Carolyn's Gelatin Cheesecake

Total Time:
3 hr 15 min
15 min
3 hr

12 servings

  • 1 (12-ounce) container low-fat (1 percent) cottage cheese
  • 2 (0.3-ounce) boxes sugar free strawberry gelatin, plus 1 box (recommended: Jell-O)
  • 2 ready-made light graham cracker crusts
  • 1 pint fresh strawberries, plus extra for garnish
  • 1 (8-ounce) container frozen light whipped topping, thawed

Put cottage cheese in a blender. Make 2 boxes of the gelatin, using 1 cup of hot and 1 cup of cold water. At once, before it jells, add to cottage cheese. Blend until smooth. Pour evenly into crusts and refrigerate until set. Cut up fruit and place on top of pie. Make remaining package of gelatin as per instructions on box. Pour it on top of fruit and put it in refrigerator until set. Put whipped topping on top. Garnish with more fruit.

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    very light! good!
    This is a great recipe especially for diabetics. It is light and refreshing! I will make this again. It's also a great looking desert. I arranged my strawberries in a lovely pattern. I followed the directions completely.
    I'm sure this is very good. I'll let you know as soon as I get back from the store to buy more cottage cheese, pie crust, and jello mix! I followed the directions on the box and now I got twice as much, watered down, filling! It's sitting in the refrigerator now and probably won't set up!  
    Good easy recipe to make. Not gourmet, just a good recipe to have for a go-to. I froze the crusts first like one reviewer said to help with the sogginess. They make oversize crists and I would recommend using those. The pie was so full it leaked jello on the floor and the fridge shelf when I carried it over. Good thing my wife was not home at the time. So, put it on a cookie sheet or something when you carry it, but the oversize crusts will help with this. Make sure you make the first batch of jello (the one that goes in the blenderexactly as the recipe states , and not the instructions on the box. Also 12 oz container of cottage cheese? All the stores I go to only sell 16 oz. So I don't know if this is a mistake or what, but I only used 12 oz. Maybe you could use 16 oz if you used oversize crusts.
    Fantastic recipe! The entire family loved it. The second time I made it, I used mixed berry jello and mixed berries. They liked that one even more.
    Suprem!!! Loved it. Also fisrt time recepie and I nailed it with my family super happy with it. Thanks. A big hug from my kitchen to yours! :
    my 12 yr old daughter saw this one on tv one day and asked me to get the ingredients when we were out shopping...she made it all by herself and when she served it to the family i was wowed, this looked like something u would have bought or ordered from a store or resturante...its a beautiful dessert, and the family loved it, it was gone in the same day! this dessert has been added to our family holiday menu for now on!
    It's a great healthy dessert. I made it for a bbq and everyone loved it. However, I thought it was good, but not great. Personally, Im not a big fan of gelatin so that's probably why I didn't like the taste as much. Also, the "cheesecake part," the bottom layer didn't really taste like cheesecake. You must eat all the layers together for each spoonful because that's what makes it taste really good. The crust is perfect for this dessert so don't omit it! I might substitute in cream cheese instead of cottage cheese next time.
    this is a healthy dessert and low in calories.
    I made this recipe for Memorial Day and it was fantastic! This dessert has a really smooth texture and is not heavy like a regular cheesecake. The cottage cheese, once blended with the jello, tastes not much different from regular cream cheese. One tip I would highly recommend is to freeze the crust before pouring in the cottage cheese/jello mixture and to allow the cottage cheese mixture to cool to room temperature before pouring it in the crust. Other than that, if you carefully follow this recipe, you can't go wrong.
    I read some reviews first then proceeded with a few substitutions. First, cottage cheese is out, as I can't stand the texture, taste or gloppy mess that it looks like, replaced with whole milk ricotta. Second, you have to prepare the jello parts exactly as the recipe states, NOT the package, or you will end up with a watery mess. I used sliced strawberries throughout both layers and added about 2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice to them. That seem to cut the artificial sweetner taste completely. Third, freezing the crusts is a must as well. And finally, bring the temperature of the jello down to about room temp or higher before blending in room temp. ricotta. The overall texture is smoother. It may take a little more time and patience, but the effort will be rewarded with a great results.
    I wish I read the reviews before I made this dessert! The first part with the cottage cheese went well, but when I added the jello over the strawberries...I made a mess. I've been making Jello for years and thought this would be a cinch...NOT! Paula I love you, & this will probably be yummy...but strawberry jello everywhere is a pain to clean up.
    Fabulous.. For those of you who end up with a soggy crust, try freezing the crusts, and partially set the jello/cheese mixture. It isn't going to matter what that layer looks like anyway, right? If you use ice water, it will set faster, and eliminate the problem of spillage. I do enjoy reading comments, but unfortunately the more experienced cooks are not sharing their little tips and tricks with the novice. One more comment then I will quit. I feel it is very unfair to rate and review if you have made mistakes with a recipe. That is not the fault of the Chef or the recipe, but your interpretation of it. 
    As for you Paula... Rock On !!
