Bobby's Pimento Cheese

Total Time:
10 min
10 min

3 cups

  • 1 (3-ounce) package cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1 cup grated sharp cheddar
  • 1 cup grated Monterey Jack
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/2 teaspoon House Seasoning, recipe follows
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons pimentos, smashed
  • 1 teaspoon grated onion
  • Cracked black pepper
  • House Seasoning:
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1/4 cup black pepper
  • 1/4 cup garlic powder

Using an electric mixer, beat cream cheese until smooth and fluffy. Add all of the remaining ingredients and beat until well blended. It can be used as a dip for crudite or as a sandwich filling.

House Seasoning:

Mix ingredients together and store in an airtight container for up to 6 months.

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    It is favorite pimiento cheese recipe!
    I thought this recipe was very easy and so delicious. 
    For those of you that are saying it is too salty for you. It might be the brand of cheese that you are using, the cheese and the jarred pimento do have salt in them. Maybe try rinsing the jarred pimentos in a mesh strainer and let drain well. I do think that the 1/2 teaspoon of the "house seasoning" does make a whole lot of difference in the recipe. But if 1/2 teaspoon seems like a lot, try using 1/4 teaspoon instead. Never the less, this recipe is keeper. Please try it, I know those of you who love pimento cheese will love this recipe...
    Really the tastiest Pimento Cheese recipe I have tried over 20 years. My family like it on celery sticks and pumpernickel bread! Glad to have found this recipe. =)
    Loved it. Reminds me of my grandmother's pimento cheese
    This is a go for thanksgiving and I am not a Pimento person Go Bobbie
    It was too salty.
    Just made this in my Ninja, made small changes to ingredients based on what I had in my kitchen. I used no onion powder, salt, and jalepeno. Had to use neufechal cheese instead of reg cream cheese and 2 cups of blended shredded cheese-which is a combo of jack, cheddar, queso and asadero (costco bag), tiny drop of thai garlic/chili paste and added a splash of lemon juice. Wonderful! Will send on sandwiches for my kids! My NC husband loved it!
    Outstanding! Served this to a true southern lady, and she said it was the best she'd ever tasted! Great appetizer, and just to have around when you get that craving - and you will!
    I make this often for my Grandchildren They love it, so do I. Thanks for sharing!
    This recipe is exactly what I have been looking for in a pimento cheese recipe. It is smooth, creamy, and just the right seasoning! I was out of cheddar so I used a grated mexican cheese blend and it was delicious. Thank you!!
    Perfect! The best recipe ever for pimento cheese! I make this at least once a month to have in the house. Once thing I've done to spice it up is add a little cayenne sometimes. But this recipe doesn't need any changes. It's absolutely amazing...
    Awesome pimento cheese recipe! Reminds me of the Pawley's Island gourmet pimento cheese in the store. Will try some low-fat modifications next time I make it and lighten up on the minced onion and garlic powder and maybe a little less mayo. Love it :-
    I'm a Southern woman and very picky about pimiento cheese. Most are too runny, or too bland, or just weird tasting with strange stuff like olive juice added in. I keep trying, but have never before found a recipe that equals my "perfect pimiento cheese" dreams -until now. I followed the recipe exactly using really good freshly grated cheddar and decent Monterey Jack along with the onion which I grated on the small grate side of my box grater. The onion was a juicy, mushey glob that mixed in perfectly. I didn't make up a recipe of the house seasoning, but sprinkled in a little salt, freshly ground good pepper and a sprinkle of Lawreys garlic powder. It is wonderful! Creamy, well seasoned comfort food. Now, where's the white bread?
    I made the recipe as is, and was very pleased. Since the beloved pimento cheese of my youth is sweeter with a little spice, I added a bit of sweetness and a couple shakes of cayenne. It's great either way. What I liked about this was the creaminess, it spreads so easily. It was great on wheat bread, but would kill on celery or other crunchy veg. This is my new go to recipe. Really enjoyable and a snap to make.
    This makes no sense. People that post and say it was excellent after they changed or added extra ingredients! I prepared just like you said to make it and it was excellent. I give it 5 stars. 
    Easy and simple to make. Made for Thanksgiving veggie tray and the family really loved it. Go to appetizer recipe from now on!I ommitted the onion and it was just fine.
