Caramel Apples

Total Time:
12 min
10 min
2 min

6 apples

  • 6 apples
  • Craft sticks
  • 1 (14 ounce) package individually wrapped caramels, unwrapped
  • 2 tablespoons milk

Remove the stem from each apple and press a craft stick into the top. Butter a baking sheet. Place caramels and milk in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 2 minutes, stirring once. Allow to cool briefly. Roll each apple quickly in caramel sauce until well coated. Place on prepared sheet to set. They can be rolled in chopped nuts for an added touch of flavor!

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    Very disappointing. This recipe is on the bag of caramels. I was looking for a GOOD recipe.
    Very good... the nuts were an fantasic addition. Me and my family enjoyed it... DELICIOUS!!! Whomever doesnt like it is missing out.
    apples were fab!! thanks paula
    I did not like the way she made her caramel sauce. It just wasn't homemade. But Paula also says a homecooked meal is the best. Why couldn't she have made it with brown sugar? Well just saying but I CANT EVEN FIND THE CARAMEL CANDIES!!!!!!!!!
    watched alton brown and if you dont boil the apples for a few minutes before you try to cover them with caramel then the wax that covers the apple will cause the caramel to slide right off. Not paula's fault. Good Job Paula
    Will this recipe work with apple slices instead of whole apples?
    Whomever was disapointed w/ this recipe because the caramel slid right off, didn't follow correct procedure. Youcannot put the caramel apples in the fridge. Make sure that you coat the apple and a little bit of stick, and it will stay good for 7 days at room temp. Any other questions, E-Mail me at Have a great day
    Very sad that this recipe did not work. Followed the instructions to a T. Cleaned my apples very well and made sure they dried completely before dipping them. Within minutes from taking them out of the fridge the caramel slid right off. This is the second recipe of Paula's that has not come out right. I will not use any more of her recipes from now on.
    I recommend taking the advice of the other users to prevent the caramel from falling off. I dunked my apples in boiling water and then went to town on them with a veggie brush. The caramel stuck on and I stuck them in the fridge for a few minutes. I then rolled them in melted milk chocolate and then sprinkled them with walnuts and sat that back in the freezer for a few minutes then back into the fridge.
    I have not cut into them yet to see how the caramel held up as these are a gift for a friend, but so far I have not had a problem. Oh and if you get the Kraft caramels, they come with sticks included in the bag, so thats a good bonus! There is also a recipe on the kraft caramel bag for the apples too, but theres uses water but milk seemed to make the caramel nice and creamy!
    This recipe is on any Kraft Caramel bag, but there are 3 things to remember for success even with this very simple recipe. #1 IF APPLES HAVE A SHINE OR WAXY COATING, IT MUST BE REMOVED. Just drop the apples into boiling water for about 3 seconds. Remove them, and using a veggie scrubber to scrub off the softened coating with dish soap and hot water. Rinse and dry well. #2 THE APPLES MUST BE ROOM TEMP OR CARAMEL WILL NOT STICK. #3 ALLOW THE MICROWAVED CARAMEL TO THICKEN A LITTLE AFTER IT'S MELTED. This will allow the caramel to stick to the apples. I then dip them in melted chocolate chips, and coarsely chopped almonds. FANTASTIC! P.S. If using BIG apples, double the recipe and use a DEEP bowl for the caramel.
    I decided to try the caramel apples recipe for my children. They were so excited they could hardly contain themselves! At first, everything seemed to be going well: the caramel coated the apples, we set them down, as instructed, and over the next 15 minutes, the caramel (and the little toppings the kids had so lovingly chosen) slid off the apples and onto the surface they were sitting on! Obviously there was a trick to this I wasn't aware of, because--silly me--I was only following the directions, thinking that a chef like Paula Deen would at least know how to make caramel apples!

    I was disappointed, and don't even get me started on how my kids felt. I won't be referencing Food Network in the future for recipes, because I won't be able to have confidence that these recipes are complete with all instructions needed to make them work.
    If you buy a bag of store bought carmels this is on the bag.
    I used slightly larger apples so I was only able to do 3 apples per recipe, but they were and ARE amazing. This recipe is simple and easy to follow! Had a lot of fun with the kids making the apples. :)
    I made these apples for my nieces' Birthday and they looked Great I rolled them in Halloween sprkles Everyone couldn't wait to try them.... but when we ate them the caramel was so hard we couldn't even bite in to it :( I would love to try this again please if anyone has any ideas that would be great!! thanks Diane
    Hey y'all- my grandma has diabetes, but loves caramel apples. This recipe is awesome, but full of the sweet stuff, which is bad for my grandma's condition. Any suggestions?
    they were awsome and i defenetly recomened it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I tried this recipe and it turned out amazing!! I went to my regular grocery store and bought Pink Lady apples. I picked up some Kraft caramels(in the candy aisle). I bought three kinds of chocolate chips and some pecan halves. I went straight home to try htis out and it literally took ten minutes from start to finish. The Kraft carmels I bought had craft sticks already in the package. I melted the caramel on the stove and the chocolate in the microwave. It tells you on the back of the caramel package how to dip the apples and after that I put my melted chocolate into plastic zip bags and cut a small hole in one corner. They turned out beautiful!! I am going to be making more and giving them as Christams gifts!
    This recipe is very good. I too was hoping for a homemade caramel recipe to go with this- but then we have an all day project ahead indeed.

    For those of you who are having issues with the caramel falling off the fruit, you have to remove the wax the apples are coated in before they are distributed. The easiest method I've found for this is to bring a deep enough pot of water to submerge an apple in to boil. Dip the apple in quickly (do not let it sit in the water), and then use a veggie scrubber to clean. The apple should not be shiny any longer, and you will have better luck at getting anything to adhere to them. Not all apples are wax coated, but it is sincerely best to assume they are.

    This will also help bring cold apples to room temp.
    I was real worried about messing this recipe up because i have never tried to make caramel apples before. I must say that it was so easy and they are so good. Thanks for the tip about letting the caramel sit. It was so helpful.
    This is my second attempt at making caramel apples and both have failed. I made them last Halloween for my children's Halloween Party (recipe on the caramel bag) and the caramel did not stick to the apples. I thought I would be smarter this year and look on line and get some tips so they would turn out this year. Was I wrong, I followed the tips on this recipe and my caramel apples turned out worse this year than last. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I used room temperature apples and waited until the caramel was VERY thick and all the caramel still oozed off the apples.

    Not sure what to try next!
    Was hoping this was a homemade recipe for the caramel and not the store bought cramels. Didn't make them because the caramel was not homemade. Love Paula's recipes, though.
    These are so very easy and delicious. Definitely use room temp apples and spray the wax paper. You will love these! My kids were thrilled!
    Oh these are soooo freakin good y'all. To get the caramel to stick, you have to let it sit for a few minutes after you nuke it in the microwave. It will start to get slightly thick - that's just the right time to use it. Otherwise it will slide right off like the young lady said. Also, use room temperature apples AND spray your wax paper with cooking spray. I did all of this and they turned out awesome!
    these r soo good
    use room temperature apples or the caramel will slide off
    I thought this was the best ever and i enjoyed watching her make it
    This holiday treat was very easy and quick, but tasted like they took so much more time. I also rolled some of the apples in festive sprinkles. This was a big hit with the kids!
    Made this for the family after going to the apple orchard. Came out perfect.
    These caramel apples are so good and gooey, the granbabies loved them,
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