Kitchen Shortcuts

Timesaver Secrets
Timesaver Secrets

Make shortcut shepherd's pie, no-fuss soups and more meals that save time with store-bought ingredients.

Quick-Fix Desserts
Quick-Fix Desserts

Try frozen pie shells, instant pudding and more shortcuts.

Fast & Fun Ideas
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Surprising Recipes for the Microwave
Speedy Weeknight Solutions
Save Time with Dinner Shortcuts
Classics Made Quicker
Savvy Swaps for Pricey Ingredients
Luxury Ingredients for Less

Find flavor-packed substitutes for these expensive ingredients.

Shortcut Ingredients
In the Freezer Aisle

Save time on desserts, quick snacks and even savory pies.

Shortcut Breakfast Recipes
Easy Eggs

From frozen hash browns to hollandaise sauce mix, these breakfast recipes have a few tricks for faster cooking.