Asian Marinated Pork Chops

Total Time:
50 min
5 min
30 min
15 min

4 servings

  • 1/4 cup plus 1 teaspoon vegetable oil
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons rice vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon minced ginger
  • 1 tablespoon Sriracha
  • 2 teaspoons sesame oil
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • Zest and juice of 1 orange
  • Eight 4-ounce thin pork chops, bone-in (about 1/4-inch thick)
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro, for garnish
  • 2 green onions, sliced

Place 1/4 cup vegetable oil, sugar, vinegar, ginger, sriracha, sesame oil, garlic and orange juice and zest in a food processor and process for 15 seconds. Put the pork chops in a heavy-duty resealable plastic bag. Add half of the marinade and reserve the other half until serving. Squeeze out the air, seal and move the chops around in the bag to coat evenly. Marinate in the refrigerator at least 30 minutes, and up to 8 hours.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F.

Remove the chops from the bag. Place the reserved marinade in a small saucepot. Bring to a boil to reduce and thicken the sauce a bit, about 2 minutes.

Heat large stainless saute pan over medium-high heat and add the remaining 1 teaspoon oil. Brown the chops in the hot pan, 1 to 2 minutes per side. Place the saute pan in the oven and cook until done (155 degrees F internal temperature). Serve with a spoonful of the glaze, with cilantro and sliced green onions sprinkled on top.

