Peruvian Beef Saltado

Total Time:
30 min
15 min
15 min

4 servings

  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1 to 1 1/2 pounds flank steak, sliced into 1 1/2-inch wide strips
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 large red onion, quartered and thinly sliced
  • 1 large tomato, coarsely chopped
  • 1 garlic clove, finely minced
  • 1 teaspoon soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

Heat the oil in a large wok or skillet over medium-high heat. Add the steak, season with salt and pepper, and stir-fry until the meat is browned on all sides, about 8 to 10 minutes.

Using tongs, transfer the steak to a plate and set aside. To the drippings in the pan, add the onion, tomato, and garlic; season with salt, and pepper. Cook and stir it until the onions are soft and the tomatoes start to break down, about 2 to 4 minutes. Return the beef to the pan, add the soy sauce and red wine vinegar. Cook for 1 minute, season with salt and pepper, to taste, and serve.

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    Delicious and easy: this is only my 2nd Ingrid Hoffmann recipe, but they've both been 5 stars! Muchas Gracias, Ingrid!
    This recipe is delicious! My fiance is Peruvian and he was definitely impressed. In addition, I had added potato wedges, 1/2 yellow onion (sliced, 1/2 red bell pepper (sliced, and 1/2 yellow bell pepper (sliced--and a tad more red wine vinegar and soy sauce for taste. I had cooked the potato wedges in a little oil before combining it to the rest of the ingredients. Yummy!
    Simply Delicioso...this was fabulous! We've been hooked on Peruvian food since the first time we went to a Peruvian restaurant. This was even tastier than when we had it in the restaurant and so easy to make. I will be making this once a week.
    good stuff. next time more tomatoes and onions! yum.
    I just recently started watching Ingrid and do enjoy her recipes. This meal was easy to make and the taste was FANTASTIC!
    I made this last night for dinner!! WONDERFUL and easy. I made brown rice to go with it , it was a big big hit with my husband. He took the leftovers for lunch.
    My husband gave me a fist bump for being creative. Tweak it to make it yours. Also great over fried rice.The aroma alone makes this dish a Do Again.
    Loved it. I added a little crushed red pepper for a kick!
    So simple and quick but makes for an impressive meal! With soy sauce and red wine vinegar, the flavor is very bold. So I decided to add about 1/2cup of beef broth and it worked well. I saw others' comments and discovered a little late that traditionally, the dish is served with fries. So to improvise, I popped a bag of Tater Tots in the oven and once done, I broke them up into a hash brown kind of consistency and served the beef saltado over the "hash browns." Maybe a little off the wall, but this dish got RAVE reviews in my house.
    I love this recipe. It is delicious and I serve it over white rice...makes a fabulous meal for the woman on the run.
    I am Peruvian and we make this dish all the time. This dish is actually missing fries. You are supposed to fry thin fries and add it to the mix.
    I started making this dish thinking it was going to be a little complicated but would probably turn out okay. Well it was so much easier that I had aniticipated and it reminded me of the carne saltado from a local Peruvian restaurant that my family goes to frequently. I will surely make this again!
    our favorite dish but lacking something
    cumin and ground garlic reallly brings it to life. I use 30% vingear and 50 % soy sauce and 20% scallion juice
    check for Gaston Acurio recipe's best peruvian chef !
    My boyfriend is Peruvian and after eating lomo saltado several times at a local Peruvian restaurant, I wanted to surprise him with this dish after coming across this recipe. The first time I made it, it was very good -- I did add store bought french fries to make it more traditional. We like our lomo saltado with a lot of gravy, so the second time I made it, I made a rue (out of flour, butter and one can of beef broth) in the pan with the meat and veggies. Turned out AMAZING, JUICY, and DELICIOUS!! Giving 4 stars only because the recipe needs to be tweaked a little in the more traditional direction. But thanks for the great base recipe!!!
    This recipie takes me back.

    My Stepfather made this for us when we were young and I always LOVED it!

    I recently made this for my new girlfriend and her kids, and they are now fans too!

    And Christine is right, potatoes are a Peruvian staple. A lot of their dishes contain potatoes in one form or another.

    But if you dont wanna go through the trouble of peeling, cutting & frying potatoes, a batch of your favorite frozen fries will do the trick. (Crinkle Cut, my favorite!) :-) A real time saver!

    If you liked this recipie, try Tallarin con Carne, its a similar style and similar tasting dish, but instead of the potatoes, you add spaghetti. Kinda like a Lo Mein stir fry. Google it!
    Okay so this is comfort food for me since my mom made this for me growing up. My mom makes french fries with it and it is very simple (peel russet potatoes, slice into french fry size, fry in hot vegetable, canola, or peanut oil for several minutes until they look done, place on paper towels and salt immediately). So I just took this recipe, added the french fries and it was wonderful. I understand where "karla" is coming from but to me one star is a little harsh, just add the french fries and it will taste authentic:) Also, you can 1) add the french fries directly to the beef dish or 2) just serve with or over top of the french fries, either way is fine. I'm giving this 4 stars because it is only 5 stars with the french fries.
    This recipe was so delicious. I made it for dinner with yellow rice and had left overs for lunch the next day. I could hardly wait to go to lunch! I love to cook and while some "natives" disagree with the recipe, I think a good rule of thumb is to think that often times we see a concept on show and we can take it and make it our own and I loved every minute of making it my own! Thank you and I love the show.
    I really enjoyed the flavor of this, however, I don't know if I would have liked it so much if it hadn't been for the delicious papas a la huancaina I made with it. Also, maybe I will cook the meat a little less next time. 8-10 min. cooked the steak to a well temperature and flank steak is particularly tough when you cook it past medium. Thanks for the new knowledge of Peruvian cuisine!
    i'm peruvian, and this beef saltado, which should be called lomo saltado lacks ingredients, starting with the fries that are supposed to be mixed in.

    our food is our pride and joy, this is not a good use of one of our most loved comfort foods.
    I'm all about the easy dishes, and this one is perfect! I made it just like the recipe said and served it with rice. It was full of flavor and my family gobbled it up!!
    This dish was tasteless and boring. It looked so wonderful when Ms. Hoffman was preparing it on her show, but I was leary due to the boring ingredients. I would never make this recipe again.
    Gotta have this dish with the "Papas al Huaincaina".. Perfect meat and potatoes!!! It was Fantastic!!!
    This was so delicious and simple. Used a can of chopped tomatos with juice instead of a fresh tomato to make it more saucy so we could put it over peppered mashed potatos, muy delicioso!
    This is sooooo easy to put together in a flash! The mixture of flavors is terrific. It's very satisfying for the whole family. What a great treat! Can't wait to enjoy this meal again. Yvette
    I'm Peruvian and loved watching this episode. I make this dish for my "gringo" friends and fiancee and they all love it too! I add a couple of shakes of cumin to the beef while it's cooking and do not use soy sauce. I garnish the dish with fresh chopped cilantro and serve it with french fries and rice (to soak up the delicious sauce).
    This recipe is good but in the original peruvian recipe you have to add at the end finely minced scallions and all is serve over french fries and with white rice. Delicious.
    This is such a quick and delicious dish. Great for weejnight meals and the kids loved it!
    Made this one night, and it was beyond simple. Even a 5 year old could do it. The taste of the onions and tomatoes blended with the beef is soo delious. Stopped by my local Spanish Resturant and picked up an empanada and it was a complete meal. Another good idea would be to put this over some spanish rice. Great recipe, super simple and very quick to make.
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