Recipe courtesy of Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe
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31 hr 40 min
1 hr 5 min
6 servings



Combine 2 cups water with the Liquid Smoke and sea salt in a large bowl. Add the pork butt and let marinate in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Cut the stems off the taro leaves and soak the leaves in a large bowl or salad spinner filled with water for 20 minutes. Rinse the leaves, then repeat soaking for 20 minutes and rinse again.

Place a 14-inch square of foil on a work surface and spray with nonstick cooking spray. Place 1 taro leaf on the foil, then center about 12 ounces of the pork butt and 2 ounces of the butterfish on top (overlap several taro leaves if necessary to fit). Wrap the taro leaf over the filling, folding in from the sides first so that it completely covers the filling, then roll shut like a burrito, using additional taro leaves to wrap over any tears. Wrap in another 1 to 2 layers of leaf (you will need 6 to 8 ounces of leaves, total, for each packet). Tightly fold the foil over the packet to completely cover the taro leaves. Repeat with the remaining leaves, pork butt and butterfish. Reserve remaining pork butt for another use.

Place the Lau Lau packets in a large steamer pot, cover and cook for 6 hours. Add water to the steamer as needed.

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