Indian Fry Bread

Many Native Americans have a recipe for Fry Bread. This one listed is not ours. We have perfected our own and we hold ingredients that make[ ours special. One of those is tinpsula. This is a food widely used by many Native Indian tribes, and was one of the primary foods used by the plains Indians. Although tinpsula makes our bread different, there is much more than that that goes into our processes of Fry Bread.]

Total Time:
55 min
40 min
15 min
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 cups warm water
  • Oil, for frying

Put flour, baking powder, and salt in a large bowl. Mix well, add warm water and stir until dough begins to ball up. On a lightly floured surface knead dough. Do not over-work the dough. After working dough, place in a bowl and refrigerate for 1/2 to 1 hour.

Heat oil to 350 degrees in a frying pan or kettle. Lightly flour surface and pat and roll out baseball size pieces of dough. Cut hole in middle with a knife (so the dough will fry flat) to 1/4-inch thickness and place in oil and cook until golden brown and flip over and cook opposite side until same golden brown. Dough is done in about 3 minutes depending on oil temperature and thickness of dough.

After fry bread is done top with favorite topping or, chile and cheese first, then cover with lettuce and tomatoes, onions, green chile and you have an Indian Taco.

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    the one I grew up with here by fon du lac is fry bread covered with taco meat and sauce and cheese, that's what we call indian tacos :) (Very very good!)
    "NATIVE AMERICAN fry bread, NOT Indian."
    There's a video on youtube of a woman making frybread and her son is narrating. That is the real deal with frybread.
    I lived on the Navajo Reservation for three years. Fry bread is technique. The dough must be worked properly and given sometime to rest. Navajos on the reservation swear by Blue Bird flour. Its made by Cortez Milling in Colorado. This was the first rule taught me and every person I know who makes fry bread swears Blue Bird flour is their top secret.
    Very disappointed. :( Just a big greasy blob of bland flower and water. I've had it before in the past and I know it can be heavenly. Think it must be this recipe. Guess I'll search for another one to try. Wasted pan of grease today.
    That's almost exactly how the Han Athabascans where I live make frybread!
    My Fiance and I make sure we have a good stock of this in the freezer... we love it so much we can't do without it.
    Tastes Good Real Good To Good :!!!!
    Easy and Tasty!!!
    Great recipe! I'm part of a big family of Native Americans in Arizona, and this is a pretty authentic version, though there's usually powdered milk in there somewhere. I have never seen fry bread made with yeast, by the way. And there are no thermometers on the rez--you just have to know when the oil is ready!
    I don't mind this version of Indian Fry Bread, but I will always love Indian Fry Bread made with yeast.
    I used this recipe to go along with some chicken korma I made and I love it! I only used 1 1/4 cups water and a little under 3 cups of flour. Before kneading the dough I rubbed a little oil on my hands so that it wouldn't stick and after some of the sprinkled flour from my counter incorporated into the dough it was perfect. I refrigerated the dough wrapped in a damp paper towel and some foil for half an hour and after rolling the dough I cut the circles into 4 triangle pieces to fit into my pan. After frying I dabbed each piece with a paper towel to get off the excess oil and sprinkled on a little sea salt before setting aside to cool. Next time I will definitely try to add some herbs into the dough or try making it a dessert bread!
    I used whole wheat pastry flour and they turned out great! we've tried eliminating white flour. 
    We had the traditional Taco from our local Miwok Indians. Seasoned hamburger, beans,onions,tomatoes,lettuce cheese, salsa, and opt sour cream. Use a thermometer and make sure to keep it at the right temp. or they will burn. This will be my go-to recipe!
    This is very good with fried potatos and pinto beans...put some sugar and cinnimon on it and it turns into desert. Also a little honey is good on it too.
    You can also use these for Breakfast Indian Tacos. I use layers of hashbrowns, chopped bacon, eggs, cheese and salsa.
    My boyfriend is the gauge for whether a recipe is a winner. He has since demanded that this must be made on a regular basis. This recipe is amazingly simple and taste over the top. We topped the fry breads with taco beef, cheese, salsa, avocado, cilantro and a squeeze of lime.
    I just made this for a very large Fiesta family gathering and it was a big hit. they came out nice a puffy and everyone enjoyed its also super easy to make. Julia Phoenix Arizona
    I didn't realize how easy it was to make indian fry bread and the family loved it. It was very easy and tastey.
    As a Native American growing up in AZ & NM these were topped with beans,chili and grated cheddar - called Navajo Tacos. As a treat, we added 1/4 to 1/2 Cup of sugar and topped them with powdered suger and/or honey. We still fry them in Lard, it gives them a special flavor. For short cuts, you can use canned chili beans or chili, saves a lot of cooking time.
    We made Indian Tacos with this recipe and enjoyed them.
    One bite and you are hooked...almost as good as the Wooden Knife mix.
    I found when I followed the recipe that 1 1/2 cups of water was a bit much. I adjusted the flower and it was great
    Very Tasty
    I'm a native american and i know that this recipe is BASIC! for someone wanting to try it a little differently add a hand full of sugar and cook it in one big can of lard. the sugar adds a taste and the lard doesn't absorb to quickly. try powdered milk too!
    I have been looking for this and I am glad I was ablr to find it.
    Enough of the wanting for Indian Tacos at the State Fairs. This quick and easy receipe was great and my family loved it. I doubled it, the last time I made it( the dough) Look out state fair, I won't be needing to pay your price again!!!
    this bread was great, we made indian tacos
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