    I was actually pleasantly surprised with this. I followed the recipe exactly and found that although I generally am not a huge fan of the artificial sweetener flavor that you often get in Jello mixes, the cottage cheese mellows it out very nicely. For those who have had issues in the past comments with the crust getting soggy, make sure you do two things: first make sure you dissolve the gelatin mixes in the hot water completely before you add the cool water, this ensures a homogeneous mixture of the gelatin matrix which helps to keep the liquid together. Second, if you look at the recipe, you'll see Paula calls for two packets of mix and one cup each hot and cold water. If you follow the directions on the box, each packet calls for that amount, so you are doubling the amount of mix without increasing the water. Hope that helps everyone who's had issues in the past!
    it tastes like Yoplait the light diet one if my niece was older i would have give it to her but she's still 3 months......waste of money and nothing to do with cheesecake......i'm soooooooooooo disappointed with u Paula.....
    Easiest 'Cheesecake' I have ever made. I admit I was a little worried after reading some of the reviews about soggy crusts and other issues but I had no problems with this recipe and it turned out great. It's very simple and in my opinion difficult to screw up. Great for beginners.
    I haven't tried to make it yet, but it sounds very good; I can't wait to try it. Also, I want to respond to SweetStressCase: Gelatin should not be frozen because it denatures, which means that it loses its properties and it won't set, so next time, stick to just refrigerating it =)
    I was so excited to try this recipe, but what a disaster! I guess I should have used deep dish pie crusts because I couldn't even fit all of the Jell-O into the shells (yes, I am aware that I was supposed to use two and I am aware that the water was cut in half from the instructions on the box). And forget about trying to move it from the counter to the fridge. Such a mess. I was so worried that the crust would be soggy that I froze the first layer. Then when I got to the second layer I could just see the crust absorbing the watery Jell-O. I haven't tasted yet and I don't really want to serve it to my guests tomorrow. It just looks soggy and awful!
    Paula, This is one of the best and easy to make Cheesecake I have ever made. It low in sugar and fat. I made it and couldn't wait to try it. After trying it I loved it. I know I will be making this cheesecake again. Thanks for a great and easy cheesecake.
    I read a couple comments about the lack of sugar and taste so I modified the recipe a little. The only low-fat item I used was the cottage cheese, everything else was regular and it turned out awesome. Perfect summer treat and I will definitely be making this again. ;) Just because a recipe calls for low fat and sugar free doesn?t mean you have to use it.
    After reading several of the comments, I decided to use the freezer instead of the refrigerator when allowing the jello to set up. This did keep my crust from getting soggy and sped up the total time it took to make this dessert. I also used 2 packs of strawberry jello and 1 pack of raspberry jello. Very light and delicious.
    I was excited to make this recipe as I have began a lifestyle change to drop the lbs through eating healthy and exercising. I followed the directions exactly and was anxious to take my first bite once all was set. To my disappointment, it tasted just what the recipe called for, sugar-free mush. It didn't taste anything like a cheesecake, nor like cheese. All I tasted was gelatin, gross, disgusting sugar-free jello. What a waste of beautiful sweet strawberries! As we all know, jello has a mushy texture. Best part of the pie was the graham cracker crust but I could have just ate a cracker if I wanted that (Crust was soggy as well). Ended up throwing it out because I didn't want to take my taste buds on another horrible ride. Still have the after-taste lingering on my tongue. My nephew and niece flinched after a bite...first attempt at a low-fat dessert and boy was it a failure!
    You definitely have to try this cheesecake recipe. Very easy to make and tastes soooooo wonderful. It's hard to believe that it is low in sugar and calories. This is perfect for diabetics too. My entire family absolutely loved it and so did everyone else at a party I took it too. I had MULTIPLE people who asked me for this recipe and tried it and their families loved it as well. DEFINITELY A KEEPER!!!! Now, as for those who say that it isn't good, well....let me just say that those are the people doing something wrong and don't know how to follow instructions.
    eeeeew! Not a good recipe
    OMG!!! trust me I'm not exaggerating, this jello cheesecake is so delicious that it is going into my top ten recipe book! It's easy to make and my WHOLE family absolutely loved it. This one is definitely a keeper. For those that gave it a bad review, it just had to be because they didn't follow the instructions right, because there's just no way that this jello cheesecake could be disappointing in any way. The only thing I do recommend though is that when you are pouring in the jello for the second time after you've layered it with strawberries, do it with the pies already sitting in the fridge and then just pour it from there, otherwise you might spill a little when you try to do it from the counter and then walk it over to the fridge...but other than that, I know I'll definitely be making this recipe again.
    Paula, I have made many many of your recipes. I was widowed 4 years ago.
    My kids favorite past time with dad was cooking. I had to run our printing business. I have had to ban sweets from the house due to weight problems inherited from dad. I was so excited about a good dessert. However, the kids didn't even touch it.
    This is the first recipe that I am trying of Paula Deens. I stopped watching a few years ago, because the dishes were always soooo unhealthy. I happened to turn on the food network last weekend and watched her make this light desert. I made it over the weekend and it is delicious. I hope she comes with lighter dishes this year, so I can try them out. I still think she is a wonderful cook. :)
    Works great with other fruit and jello flavors. One question: Paula Dean recipe calling for sugar free jello and light style crusts? I thought it was a typo and did it the regular way. Put a smile on my face while making this great pie. Thanks to Paula and her friend for sharing this recipe.
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