Honey Wheat Bread

Total Time:
2 hr 50 min
1 hr 50 min
1 hr

8 to 10 servings


Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine all ingredients, knead for about seven minutes or until dough is no longer wet but smooth. Let bread rise until doubled in size, punch down and shape into loaves. Let bread double in size again. Bake until crusty and brown on top.

This recipe was provided by professional chefs, and therefore may be difficult to reproduce in the home.

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    Great flavor and very easy to make! I make this often for sandwiches during the week.
    Wonderful! We loved this bread. Could have used a little more salt to our personal taste buds. If I did the calorie count correctly, this recipe contains 3,327 Calories which equals 139 cal per slice.
    Great bread! New favorite. I MAY have added a bit more honey and substituted 1/4 cup of ground flax seed like the other reviewers. Because it doesn't give directions, I followed what I do for other breads. Put the yeast in warm water and let it foam up or leave it after mixing it for about 15 minutes. Add the other ingredients. I mixed it in the KitchenAid for 7-10 minutes with the bread wand. I transferred it to a glass bowl coated with oil and covered it with a damp towel. It raised for about 50 minutes sitting on a preheated door of a 170 degree (then turned off) oven. I live in Michigan and it is COLD here. I punched it down and put it in 2 oiled baking pans and let it rise again for 40 minutes. I then baked it on 350 for 35 minutes. It was perfect. Wow so so good.
    Absolut great! I read many of the reviews to get the detail information I needed about times for rising and kneading. Thanks to all of the reviewers, I made two yummy loaves. My kitchen was cool that day so I used the suggestion of a slightly warmed oven for rising the dough.The bread was cooked through, moist, and sliced beautifully for toast or sandwiches. Very easy to make and this one stays in my recipe box!
    This is our go to recipe. I make this for everyday bread; form it in to rolls for hamburger buns. Company comes - all they want to know is "Are you making your bread?" We also serve l8nch one Sunday a month at a shelter for women in peril and the first thing they as when I walk in the door is; "Did you bring some of your bread?" I think if I ever said No they would send me home. Easy, delicious - only change I make is that I use 1/2 cup of honey as suggested by other reviewers! WONDERFUL.
    Hey just because it says its hard to replicate, don't believe it. This recipe was the easiest I have ever tried and came out beautiful. I've used it twice because I messed up the first time by not putting it in loaf pan. Tried to do an artisan loaf. Big mistake. Makes three loaves.
    can't stop eating : although would like some more basic info - grams instead of a packet, rising time, baking time approximations....
    Turned out great! I used reg flour instead of bread flour since I was running low. Mine turned out a little dense and moist. I also used quick oats since that's what I had so I'm not sure if that would have made a difference. Cut perfectly for sandwiches and had a great flavor. I rubbed it with butter when it came out of the oven for a soft crust. Can't wait to make this again, it was super easy!
    Great flavor and easy to follow...my only problem was that the damp towel stuck to the dough and deflated when I gently pulled it off. Any suggestions? Thanks!
    make sure you put your dough in a greased pan, THEN FLIP IT OVER before you place a towel on it. The oil coats the top, keeps it moist and will keep it from sticking.
    Awesome bread recipe! I halved the recipe since it was my first time using it, but used the same amount of honey. I used creamed honey, added 2 tbsp ground flax, some fiber powder, and about a tsp of cinnamon. I let it rise for about an hour, then refrigerated so I could bake it in the morning. This way, it is pretty dense and heavy but that's the way I like it--kind of like banana bread. I eat this for breakfast now and it's great toasted with butter and sometimes extra cinnamon and sugar. I also sliced it all at once after it cooled.
    Cut recipe in half but used same amount of honey and yeast. Also used an egg wash after second rise and sprinkled oats on top. Beautiful and delicious!!! Took 30 minutes at 375 and it was perfect!
    I've made this bread 4 times, and it's getting better. But where are the instructions?? The taste of the bread is 5 stars every time, but it's too crumbly to slice thin. I've learned not to let the bread rise too much during the batch rise so that it CAN rise the second time. A work in progress.
    Perfectly crisped and golden crust after baking for 35 minutes. I let the dough rise the first time for about 90 minutes. Second rise was about 45 minutes. The texture is tender and tight, but not dense. GREAT RECIPE!
    WOW, this recipe is AMAZING and very easy to make in a Kitchen Aide mix master with the dough hook, just put the ingredients in and let it go. Instead of rolled oats I used Old Wessex 5 grain cereal (from the oatmeal aisle and 1/4 ground flax seed. Everyone I have shared this with loves it. It is very addicting and a yummy breakfast as toast with some natural peanut butter.
