Grilled Flank Steak with Gorgonzola Cream Sauce

Total Time:
35 min
10 min
5 min
20 min

3 to 4 servings

  • 1 1/2 pound flank steak
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Gorgonzola Cream Sauce, recipe follows
  • Gorgonzola Cream Sauce:
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 shallot, minced
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1/4 pound Gorgonzola
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Heat a grill pan to medium heat.

Season the steak liberally with salt and pepper. Cook for 6 minutes on each side for medium rare. *Cook's Note: If you prefer medium, cook for 8 to 10 minutes per side.

Remove from heat, cover with foil to make a tent. Rest for 5 minutes before slicing steak. Cut into 1/8-inch thick slices. Transfer to a platter and ladle on Gorgonzola Cream Sauce.

Gorgonzola Cream Sauce:

Heat a medium size saucepan over medium heat. Add butter to melt. Saute shallots until tender. Add the heavy cream and let reduce by half. Turn heat to low, add the Gorgonzola and stir until it melts. Season, to taste, with salt and pepper.

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    if you like cheesy the sauce is for you! the 4 oz made it too cheesy for me. And it turns out my boyfriend isnt a fan of sauce on steak however, I will use the leftover sauce to make this meal for friends or add to mashed potatoes. Also, I marinated the steak in garlic and olive oil as some other reviewer recommended and it was really really delicious. bon apetit!
    Yummo! I had all the ingredients in my fridge since I'm doing low-carb. The gorgonzola cream sauce was TDF!! Mashed up some cauliflower with garlic, sour cream and velveeta, yep velveeta cheese product and it was awesome too!
    My all-time favorite favorite...a WOW with guests! You can use the Gorganzola Cream Sauce with ANY steak. I always try to make extra sauce. If there is any left, put it in the fridge and it makes a beautiful creamy sandwich spread. Delicious!  
    I've never written a review for any recipe before. I've been using this one for years now and it is still one of my favorite go-to recipes for any occasion!
    I used a couple of t-bone steaks instead of the flank steak as that was what I had, but the gorgonzola sauce was FANTASTIC.  
    I was only serving two, so there was more sauce than I needed, so I spread some on french bread & put it under the broiler till it was golden brown. Poured the rest of the sauce on top of the green beans. I'll be merorizing this recipe.
    Another Neely-riffic recipe. I am heavy handed with spice when cooking and added finely minced garlic to salt and (a lot of pepper on the steak. The sauce was so very good.
    I used top sirloin fillets instead of sliced flank steak, but I don't think it really matters what kind of meat you use after tasting the sauce. It is so delicious! My husband raved over the sauce. He asked if there was leftover sauce so he could pour it all over his mashed potatoes, too. He's such a picky eater, so when he went nuts over this gorgonzola sauce, I was happy. Great idea and very quick and easy.
    Beyond delicious!! And super easy to make. This is definitely going in my favorites list.
    This sounds absolutely wonderful, but I do not like the cheese, can you substitute the Gorgonzola cheese with something else??  
    This is OUTSTANDING!! The only modification I made was to marinate the flank steak (Bobby Flay recipe) in olive oil and 6 large cloves of garlic (minced). Sauce is incredible! I didn't see any need to salt or pepper the sauce since the flavor was perfect. Added a minimal amount of salt and pepper to the steak. Will definitely make this several times this summer.
    I'm dying to try this recipe this weekend for hubby and I. Sure looked good while they were making it on their show today!!
    Loved the steak, especially with the gorgonzola cream sauce! Next time, I won't be too liberal on salting the steak. This recipe was super easy to make and super delicious to eat!
    I think all their meals are great and tasty.
    Easiest and best gorgonzola sauce I've made. Served it with filet mignon at a dinner party on New Year's eve and my guests raved about it!
    This was great! I did make some changes to the cheese sauce, it was a bit too strong for us, so I added brown sugar and had put paprika in to begin with and it ended up perfect! Served it with a mild garlic rice and asparagus w/ the bbq rub butter. We also marinade the meat and added a bit of cooked marinade into the cheese to bring it all together. It would be great if you have people over or even for a quick yet upscale meal for 2!
    Super easy. Super delicious. Our family and company loved it! 
    Will make again. Have already passed recipe on to my sister and friends.
    Loved this entree! It is easy & tasty.
    This is sooo good better than going to any steak house, WOW the sauce is excellent, my husband loved it so did I. Goes great with roasted garlic mashed potates!! YUM!
    DELICIOUS sauce!!! We made this with a strip steak and it was heavenly! We also topped some steamed broccoli with the extra sauce... I think anything topped with this sauce will be decadent and delicious! YUM!
    Skirt steak is my favorite cut of meat, did sub it for the flank steak. Added couple extra small steps too, but wow - what an incredibly easy and flavorful dish! Gorgonzola can be a bit overpowering, but I tend to love that about it...... As mentioned earlier, make sure and take the time to reduce the h.cream by 1/2 - makes a huge difference. I also added a bit more butter, few turns of coarse cracked black peppercorns, and chopped parsely in the sauce - turned out fantastic. Will be a regular in my rotation!
    I made this Cream Sauce for my husband a few months ago and he LOVED it. Now everytime we have this kind of steak, we ALWAYS have to make the sauce. It also goes good with sauteed mushrooms too on the steak. We can't get enough of it.
    I did not use the steak recipe, I used another one that was marinated. But the sauce was outstanding. It was perfect for the steak and also for the grilled asparagus I also served.
    Knew the steak would be the easy part but was concerned about how the sauce would turn out. Can you say AWESOME?! We grilled asparagus with this and what a great meal! We even had left over sauce so bought some ww Italian rolls and made sandwiches the next day...and it was still good. So happy we've tried this and even took pictures of the dish we were so impressed :-) I will surely be making this for the family again!
    I've used this on steak and chops and it's great. I've also used feta and blue cheese when the store was out of gorgonzola all were excellant with a little different flavor. This is a great dish for company and always get's wonderful reviews.
    We had this as part of our Valentine's Day dinner. It was *really* good. Do make sure to stop cooking the meat at 6 minutes if you like it medium rare, though. I forgot about carry-over cooking, and the steak wound up being more well done than we like. Oh well, we'll remember for next time.
     The sauce was really good, too. It tasted like it would have gone well with beer or could have used some beer in it to round out the flavor.
     We will be making these again. And, in the meantime, we have enough sauce left over, that I think we'll follow another reviewer's suggestion and try it with chicken.
    This was an incredibly easy and delicious dish. Made skirt steak instead of flank, and prepared it medium rare. The combination was flavorful and not overpowering. My wife, who is not a fan of gorgonzola, absolutely loved this dish, to her surprise. Another hit from the Neelys!
    This was so incredible and would be a great recipe to serve to guests since it is so fast and easy though I would recommend making the cream sauce a little early so the smell of it does not remain in the house. One of my all time favorite flank recipes. When I served it I just cut each person a 4 inch square of steak instead of slicing the whole thing up. The cream sauce is also yummy over asparagus.
    This sauce was so simple, I was surprised and pleased with the great flavor. Dont save this for just steak.I tried it on grilled chicken breast with wild rice-yum !
    This recipe was so incredibly simple and so tasty. I added "Pappy's" rub on the flank steak and it brought a phenomenal flavor to the meat. The cheese sauce was wonderful and actually worked well on a few other dishes. Bravo!!
    I added caramelized onions to this sauce, and used an immersion blender to blend them in. Reducing the cream made this a very thick, rich sauce.
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