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Making an ice sculpture is very easy if you use this method. The molds I used are decorative and easy to unmold because they are flexible. All you are doing in this recipe is freezing water.

Select flexible silicone molds to create the sculpture base and cake stand. I used 3 molds. For the sculpture base, I used a small sunflower and centered it in the mold (place flowers upside down). When the flower is in place, fill the mold 1/3 full with water. Place the mold in the freezer. If all of the water is added at this time, the flower will float to the top. When the water has frozen, remove the mold from the freezer and add more water so the mold is 2/3's full. Return the mold to the freezer. The mold must be filled in stages to keep the previously frozen ice from floating to the top of the mold. When the additional water is frozen, remove from the freezer, fill the mold with water and return to the freezer. Repeat these steps using the other molds and use any flowers or fresh leaves to decorate your sculpture.

Apply the same technique to plastic water bottle that has been cut to size. This can be the column that supports the other ice bases.

When all of the pieces have been frozen, use a box grater or a wood plainer to flatten the surface of the mold. It is especially important to flatten the spot where 2 pieces are joined together. Sprinkle a little of the ice shaving on the spot. Wet with a little water and immediately "glue" 2 pieces together. Put the whole sculpture back in the freezer until ready to use.

When the entire mold is frozen, it is ready to be displayed.


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