    This is the best wheat bread I've ever had. It's light and slightly sweet. I was disappointed that this recipe had no directions on how long to let it rise and so on. I am new to making bread without a bread machine and this is only the second one I've tried. For my first resting period, it didn't rise very much after 60 min. so I turned on my oven to 150 for about 10 min. and turned off the oven and put the dough in there. I punched it down and kneaded it for about 10 more min. divided it into 2 loaves and put it in my slightly warm oven for another hour. Baked at 375 for 30 min. My bread was very dark on the top but oh so delicious.
    Great recipe, I doubled the honey and it really brought out the taste. I think I'm going to try letting the bread rise in the refrigerator next time to allow for a slower process to see if I get a more airy bread.
    I substituted molasses for the honey (because I ran out of honey and didn't feel like running back to the store and it turned out fabulous!
    very tasty....!!
    @trish226540 Use bread flour in place of bread machine flour. Same thing. That is what I have been doing and it's turned out excellent. :D
    Okay I have a question? What is bread machine flour? I need help.Thank you
    Made half the recipe but used the full amount of honey and brown sugar...super good! This could just be my "go-to" wheat bread.
    I am a real beginner and need your help baking. Just purchased the 1 lb Wolfgang Puck bread machine, which is perfect for my husband and I. It is really hard to find recipes for 1 lb where can I turn to?
     Can I just assume to divide the recipe in half dor example and be okay?
     If I add oats, nuts, seeds to bread recipe do I have to add other ingredients?
     Thanks for taking the time to have fellowship. God bless!
    I made this in my bread machine, and cut the recipe in half, though I used a full 2 tsp of yeast. I also used olive oil in place of the butter, because I have high cholesterol. I let it rise in the bread machine, then kneaded it a bit and shaped in into an oval loaf, and let it rise another hour. Baked at 350 until "thumped done". It was perfect in rise and crumb and delicious!
    I just made this bread last night, it is delicious! It is my second time making bread, the first recipe was not as easy or delicious. I am very happy with the results. I added 1/4 c. of ground Flax seeds, which adds a little more flavor and texture.
    The flavor of this bread seriously can't be beat. That said, the texture is more crumbly than I'd prefer (and I kneaded it until it had the perfect texture-- I am not a beginner at making bread!) I also found that the outside was brown before the inside was done, which is a down side. Maybe my oven runs hot, though? I haven't noticed this with any other recipes so I'm not sure. I think next time I'll reduce the baking temp. If I try these again I might make them rolls-- I think the texture would work better in that form and it would eliminate the uneven cooking issues.
    I love to bake, but have not done too much homemade bread in the past as it was intimidating to me. I tried this one because of all the positive reviews and because it seemed super easy. It was easy to make, delicious, and true to the reviews. I've made it three times now, and love to give away the extra loaf because one is plenty big! Everyone love it. I tried it with the egg wash and oats on top the second time, and I would recommend turning the oven down to 350 and baking it a little longer, and moving it down to the center or bottom rack, otherwise it gets a little too brown on top. All three of my little ones love it too!
    came out of my oven!!! I have never made homemade bread before. This recipe worked perfectly despite the note at the bottom. I did find the dough a little too wet to work with at first, so I added about a half cup more flour before turning it out on my counter to knead. Other than that, this recipe was a breeze. As suggested by a previous reviewer, I brushed the top with an egg wash and sprinkled more rolled oats on the top just before putting them in the oven. This helped it brown nicely and made an absolutely beautiful loaf of bread. The taste is slightly sweet and delicious. I will be making this recipe again.
    Super easy to make. It did not say how long to let it rise I think I'll try it a bit longer next time - say 45 minutes in lieu of 30 but it still came out great. Now all I need is to finish the Irish Stew! Wish you could post photos here... oh well.
     I love the idea of egg wash and oats - next time.
    Despite the note about making this bread at home, I found that it was easy after I did some comparison research. The recipe doesn't specify how long to bake or how many loaves to make, but here is what I did: After the first rise (45 to 60 min) shape two loaves for greased 9x5 pans. Let rise in pans another 45 to 60 min and then bake for about 30 min. Also, brushing the top with egg wash and sprinkling with oats makes this a very attractive bread.
    This bread is so easy, and so delicious! I let it rise a pretty long time for the second rise; it made two HUGE loaves. Next time I will make 3-4 smaller loaves, as the inside could have cooked just a minute or two longer, but the outside was already done. I will definitely make this again. Except for the rising, it wips up in minutes in a stand mixer with a dough hook.
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