Christmas Ham

Total Time:
50 min
10 min
40 min

8 servings

  • 1 butt end smoked ham, about 7 pounds
  • 1/2 cup Dijon mustard
  • 1/2 cup orange marmalade
  • 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 3 cans crescent rolls
  • Egg wash

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Place the ham in a roasting pan and lightly score it with a sharp knife all around. Stir the mustard, marmalade and black pepper together in a small mixing bowl with a spoon. Slather the mustard mixture all over the outside of the ham, rubbing it into the scored meat. Bake the ham for 20 minutes then remove it from the oven.

Using 2 cans of crescent rolls, unroll the crescent dough but don't separate them into pieces. Press the perforated pieces together to keep the dough in its rectangular shape. Drape them over the ham pressing the dough edges together to cover the ham completely with the dough. Tuck any loose edges underneath the bottom of the ham in the roasting pan. Brush with egg wash.

Lay the last piece can of dough out on a cutting board and cut our some holiday shapes with cookie cutters. Holly leaves are nice. Arrange the dough leaves in a pretty bunch on the dough draped ham. Brush these shapes with egg wash.

Return the ham to the oven and bake for another 20 minutes until the ham is heated through and the crescent dough is cooked and browned.

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    I have made this ham every year for one holiday or another for the last 3 years. EVERYONE loves it. The marmalade and dijon mixture are not very strong. Its amazing! Will be a staple EVERY holiday!!!!!
    I surprised my husband with this ham three years ago and now I'm not allowed to make anything else for CHristmas dinner. THis one just keeps hitting the target!!
    So good face. 
    I like it. 
    But I don't have chance to eat it.
    Wonderful and beautiful. A great recipe for entertaining a big crowd
    I caught a few minutes of one of Paula's ham glaze reciepts a few days ago.I would love to get it all,but have no idea where to find it. All I know is that she sprayed a measuring cup with cooking spray the poured honey and added a can of crushed pineapples juice and all.That's all I got.If someone can help me with the rest of it I would be ver thankful.
    Thanks and Merry Christmas,
    This recipe will definitely become a Christmas tradition for my family, as it is delicious and easy to prepare. I was reluctant at first to make this dish, because i thought it would be really complicated, but it turned out to be simpler than I expected. I used ready to cook ham, and cooked it the night before, so it was only a matter of wrapping the dough around the cooled ham and baking it right before dinner. I also decorated it with roasted almonds. It came out beautiful!!!
    When I brought this ham out of the kitchen to the dining room every one ooh and ahhed. It was the most beautiful ham i've ever cooked and it it was delicious. The only problem was that the directions should be to cook 20 minutes for every lb of ham. I will definetly use this recipe again.
    After seeing this recipe on Paula's Party I just had to try it for Christmas. Everyone was quite impressed not only with the festive look but also the flavor of this ham. I did make changes as I prefer to use a ready to cook ham rather than a fully cooked ham. My ham was 20 pounds and took 5 hours to cook so I adjusted the recipe by cooking the ham and adding the glaze the last half hour. Because I had casseroles to cook, I removed the ham, covered it with foil and a large towel to rest while the casseroles cooked. This gave me the time to put the dough on the ham and I used a holly leaf cookie cutter and also added maraschino cherries cut in half and placing them in between the holly leaves. It turn out absolutely beautiful and everyone loved the flavor of the glaze and pastry covering. Thank you Paula, I will definitely make this again!!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the flavor of the mustard and marmalade. The dough worked out well, cooling the ham slightly after the first twenty minutes. It didn't slouch or burn, we used foil for the darker spots as suggested. I accidentally overlapped some dough, and it was less cooked through in those spots and closer to the bottom.

    For sides I chose sweet potatoes with marshmallows and brown sugar, a batch of crescent rolls instead of the cut outs, and a scratch green bean caserole with garlic and cheddar.

