Fun Family Weekends

Kids' Party Crowd-Pleasers
Kids' Party Crowd-Pleasers

Make even the smallest food critics happy next time you're hosting a birthday party, sleepover or playdate. 

Outside-the-Box Pizza Night
Outside-the-Box Pizza Night

Make pizza the main event this weekend with easy homemade pies.

Weekend Breakfasts
Weekend Breakfasts

Savor weekend mornings with these family favorites.

Melissa D'Arabian's Tea Sandwiches

Melissa's Tea Sandwiches

Melissa puts on an easy and fun tea party with her four girls. Watch the Video

Family Fun in the Kitchen With FN Chefs
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Family-Friendly Recipes For Any Occasion
Cutest-Ever Animal Cupcakes

Entice animal lovers with a zoo full of cute and creative cupcakes, from candy-coated clownfish to sparkly sea turtles.

Cool Cooking Games and Puzzles

Check out these tasty edible games for kids from Food Network Magazine.  

Best Buys for Sleepovers
Safety Tips for Chefs-in-Training

Some of the world's best chefs got their start in Mom and Dad's kitchen.