wanted to follow the recipe exactly. All the tastes combined were very good... wouldn't change a thing!
    I can tell you right now, if you are not a fan of mayo do not make this recipe. Actually, I do like it in cold foods such as pasta salads, sandwiches, etc. However, cooked hot in a casserole it is awful. I used Kraft light mayo but I don't think I would like it with any other brand either. There is just so much of it that the taste is overwhelming.
    This is my first time in rating a recipe and inasmuch as I rely on the ratings in tring a specific recipe, I felt I needed to give back. Tried this recipe exactly as written and was really not impressed. There are just so many other great recipes out there for leftover turkey that I wouldn't even bother with this one. I know everyone has different tastes but both my husband and myself said "it wasn't worth the calories".
    This is a great recipe, loved by everyone at dinner last night. My only criticism, which was mentioned by at least one other reviewer, is the lack of measurements.

    A package of long grain wild rice is very ambiguous since sizes and flavorings can differ. As recommended by the recipe, I looked for Uncle Ben's and found one box that fit the bill. I was unsure if I should use the seasoning packet and left it out. The taste was fine since I cooked the rice in chicken broth and added extra poultry seasoning.

    Also, I found that 350 was too low a temperature for the pie crust (Pillsbury) that I used. The package says to cook at 425, so after 25 minutes of cooking (and no browning), I raised the temp and the crust turned out beautiful.
    I am a college student so simple is the key for me. The first time I made this all of my family and friends BEGGED me to make it over and over again. It is one of my favorites and I can feed the whole family with it easily. This is a great recipe for left over turkey and it works just as well with one of those pre-roasted chickens from the grocery store too. I just love it!! Thanks so much for the great recipe!!!!!!
    I made this tonight and it was very easy and very good.
    My only complaint would be the direction need to be clearer.
    They need to add ounces for the mushrooms, green beans, water chestnuts and rice, I just guessed.
    The recipe also says to combine all ingredients except 1 cup of cheese and the pie crust. Well I did this and after I put the pie together, I notice that I needed to brush the crust with a beaten egg, but I mixed in an egg in the pie. Was I not supposed to put that egg in the pie? Was it only for the outside??????

    The pie turned out great regardless but Food Network needs to fix this recipe.
    Made this last night w/ Thanksgiving leftovers. Hubby didn't think it sounded like it would be good (peppers, water chestnuts, mayo???) But BOY did he devour the results. Great, Great recipe. I did however use freshly blanched green beans...and yes indeed, it makes 2 pies. YUM!!!!!!
    I didn't have rice on hand the second time I made this recipe so I substituted a stuffing mix and it turned out great!
    I feed a group of my husband's co-workers at least once a week. This cobbler lasted about five minutes after it was taken out of the oven. Since then, it has become the most requested dinner I have made to date. Paula, you truly have helped my kitchen come to life and made five hungry working men very satisfied! Thanks for doing what you do best!
    I will probably leave out the water chestnuts next time.
    Yes, the mix does make two pies, however, I think that's pretty awesome,so it makes me laugh that people out there think that's a bad thing. I make two and freeze one for later. Perfect! It's very rich and hearty and great for cold wintery days when you want something casserole-y. Thanks for another great recipe Ms. Paula!!
    This one looks wonderful, with most things I usually have on hand except for the peppers. However, we have some lactose intolerant people at my house, and I'm wondering if instead of the mayo and sour cream I could add one can of cream soup, whether chicken or onion or mushroom. I'm not willing to sacrifice all the cheese, but cut it back a little or use sharp instead of mild cheddar. That's a good tip if you are looking to use less cheese in something. Use one with a stronger flavor then you can't miss what's not there because the taste is just as bold...
    Are there any numbers in the world of Paula? Pre-packaged rice comes in different sizes where Im from--so do sliced mushrooms. Even if you go small with all the 'pkg of this pkg of that' instructions, this recipe doesnt even come CLOSE to fitting in a 9 inch pie dish. Does anyone actually make these recipes before they are put on the site?
    I absolutely loved this recipe!!! The mixture of turkey/rice/veggies didn't fit into one pie dish though, so I made 2 of them, which was an even nicer surprise, since pie crusts come in a set of 2!! I froze the 2nd one, and can't wait to get into it!!
    5 star recipe, like 99% of Paula's recipes :)
    I cannot say enough how good this recipe is. Such a great presentation with the woven top. Great to use with leftover chicken or turkey but no need to wait. This is terrific to take to a potluck or just for a cozy supper at home. Sliced almonds can be used in place of the water chestnuts, can be "fancied up" with dried cranberries or raisins. Just a great all around recipe.
    This is sooo good! I have enjoyed this recipe more that I have one in a very long time. I really enjoyed makeing it and as I said it is delicious. This is one for my favorite cookbook. Way to go Paula as all ways. WONDERFUL

    A must try!
    I have made this dish several times and it is always great. My wife doesn't like mushrooms so I usually leave them out. The richness of the dish and the different textures make this dish one of our favorites. Makes for great leftovers.
    This is the best pot pie ever. I made it for my husband and again for my father, both who HATE pot pies. Both request me to make it on a regular basis. I have never used the poultry seasoning, egg or mushrooms and it still comes out delicious. I add a bit more of the ingriedients and I always get two pies out of this recipe. This is one I won't wait for the holidays for leftovers to make. I make it year round.
    My husband and I loved this dish. I used chicken instedof turkey,frozen blanched green beans instead of canned, and I omitted the pie topping. Will make it again, specially for a potluck!
    good recipe. i'm giving it 5 stars b/c my husband and my father-in-law loved it and had seconds. (it is a lil rich for me) i am vegan, so i made a phyllo pie crust, used tofutti better than sour cream, vegenaise (instead of mayo), tofutti american style slices (for cheese), and loma linda (worthington) tender bits instead of turkey. i also added 6 slices of smart bacon for more protein. it was a hit!!
    Doubled the recipe and served for home group, there were no left overs. Substitutions are easy and fun. Well done!
    Well I never cooked w/turkey b4 and I really loved the tase that the bellpeppers brought out in the tukey. The good thing was that my boyfriend has seconds the first night that I maed it. Plus it is good for leftovers.
    This recipe is delicious. I used chicken breast instead of turkey because I had it on hand, and I loved it! Even my picky husband had if for supper three times. I was able to make two 10-inch pies, so it makes allot. Thank you for sharing!!
    I made as written, with the exception of subbing xtra sour cream for the mayo (hate mayo). tastes pretty good, but very dry. i think possibly an addition of some sort of cream soup (mushroom, chicken?) and some milk might be the answer. also, the idea of a previous reviewer of dried cranberries sounds like a good idea. i prefer her chicken and rice casserole to this one. sorry paula!
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