    The meloy of flavor from all these dishes together made it a taste exciting Christmas meal.
    i saw this recipe on paula's party and me and my mom oooed and awwed over we just had to try it........well we got all the stuff for it and i came on the site to see how much of what went where and i read the reviews...not gonna lie after reading some of the comments i was hesitant to try it.........BUT...we made it and it was a sucesss.....the bread didn't slip and it cooked all the way through.....the only thing that we did different was that we cooked our ham a little longer before putting the bread on it...and we let it cool before putting the bread on..which is probably why the bread didn't slip..........then when we put the bread on we just watched it and when some spots browned up faster then others we put foil on it...........which i think helped with bread cooking thoroughly......which left us with a nice juicy ham!! was really good and i was happy with it....everyone enjoyed it :-)
    I made this for my family we had to throw it away
    i made my own pastry and used a can ham so the pastry would lay better on the ham and put swiss cheese on the top then cut a christmas tree design on top and it was a huge hit i told people it was my take on a ham and cheese sandwich lot of fun
    I didnt have problems with this, and if u rerad the time of cooking you know must be a cooked ham. Will make it again
    My family cooked this recipe this year for Christmas, and I loved it. I now have at once every 3 months. Thank you Paula Deen
    This recipe was excellent! My parents were so empressed and it was easy to do over conversation. For leftover ham, put the mustard, marmalade and fresh pepper in a pan heated it up, added diced ham and served over a rice pilaf, that was excellent as well and only took 15 minutes! Thanks Paula!!
    The only reason I am giving this a 4 star is because the recipe did not state a heat and eat ham. So, I spent 4 hours cooking the darn thing, but it turned out great, and even the skeptical friend of ours that came over enjoyed it very much. I like this recipe, but every year I'm trying something different.... thanks!
    I watched Paula's Christmas party several times just to make sure I was doing it right the day Christmas. It looked absolutely wonderful and easy. I am a little sad that the cresent rolls wanted to slip everywhere. I am not sure if there is a trick to making it stick or not. The picture on the website looks wonderful as well but mine was not so pretty. It was fun to try something new I am just not so sure about how to to keep those rolls from slipping off my ham.
    The glaze was delicious, however the pastry was raw where it laid against the ham. I read other reviews and baked it 15 minutes longer and 25 degrees hotter than the recipe called for but it was still underdone. From the outside it looked perfect but I ended up throwing away all the pastry. Fortunately, I'd baked some rolls so it was no biggie. I'll definitely do this ham and glaze again without the crescent rolls. Just bake your rolls on the side and glaze the ham with the marmalade and dijon, yumyumyum!
    Paula, you did it again! A wonderful recipe that even I can do, but I did have the same problem as M from MD... the rolls kept sliding off and were a bit undercooked inside. So, I wonder if dabbing off a bit of the glaze and pouring out the glaze from the bottom of the pan would work better? Then a few more minutes in the oven for the rolls? At any rate it was delicious and very impressive on the table! One other suggestion from my own DUH! moment... if you get a pre-sliced ham, make sure that you have it standing up properly before you apply the makes it much easier to serve! hehehehee!
    This was a great Ham!!! I don't even like Mustard, but this glaze was awesome! We made the mistake of buying a ham with a bone to give to the dog. There was nothing wrong with it, it just made it hard to cut without messing up the crossant. We found that even though we had to make time to cook the ham ahead of time, it was still so good. I'll deff be making this ham again.
    I love Paula Deen but I had a problem with the Christmas Ham. The cresent dough slide down the side of the ham...:( Although presentation was not there, the ham had a wonderful taste. Please tell me how to keep the dough on the ham. Thanks.
    I made this for our Christmas Eve dinner & my son said it was the best ham he had ever eat. It was yummy & easy.
    The mustard & marmalade glaze was awesome, but I had an issue with the crescent rolls. I followed the recipe to the letter, but when I took the ham out of the oven, the crescent dough was golden on the outside and still raw on the inside.
    But I will keep the recipe for the glaze. Thanks Paula!!!
    The Dijon mustard with the marmalade really added a nice subtle sweet flavor without the usual tons of brown sugar of honey hams. The crust turned out nice and golden (we did cut-out stars). Everyone loved it. I used a ready-to-cook ham and did check temperature but may could of took out 20 min sooner, then it would have been perfectly moist. I gave the recipe 4 stars only because wished there were optional instructions for a ready-to-cook vs. already cooked hams. I used a water/cola bath to cook my ham before starting this recipe. Other than that it was easy and presentation is beautiful.
    The glaze is AWESOME! I am not a huge fan of ham, especially pre-cooked hams. The glaze made the ham and the cresent rolls made it way different than I imagined. Thanks, Paula, for a twist on ordinary ham!
    My 11 year old daughter does not care to eat ham and has a fit every time I try to serve ham.Therefore it is usually served on holidays only but with this recipe I can make ham more often she loved it.Thankyou Paula Deen
    ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat and this recipe doesn't differentiate between which one to use. However, in reading the recipe it clearly is meant for a ready-to-eat ham that only requires warming (as there is no way to actually cook a 7 lb ham in 40 minutes.. except perhaps with a blow torch). I just wished this had dawned on me before tonight, Christmas Eve, right when I'm preparing to serve this dish! I guess we'll be having a meatless dinner.

    I am an experienced cook, but I guess with the stress of the holidays and rushing around to do everything, I overlooked the very important fact that I needed to purchase ready-to-eat ham to make this recipe. So, shame on me! However, Food Network needs to be much more careful and make sure the recipe notes that it is ONLY for an already cooked ham. This recipe, because it is so simple and quick, would certainly appeal to a novice cook or someone needing to get the job done fast. But, without good instruction, it's easy to overlook the details and some poor folks who don't know any better might end up with raw ham. Pretty gross.

    So, I sit in my kitchen tonight, thoroughly frustrated, as the internal temperature of my ham is only 61 degrees (and needs to get to about 150 to be done) and the crescent topping is getting that burnt biscuit smell. I look forward to scraping off the cinders when the ham is actually cooked. So much for the nice smells and foods of Christmas.

    This recipe, using a ready-to-eat ham may be absolutely lovely, but I am only giving it 1 star because the recipe has fallen short of being good in its instructions.

    Merry Meatless Christmas!
    This mad me look like a real cook. It taste great, looks great, and is an awsome center piece. Thanks Paula. You and your Pretty Blue's ROCK!!!!
    Great recipe and easy, impressive, and delicious.
    This recipe is a great way to change up your ham. It is so simple but yet so delicious!! Try it - you will not be dissapointed!
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