Mustard Pork Chops

Total Time:
20 min
5 min
15 min

2 servings


I love the old French favourites, the sorts that evoke not the supercilious waiter and theatrically removed silvered dome of the big name restaurants, but rather the small town bistro, all warm wood and rough red.

This is possibly the easiest route to a proper, filling and yet strangely delicate dinner. The pork is cooked for just enough time to take away pinkness but ensure tenderness within, and gloriously scorched without. The mustard, cider and cream add comfort and piquancy. To soak up the gorgeous juices, and to serve as a fantastically quicktime potato substitute, I serve up gnocchi alongside. You could always add a little lemony fennel, sliced thinly, or a green salad if you're in the mood.

Cut the fat or rind off the chops, and then bash them briefly but brutally with a rolling pin between 2 pieces of cling film/plastic wrap to make them thinner.

Heat the oil in a pan, and then cook the chops over a moderately-high heat for about 5 minutes a side. Remove them to a warmed plate.

Pour the cider into the pan, still over the heat, to deglaze the pan. Let it bubble away for a minute or so then add the mustard and stir in the cream.

Let the sauce continue cooking for a few minutes before pouring over each plated pork chop. If you're having gnocchi with, make sure you turn them in the pan to absorb any spare juices before adding them to your plates.

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    I've been making this one for years and am surprised I never rated it. If I could give it 10 stars, I would. It's just one of those recipes that becomes a process rather than a recipe. I started out with hard cider, but now I use Angry Orchard-- any one of their beers will do. Excellent! Half the bottle for the pan, the other half for me. I also use Dijon mustard instead of the grain. Always make the gnocchi! Nigella, you've contributed mightily to my gourmet go-to's! Thank-you!
    I have made this at least 10 times. I use regular fresh apple cider and it turns out great. I keep gnocchi in the house just for this recipe!
    This is so simple it's almost funny. I use a lighter cream and still get away with a delicious meal, but naturally heavy cream would be that much more wonderful. I've used thicker (1 1/2"chops to give more heft. Done the gnocchi with the mustard sauce and that is good too.
    I did not have hard cider on hand so I used a white table wine instead and it was absolutely delicious. We had a little left over and it reheated surprisingly well. I look forward to trying it as written.
    So easy and so good! The gnocchi tasted great with the sauce! Definitely will make this a lot.
    Love this, esp. with gnocchi - nom nom :
    This is one of my favorite pork chop recipes. I serve it with butternut squash ravioli. Delicious!!
    These chops are simply AWESOME!!! and not time consuming. THIS IS A WINNER!! and perfect for guest if they like pork.
    Saw this episode on the Cooking Channel, and made it that night. I used pear cider, because that's all that I could find...but the flavors were great. I also used boneless pork loin chops, pounded thinly, because that's what I prefer. I REALLY enjoyed this dish, as did my family.
    Easy, tasty perfect for a weekday meal!
    Didn't have hard cider, so I used apple juice. I also was out of heavy cream so I used 2% milk. I let the apple juice reduce after deglazing the pan. I didn't let the milk boil because I didn't want it to curdle, but this was such a good recipe. It was quick & very easy. i will definitely be making this again & so will Mom.
    Very easy and scrumptious! I used regular apple cider. The combination of the sauce and gnocci is particularly impressive.
    This was such a good recipe, It was really easy and I thought delicious. I should have cooked the sauce a little longer to thicked it more, but my gnocci was done, do I personally rushed it, it should coat the back of a spoon for thichkness I think.
    I can't believe I waited so long to try this! I usually buy the thicker boneless pork chops because I was sick of the thinner chops always turning out like leather. This recipe turned out fabulous. I served it with some boiled potatoes and green beans and even made Nigella's Instant Chocolate Mousse for dessert. So good!
    This is a standby on those nights when I'm coming home late from work and don't want to fuss around in the kitchen. I make it with gnocchi, as does Nigella on the show. C'est magnifique!
    For years I'm trying the "Pork Chops A La Dijon" I found on and I was very happy with it. I decided to try this recipe due to the great comments I read, and I'm happy I did so :)
     I still LOVE my "Pork Chops A La Dijon" recipe, but no doubt this recipe is going to enter my favorite recipe box
    This has become one of my favorite go-to recipes for pork chops. It is delicious, easy and pleases my husband. Also, her recipe for crispy pork chops is delicious and easy. Thanks, Nigella!!
    I made this recipe after coming home from work and usually don't like to make anything fancy, but this was SO worth it. Quick, easy, and delicious!
    I made this recipe and found it to be delicious. The pork remains juicy as long as you don't overcook it and the flavor of the sauce is refreshingly different from our usual dishes. Will certainly make it again.
    Tried this recipe tonight. I didn't have hard cider, so I used regular cider (and added salt and pepper), and it turned out really well! I made a little extra sauce, and tossed it with cheese gnocchi to serve with the chops. It was a great dinner - really tasty and slightly rich. This was a truly quick and easy meal - I'll definitely be going back to this recipe again! PS - I don't like mustard, but still really enjoyed the sauce!!
    Just tried this recipe and was quite surprised at how good was. Will have to keep this one on rotation.
    I saw this presented just Sat. morning while waiting at my car sevice center. I thought the dish looked tasty and easy. I picked up the things I needed on the way home and fixed it for dinner. I sub. small potatos instead of the dumpings. They worked as well. Served with a side of fresh green beans, yum. The sauce is quick and easy. My wife loved it too.
    This was a perfectly lovely meal. Apples and pork is such a classic pair and did not disappoint in this dish. I served it with roasted red potatoes that I tossed in the sauce and it was magnificent. Definitely a recipe to repeat.
     As to the commenter who had a problem with curdling, did you use cream as opposed to half and half or something less? I know that if you use lower fat milk products you sometimes run the risk of curdling so perhaps that was the cause. Otherwise, I don't know why it curdled because I added my milk while the sauce was bubbling and it turned out perfect.

     I was skeptical when I read the recipe especially when it said pair it with gnocchi. This recipe was awesome!!!! I will be adding this to my favorite list. All I can say is give it a try you will love it.
    Over the past year this has really become a "go to" recipe for me. It's so incredibly fast, easy and, most importantly, delicious!
     I couldn't get hard cider once and instead used a non-alcoholic sparkling apple juice. It worked well, but the real stuff gives the best flavor for this.
    This recipe looks delicious, and I can't wait to try it. I would like to know what type of infused oil to use, or if anyone knows where I can get some?
    This recipe was exceedingly easy to prepare, and tasty. I went around town buying the ingredients, looking forward to preparing it. When I added the cream to the cider/mustard mixture, it curdled! I was so upset. The sauce tasted okay, but it was not smooth and creamy as it should have been.
     Any suggestions how to avoid this in the future? I had wanted to prepare it for my mom this weekend. Should I turn the heat off the cider before adding the cream, or temper the sauce?
    Great, simple, and easy recipe!! I omitted the cream and just used a little bit of butter mashed in flour to help thicken the sauce. Everyone loved it.
    The sauce was a little too sweet for our taste so I adjusted it the next time around, but just wonderful!
    A simple delicious dinner, if you have never had gnocchi, do yourself and your family a favor and try them with this dish! This is one of our favorite recipes, thanks, NIgella!
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