Lobster Tail

Total Time:
13 min
5 min
8 min

2 servings

  • 1/2 cup water
  • 21 ounces lobster tail
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 3 .15 ounces hot clarified butter

Heat frying pan and add 1/2 cup of water. Rinse the lobster. Open the lobster tail in butterfly form and sprinkle with salt and pepper, to taste. Place the lobster tail in the frying pan. Cover. Steam cook for 8 minutes. Serve with clarified hot butter.

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    Can someone, not in the business of selling them, explain why Australian lobster tails are so tasteless.
    Restaurant quality. I made this with 2 small tails and just shortened the time by 2 minutes. It was perfect. I always ruin lobster tails by grilling or broiling improperly, but this recipe is perfect. You can taste the lobster as it should be.
    Turns out perfect! My friends can't believe that I can cook lobster!
    Amazing! Followed recipe exactly using just 3 lobster tails and they came out perfect. I used medium heat. This will be a new staple for our special occassions!
    This is a great, easy recipe. It can be seasoned any way one wants.
    These directions were great! The only seasoning I used was the butter after the tails were cooked. Cooked on medium heat, waited for the pan to heat up, put the lobster tails in, poured the water in, and put the lid on. The meat was sweet and tender. Anyone who gives this recipe a one star rating needs to stop cooking! There is no hope for you.
    Quick, easy and tasty! Great "1st time cooking lobster" recipe. I may have under-seasoned a bit, but after it was dipped in the clarified butter, it didn't really matter. I will definitely be using this recipe again.
    Easy and cooked just right.
    My first time making lobster of any sort. It was easy and turned out good! I heated the pan on medium high until drops of water sizzled off. Then i just dumped 1/2 cup water, put the lobster in, covered it and let it stay that way for 8 minutes exactly. I did not season it enough for my taste, but that was my own fault, not knowing how much seasoning a lobster should take.
    very tender, very easy.
    How hot are you supposed to heat the pan? How hot are you supposed to use to "steam cook"? Just how many tails are supposed to be involved in "21 ounces of"? Explains the differing results; without proper directions, it is left to 'best guess'. Very sloppily written; surprised they would post this recipe without verifying it actually worked.
    This is the first I have cooked lobster tails. I followed the recipe exactly and took them out after 8 minutes. The first came out weird outside was kinda rubbery and the inside seemed undercooked. The second two were very rubbery. Maybe I did something wrong, but this method just did not work for me.
    I had purchased 2 lobster tails for my husband and I and I had no idea how to prepare them. I came to this website and saw it only required a few steps. I did add 1/4 stick of butter to the boiling water for more of a butter flavor and it was DELISCIOUS!!! i would highly recommend this recipe to novices who want an excellent, perfectly prepared lobster tail!
    good the best this the best thig ever
    I have always broiled my lobster tails, but was never able to get them just right. Sometimes overdone, sometimes underdone. This recipe is fool proof. They come out tender and moist every time. Thanks Giada
    this was the only simple recipe i found to help me figure out how to cook lobster tails. it was quite easy to do, the lobster came out so tender!
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