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    This is a great recipe, like all of Melissa's recipes. I love her international and sophisticated palate and how she so easily translates these flavors into easy and economical meals. Isn't time for an other Melissa d'Arabian cookbook?
    Tasty - I though this dish was tasty, but I had difficulty thickening the sauce. It burned rather than thickening. I did, however, like the taste of the pork chops. I used the fresh ginger as suggested. I usually keep it in my freezer for freshness.
    I liked these pork chops with the tweaks that I made. I agree with some of the other posters that the recipe as is would be lacking. I added soy sauce and I used a mandarine orange so there was less zest and juice. It was pretty tasty and I would probably use it again.
    Amazing! I had thin chops as well. I added soy sauce too. I grilled these on a charcoal grill about 4 minutes tops and they were perfection. Very moist and tender! Will make again!
    I did not care for this dish. It was too much oil, and I just couldn't get the taste quite right, no matter what I did. My husband said he enjoyed it, but I just did not enjoy it. Maybe if I tried this recipe, I would definitely cut the oil back to only a tablespoon or two. I used a bit of corn starch to thicken up the sauce, which worked really well
    I thought I would like this more. It was good for what it was supposed to be. We all thought it had to much of an orange flavor, which I didn't think would be that strong. If our family had more refined tastes it would have been awesome lol
    Very good. I didn't have any Sriracha , so I used Sambal Oleek, I also added 2 tbsp. of soy sauce after my own taste test. I opted to do my pork chops in the oven as they were very thick. I only zested half the orange after reading other reviews. Will definitely make again.
    The sauce was amazing, and I did all the cooking in the pan. I too added soy sauce (probably nearly a 1/4 cup because something was definitely missing from the marinade. All in all a great recipe, just a couple of tweaks to make it awesome!
    Delicious! I used Chicken breast, it came out very good. Perfect 'make-ahead' meal. I love the way Melissa cooks. Thank you Melissa. 
    I was looking for Asian Pork Chops recipe and came across this one. I'm Japanese, so I'm very familiar with Asian cooking. Reading the recipe, I thought it was a good combination of sweet, tangy, salty, and spicy, but it was missing 2 ingredients: soy sauce and sake! I added 2 tbsp each of them. Just like Italians cook with wine, Japanese cook with sake, it gives such good depth of flavor to Asian inspired dishes. My pork chops came out pretty good, but not great. I think the orange flavor was tad bit too strong. If I were to make this again, I wouldn't put the orange zest.
    I followed the recipe exactly and they came out pretty good. Not amazing but good.
    I followed the recipe exactly as written and the pork chops came out perfect! DH and I loved it. We did not find the glaze overpowering at all. DH also loved the cilantro and green onion toppings. I browned in the stove using cast iron skillet and finished cooking in oven. Pork came out perfectly tender. This is definitely going to be a mainstay recipe for us.
    YUMMM! Used powdered garlic and ginger rather than fresh because I didn't want to use the food processor. Also tripled the quantity of the ingredients (with the exception of vegetable oil so that I would have extra sauce. Served with the other dishes from this episode and hubby loved it!
    Easy. Delicious. Perfect 'make-ahead' meal.
    This was devoured instantly by my family. My daughter and husband, the PICKY FOOD SNOB duo, loved it. Easy to prepare and such a no brainer!
    These were good and tasty, my husband who is a picky eater, ate two of them.
    My family and I loved them! The pork chops marinated for about one and a half hours, and it really absorbed the flavors. Yummy! Because of that, I don't think the glaze was needed at all - the pork chops were so flavorful and juicy on their own. As other reviewers said, I didn't put them in the oven. They were perfectly cooked after searing them on the stovetop. Also, to cut calories and add flavor, instead of using 1/4 cup oil to the marinade, I used 1/8 cup, and used 1/8 cup low-sodium soy sauce. It tasted great! I also served these chops with the peanut noodle recipe from this episode. It was a wonderful meal!
    Delicious!! My family loved it!!! Followed the recipe, no need to use the oven. Bravo Melissa.
    Easy to make and the chops were tender and tasty. I added soy sauce and used lemon zest and o.j. to keep the orange flavor from becoming too overwhelming based on the other comments. Also I basted my chops with the leftover marinade (after heating it rather than using it as a glaze and was really happy with the result.
    I also added soy sauce which I think made a big difference. I also did not need to put my pan in the oven. The sauce I thought was fantastic however I had to reduce more like 10 min than 2 minutes, but no biggy. Would make again!
    I just made these pork chops and wanted to review, the sauce is more of an orange Asian flair. I wouldve added a little soy to it. But all in all it was a very good recipe.
    This is one of the best pork chop recipes I have made. I marinated them for 6 hours so they were absolutely succulent and tender. Nice orange and heat flavors but the pork still came through. We grilled them, which gave really nice flavor. The only problem was that I really didn't have enough marinade left to thicken for a glaze, because I cut the recipe in half. If you really want the glaze, you need to increase the recipe for glaze compared to how many people you are serving. What little I had burned really quickly (shame on me for walking away but to be honest, the glaze wasn't even necessary. Served with the Sesame and Peanut Noodles from the same episode on an unseasonably hot day in March and it was perfect deck food!
    I tried this recipe today. The results were so-so. The pros: Easy to make. Had many of the ingredients on hand. The pork turned out very tender and juicy. The cons: My husband and kids thought the orange flavor was too overwhelming. My marinade didn't thicken as well. I served this with the noodles from the same episode. Mixed results there as well. Could be that we just were not digging the Asian flavors as much as some people do. Overall, everyone ate dinner and cleaned their plates but it was agreed that I will not be making this again.
    This sounded and looked so good. Followed recipe and marinated two hours. A great disappointment.
    I felt like this recipe needed some soy sauce in the marinade. The chops just came out tasting like orange and not much else. They needed salt badly. I wouldn't make this one again. However, the other two recipes from this episode are awesome!
    Delicious. I used pork tenderloin cut in 1/2 inch slices and it was easier for me. Next time I would make more marinade so I have more for the glaze. By the way, leftovers freeze and reheat very well (if you save alot of glaze.
    This is my first review, as I registered yesterday [with pork marinating in it's sauce and sauce already made for the noodles]. I'd read the reviews here&wanted to add one if it was enjoyable. It won't be made again. Although the ingredients were things I like the sound of and had all in the house to prepare, I only had to get the chops from the market. The flavors just didn't do it for us. Nothing wrong with how I followed the recipe, but dinner wasn't a winner and I was disappointed but it's just our taste. Can't&won't place blame for the recipe Ms. D'A created, it just wasn't for us..
    Didn't have a need for the oven, and neither did Melissa on the show! Added 1/4-1/2 cup more orange juice to the reserved marinade as it was reducing to boost the orange flavor and increase the sugars. Everyone loved the pork and the sauce. Served with the noodle salad from the show and fed 3 normal eaters and 2 hearty eaters with leftovers!
    I didn't let the marinade thicken and that would have helped a lot. I also didn't get to let the chops fully coat in the marinade (I came home late! and they still turned out really well. It was nice because you didn't lose the light flavor of the pork and you had the bright flavor support from the marinade. Letting them sit in the oven to continue cooking sealed in the flavor as opposed to pan frying. Will do this again! Thanks Melissa!
    This is a good one and tasty. The answer to your question, why do you preheat, is because you are supposed to sear your chops on both sides and then let them finish cooking in the oven until they are cooked through. The sear adds way more flavor then just throwing them in the oven with the marinade. Hope that helps. ;-
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