Creamy Potato Gratin

Total Time:
40 min
5 min
20 min
15 min

12 servings


Preheat the oven to 500 degrees F.

Peel the potatoes and cut them into slices, neither especially thin nor especially thick (approximately 1/2-inch) and put them into a large saucepan with the milk, cream, onion, minced garlic and salt. Bring to the boil and cook at a robust simmer or gentle boil (however you like to think of it) until verging on tender, but not dissolving into mush. The pan might be hell to clean afterward, but any excuse for long, lazy soaking rather than brisk pre-or postprandial scrubbing always appeals to me. And, for what it's worth, I find that when pans are really, dauntingly, stuck with cooked-on gunge, it's more effective to soak them in hot water and detergent (i.e., the stuff you put in the washing machine, though I haven't tried, and don't think I would, with tablets) rather than dish liquid.

Use some of the butter to grease a large roasting pan (15 by 12-inches) and then pour the almost sludgy milk and potato mixture into it. Dot with remaining butter and cook in the oven for 15 minutes or until the potato is bubbly and browned on top. Remove, let stand for 10 to 20 minutes and then serve.

This is not the most labor saving way of cooking potatoes, to be sure, but one of the most seductive. And it reheats well as an accompaniment to cold roast pork, or indeed anything in the days that follow.

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    This is divine. I sometimes combine this with her recipe for double potato mash, and use sweet potato here. Both ways are brilliant
    Absolutely delicious just the way it is the first time I made it... The second time I made it, I did add one minced garlic clove to the stove top cooking stage; before baking, I then layered half of it in the roasting pan, added shredded quality-gruyere cheese and topped with the rest before placing in oven. Yummy.
    So creamy and delicious! This recipe is the ultimate comfort dish! I am asked to make this every Thanksgiving and Christmas -- it's a real crowd pleaser!
    Anyone that knows me well,truly understands~Nigella is My Favourite Female Cook.As a older sister,look up to Her and devil may care Attitude.This Is really Best way to cook a Gratin.Either Potatoes are raw in centre or paste.Add less Cream and sub "evap" to keep from Cream breaking at high.Tastes Delicious w/another Cook's recipe for poached Pork.
    I used to be a vegetarian before I watched your show! You make all the food look so good! This has to be one of my favorite quick and simple recipes. Thanks so much! 
    - Tracie Rawa  
    PR Agent 
    Newark, NJ
    This was easy and tasty. I followed the recipe to the letter and did, at the end, add shredded parmesan cheese to the top as recommended by others. It was very good.
    Loved this! It went perfect with our Christmas ham. To answer a previous poster's question: you slice the onions. Definitely recommend using a non-stick pan for the first step.
    This recipe was tasty and easier than I thought. The downfall, and it is a BIG one, is the pan. I think I might have to throw away my pot. I don't understand why it burnt on so much. The potatoes took on a little of that flavor I think, but no one else seemed to notice it but me. They were a big hit with my family.
    I want to make this recipe but I don't understand the onion. Do I slice it?
    My family loves this recipe even the kids eat it up. And it even taste great on the second day. Right before I take it out of the oven I add about a cup of grated chedar on top and let it melt, makes a difference and tastes great.
    Some Gratin Potato recipes turn out too watery or plain tasting. This was a perfect creaminess and just the right blend of flavors. Definitely a comfort food dish. I added parmesan cheese at the end as one person suggested. Awesome! Warmed up nicely the next day too. Regarding cleaning up a messy pot, I used a non-stick pot and had no problems.
    These potatoes were wonderful with our roast on Christmas day. They were well worth the effort. I cooked them on top of the stove in a non-stick dutch oven so that it would not be so awful to clean (and it was a breeze). They came out tender, flavorful and creamy. I would highly recommend this with any beef meal, especially with a flavorful gravy drizzled over.
    Made this for a Christmas event we hosted. It was great. I made it the night before and then just reheated it the next day. I didn't miss the cheese like you normally see in these recipes. It felt much lighter than cheesed based versions.
    I loved this recipe but missed the ooziness of cheese. Next time will add some parmesan on top for the taste! But overall very good and easy to make.
    this recipe was recommended to me by my co-worker. I added a bay leaf while the mixture was boiling and removed it before baking. I also added a tiny bit of parm cheese to the top. It smells and tastes amazing!
    I had to sub out some of the heavy cream for half and half, so it was a little runnier than it was probably supposed to be, but after resting for about 20 minutes they were just fine. Very yummy!
    This is a mild but rich tasting dish which I thought improved upon re-heating the following day.
    the best way to make these and they are SO good!
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