Lunchbox Ideas from Food Network Chefs

Food Network stars share pictures of their kids' school lunches.

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Photo By: Richard Majchrzak/Studio D

Photo By: Richard Majchrzak/Studio D

Photo By: Richard Majchrzak/Studio D

Photo By: Richard Majchrzak/Studio D

Photo By: Richard Majchrzak/Studio D

Photo By: Richard Majchrzak/Studio D

Gabriele Corcos (with Debi Mazar)

"Our oldest daughter, Evelina, earns an allowance and goes out every day for lunch. But Giulia loves her lunchbox. I make it every morning while she finishes breakfast." 


Pictured: mortadella, granola bar, individual cheese, apple slices and carrot sticks


Jeff Mauro

"We pack things that we know Lorenzo will eat — something wholesome, something healthy and something just a bit naughty."


Pictured: mortadella on Italian bread, applesauce, hand-cut carrot sticks, string cheese and dark chocolate

Marcela Valladolid

"Tamales are so easy to make if you purchase the masa. And they freeze perfectly, so you can pop a few in the steamer until hot, put 'em in the lunchbox, and they stay warm until lunch." 


Pictured: tamales with corn, cheese, zucchini and tomato saute; jicama and cucumber sticks with lime and chile-lime powder; fresh fruit; honeydew agua fresca; dried mango with chile powder

Geoffrey Zakarian

"I try to pack a mixed bag for my kids. They need things that are crunchy, salty and, especially, colorful."


Pictured: mini baked ham sandwiches with Muenster and mayonnaise, homemade taco chips, hummus, Kefir drink, yellow grape tomatoes

Melissa D'Arabian

"Valentine is sensitive to gluten, so I often make gluten-free lunches for all my kids. I love that this lunch is full of protein, some vitamins and a little treat!" 


Pictured: chicken meatball over quinoa, carrot, string cheese, gluten-free cinnamon-apple corn muffins

Jose Garces

"While everyone loves a good sandwich, it can get boring day after day. I like to switch it up and prepare hot meals like black beans and rice with roasted chicken."


Pictured: black beans and rice wih chicken, granola bar, dried unsweetened mango slices, banana chips, apple slices, banana

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