Monte Cristo Sandwich

Total Time:
43 min
8 min
30 min
5 min

1 sandwich


On a work surface, lay out 2 slices of bread and spread with mayonnaise. Top each slice with the 1 slice of Gouda and 1 slice of turkey each. Put the third slice of bread on top of one stack, and flip the remaining stack on top, cheese-side down, to make a triple-decker sandwich.

Using a knife, cut the crusts off the sandwich (this helps to pinch and seal the ends). Wrap the sandwich tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes and up to 6 hours. (Wrapping the sandwich in plastic wrap, compacts it, and prevents the egg batter from seeping in.)

Combine the eggs and milk in a bowl. Heat the oil and butter in a skillet over medium-high heat. Unwrap the sandwich and dip it in the egg batter, to coat evenly. Gently place it in the skillet, and fry, turning once, until golden brown and hot, about 5 minutes total.

Cut the Monte Cristo in 1/2, transfer it to a place, and garnish with the strawberry and orange. Spoon some jam over each 1/2 and serve immediately.

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    I can't quite begin to say how utterly fabulous this sandwich was. I used a well preheated 10 inch cast iron skillet to prepare them, and besides cooking the 2 flat sides, I cooked the 4 side surfaces too. It was a longer cook than the recipes stated 5 minutes in total. Since the sandwich was compacted and with crusts removed, it was child's play to stand them up for the extra browning of all the surfaces. I'll never think of using ham or other cheeses in this deliciously hedonistic griddled sandwich from heaven. I liberally cloaked the plated sandwiches with powdered sugar, and served strawberry jam on the side. This was 100% texturally as pleasing, as if I had used a deep fryer. Way to go Food Network!
    I make this with ham, swiss and turkey then after coating all six sides I deep fry it. It only takes about 4-5 minutes to fry.
    I have made this the "traditional" way (ham, swiss, and turkey but this time I made it with turkey and sweet munchee cheese. I mixed the mayonnaise with some honey mustard dressing. I used Arnold Country White bread. Cutting off the crusts and wrapping in plastic wrap really helps with the finished product. I also served it with raspberry preserves. Potato chips on the side. Really delicious and a great "make ahead" for busy afternoons/evenings!
    This is a simple, easy, and yummy recipe. I used cream cheese instead of mayo and added ham. I thought the cream cheese would taste better with the jam. I made it for my family and they loved it!
    I have eaten this sandwich at Mama's! I used to wait in line for hours just have it on Sunday's...I talked about this sandwich for years & I am so happy to find it on here!!!
    I made this and it was really good! My husband and son in particular raved about it and cant wait for me to make it again.
    This recipe was quick, easy, lighter than some restaurant versions and I had most of the ingredients on-hand. I love monte cristos but cannot find a restaurant, in the area I recently moved to, with this sandwich on the menu. When I started craving it the other day, I almost drove 70 miles just to get one! I'm so glad the FN website exists:).
    I used chicken breast (no sliced turkey) and my husband commented with a ummm! when he bit into it. First time to use it. Only complaint is I seemed to have way too much egg mixture.
    I have always loved the Monte Cristo at Bennigans and this is a great made at home alternative. I made it with only one layer and have tried it also with ham, swiss, and cheddar....very good!!! I would highly recommend this one. I served it with some strawberry preserves because that is what I had with a little powdered sugar on top. Definitely a hit!!
    This sandwich is so easy to make and so good to eat it's makes me look like a great cook. I use a combination of ham and turkey, smoked gouda and fontina. The 'scraps' from trimming the edges are a treat to snack on. I put them in a ziplock bag and they quickly disappear.
    I made this because I had a half of a ham left over in the freezer and wanted to use it. I used ham and havardi and muenster cheese, OH my sooo good this way! I served it with strawberry jam and dusted the top of the sandwich with powdered sugar! I also used french slices of bread. Remember a recipe is just a guide! Use what you have at home and what you like!
    I started craving this when I watched the episode on television, and I finally made it 3 months later. It is wonderful! I used provolone in place of the gouda, and it was still great.
    The glorious Monte Cristo is an all-time favorite of the husband, and boy is he picky! He ate these up, thank goodness. Usually calls for powdered sugar as a French Toast tribute. Recipe was clear and simple.
    First had this sandwich on the veranda of the Olaffson Hotel (1986-1990), Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
     All of the ingredients as shown in the recipe, however, they quickly deep fried it giving it a golden, crunchy exterior.
    My kids just loved this. Hubby too.
    rich and decilious. Not something you want to eat everyday, but definitely for special occasions.
    This was the best sandwich. It was an easy recipe for me and my son to do together. I highly recommend this sandwich.
    and so easy. I am sure to make it again.
    this sandwich is as good as it looked on television when Sara prepared it. I have never had a Monte Cristo sandwich before, but I can tell you that it is a family favorite now! YUMMY!!!!
    Rich Whitlinger,(Restaurant Critic), say's: I've had this sandwich in several restaurants. This is right there with the best.
    This sandwich was pretty good, but I think I would just go for the standard grilled cheese. Plus, it was not very healthy at all!
    Light but satisfying and oh so yummy.
     I first tried the Monte Cristo and a cafe in Etowah, TN, "The California Grill". There they sprinkle a little powdered sugar on top, likened to French Toast, a little extra to make you smile.
    Really delicious and everyone else thought so too.
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