    Excellent taste. I thought my eyes were fooling me with the call for 1- 3oz package of cream cheese. They don't come in 3oz packages, and it didn't seem nearly enough, so I changed the 3 to an 8 and it was perfect. I also used a heaping tablespoon of finely diced onion instead of the 1 tsp. The rest was the same. I can't imagine this being very spreadable without the extra cream cheese. 
    My electric hand mixer wasn't enough, so I switched over to the smaller yet more powerful handheld Cuisinart electric blender with the metal blades and was able to get the right color and texture in just a few pulses. Made a huge difference.
    Crowd pleaser! Super easy and delicious. I followed a previous reviewer's idea (Cover with chopped pecans. Great presentation. I roasted 1 green and 1 red bell peppers. Coarsely chopped and added them to cream cheese mix. It adds a smokiness to the recipe, balancing the cream cheese flavor. Roasting peppers and other veggies (i.e. onion, tomatoes is a common practice in Mexican recipes. This step is key in the depth of rich flavors. It's also simple. You can use a grill or on the stove (like I normally do. Wash peppers. Turn stove on. Place peppers directly on fire. Let roast until dark. The skin may begin to blacken. Turn until most/all parts of the pepper are roasted. Immediately store roasted peppers in a plastic bag. Seal. Allow to sweat for a couple of minute. This will make peeling of the roasted skin (must not forget this step easier. Peel as much roasted skin as possible. Deseed. Rinse. Chop/grind/blend, coarsely or finely. Your choice.
    I recently made this for a party and tweaked it into finger food. I did not add salt but did add fresh onion, garlic, fresh ground black pepper, a small amount of cayenne pepper and a dash of worchester sauce. Mixed well, refridgerated for several hours,formed into bite-size balls and rolled them in finely chopped pecans. Served with Ritz crackers and pita chips and it was an instant hit! People now beg for my pimento cheese.
    I've been trying to find a good recipe for Pimento Cheese for a LONG time!! I remember the one my Grandmother used to make. Nothing ever came close until now. This is the closest recipe I've ever found, and the BEST. The only thing I did differently was to add a little sugar, about 2 tsp. This is SO GOOD.
    Yum! Tasty and super-simple to make. I added a minced jalapeno and a few dashes of Tabasco sauce for a little extra kick.
    I watched Bobby make this yesterday on his show, and had to go right out and buy all the stuff for it today...including the white bread to make sandwiches with. On the show he said he uses medium cheddar, not the sharp, and I did too. I also used the lower fat cream cheese. I omitted the salt altogether, and it was cheese is usually plenty salty enough for me. I also used chipotle cheese slices, and diced it up, instead of the pepper jack that he said he uses. It gave it a little bite. I couldn't wait to eat it, and just made a sandwich on fresh white bread, and it is perfection !!! Great recipe Bobby, thank you !
    For me the secret was letting it sit in the fridge for a day or so before eating it. The first time I made it, I used finely minced red peppers (didn't have any pimentos - duh!...okay, but didn't have the pimento taste. The second time I made it, I made sure I had pimentos handy...but I didn't eat it for a day or two...It was SO good after it sat in the fridge and all the flavors jelled. I also was short on the salt based on some other comments...worked out fine...I'll definitely make it again.
    This recipe just didn't do it for me. Too salty.....
    Ok first let me say the only spread I have eaten is the one you buy in stores. OMGosh! this is a class all it's own. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy!Thanks Bobby and Paula.
    SO, so good - I couldn't stop eating it. I hate the pimento cheese from the store (the kind in the clear tub BUT this is delish!!!
    Disappointed. To much of a mayo taste (and I do like mayo Any of the commercial brands that I've tried are better than this.
    I really like the recipe...I did make a few changes I used the whole jar of pimentos and the next time I make I might add more cheese but other than that it's a good recipe...Oh yea and I used Pepper Jack as a sub for Monterey Cheese.
    I made this for a football party and it was a hit! After reading the reviews and tasting as I went, I made some minor adjustments: 1. Omit house seasoning BUT add a few dashes of garlic powder AND black pepper 2. omit any additional salt 3. Sub 1/2 cup of mayo for combo of 1/4 cup Miracle Whip (sweetness helps and 1/4 cup light mayo 4. Sub Pepper Jack cheese for Monterey (this helped add a little "kick" 5. Add a few dashes of Worcestershire 6. I doubled the amount of shredded cheeses, as it was too creamy without (four cup of cheese total.

    Delicious! I used Pepper Jack instead of Monterey Jack because I like the kick, and I used a 4oz. jar of diced pimentos to simplify things. This is now my go to recipe for Pimento Cheese! Thank you!
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