Five Tips for Mastering Mac and Cheese

You tried to fight it, but your craving for a bowl of warm, gooey mac and cheese is just too strong. Why not give in? These tips will help you whip up an ultra-decadent version of this comfort food that will hit the spot just right — at least until the next craving strikes.

  • For a baked macaroni and cheese, cook pasta just shy of al dente; it'll continue to cook in the oven.
  • If making a béchamel sauce for the macaroni, add the milk slowly, whisking constantly, for the perfect consistency.
  • Before topping your dish, toast your breadcrumbs in butter (and garlic, if you like) for extra flavor and crunch.
  • Use a mixture of cheeses for maximum flavor.
  • When you butter your baking dish, add a layer of breadcrumbs to the pan for an extra non-stick coating.
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