Crab Soup

Total Time:
35 min
10 min
25 min

8 servings

  • 3/4 cup chopped green onion, with tops
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic
  • 4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) butter
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 2 cups fish stock
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 pound crabmeat, picked free of shell
  • 1/4 cup sherry
  • 1/2 teaspoon lemon-pepper seasoning
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon white pepper
  • 1 cup freshly grated Parmesan
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh chives

Saute chopped green onion and garlic in butter until tender. Stir in flour, stirring until well blended. Slowly add 2 cups of the fish stock, continuing to cook until smooth and bubbly. Slowly add cream and milk. Stir in crabmeat. Add sherry, lemon-pepper seasoning, salt and white pepper. Simmer until piping hot; adjust seasoning (sherry, salt, and pepper), to taste. Serve in bowls topped with cheese and chives.

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    So good. I used crab stock that I made with my extra crablegs fom dinner earlier. I also put in some extra scallops, shrimp & cod that I needed to use up from the last couple nights of dinners that I lightly precooked with the lemon pepper. I also used a bit more flour because it needed to be made a bit more thick. I also had some bristol creme sherry that I had no idea what Id ever use it in & I think that was the secret. Oh & fresh garden onions. Can't wait to eat it tomorrow!
    Quick and easy recipe! Slightly thin, but an easy fix with additional flour.
    This recipe is excellent, quick and easy, except for the time it take to pick the crabmeat.
    very tasty, I like it
    I thought it was ok at best. I had to make some changes to it. I thought it was too thin. It was like milk with crab in it. So I made another rue with a half stick of butter and more flour. I also added another 3/4 cups of green onion. I also added more parm right to the soup while it cooked. It seemed better, but still needed something.
    I like this recipe. Those looking for a quick crab soup need look no further. However, if you have visited South Carolina and outlying areas and are seeking an authentic She Crab Soup, this misses the mark just a bit. All-in-all, a good recipe, though.
    This Crab Soup is AMAZING and SO EASY! I followed the recipe exactly. Paul Deen's recipes are the best! I always look to her when I want to make something that people will gush over.
    Made this for dinner tonight for the first time. My husband loves it as well as I. I used half & half in place of the heavy cream and milk to cut out some of he fat. And I sure corn starch in the place of flour as well. So now that I cut some of the fat I can have a 2nd bowl! Great Job Paula!!
    I made this for a weekend getaway. It was delicious and easy!

    I did however need to add more seasoning. I added Old Bay and my husband said it could have used more. (He's not really into lots of spice) So, taste as you go.

    I will absolutly make this again!
    I wanted to make crab soup and I've never tried it before. I came to this site and once again it didn't dissappoint. Paula always has the best recipes. This soup is delicious and great for a cold day. It was simple to make. I just had to thicken it a little more and since I didn't have fish stock I used chicken. I will make this soup again....the flavor is out of this world. Thanks Paula for another great recipe. The only problem is I'm not sure I made enough!!!
    I tried this soup last night, and not having any sherry on hand, I used white wine, and also substituted homemade chicken stock in place of fish stock. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!! There used to be a restaurant near my home where the chef made his 'secret' crab soup recipe and it closed and NO one could tell me where the chef went. His soup was PHENOMENAL, but THIS puts his to shame! It was SOOOOOOOO simple to make, throw it all in a pot and it's ready! I highly recommend this to EVERYONE, especially anyone who loves seafood. It is an INCREDIBLE soup! Forget what someone said about 'no flavor', I think their taste buds must have died or something. This was good enough for seconds for my family and I will make it again soon!
    I was not impressed with this crab soup. At first it lacked flavor, so my husband added more lemon-pepper seasoning... still didn't help. Something was definitely missing from this dish...and neither of us could put our finger on what was wrong with it. It wasn't bad, but I wouldn't make it again. I expected a lot more, so I was quite disappointed. To be fair, my parents (both 80 years of age) thoroughly enjoyed it. To each his own. :o)
    This was such an easy recipe to follow! It tasted like I spent a lot of time preparing it but it was quick and easy! I added small bites of potato in mine and it went really well with the crab. Thanks, Paula!
    This was a great soup - very filling. I only made two small changes. I used half and half rather than cream and only used a 1/2 pound of crab as that is what I had on hand. Even with just a 1/2 pound of crab, there was still a morsel of crab in each spoonful. We'll definitely make this one again.
    I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to anything in the kitchen but was able to make this with no problem and it tasted great. I suggest using the traditional fish stock recipe from this website. My only complaint is that it doesn't have enough flavor but this was solved by adding Old Bay and Cayenne pepper once it was in the bowls. The extra kick of Old Bay is just what it needs! I will definitely be making this again.
    This soup was awesome. The flavor was great and it was soooo easy. The only change I made was after it was finished and we had the leftovers. The crab seemed to absorb a lot of the liquid so I added more. Next time I think I will double the milk and cream. Thanks!!!!!
    We had about 9 ounces of crab left over from New Year's so we gave this a try. I wasn't trying to change the recipe but just used what we had on hand so it had clam juice, half and half, dried chives, and a half dozen oysters put in at the end. The result was a very tasty soup with rich flavor.
    My 4 year old and I made this on a chilly night and wowed my husband - we all loved it! Thanks for the great recipe.
    I make a lot of soups and chowders. This is a recipe I always get fantastic comments on. Its not to rich and filled with flavor. This is a must to try.
    Even though I had to use a good-quality
    canned lump meat crab, this recipe is
    utterly and sinfully mouthwatering
    delicious! Very easy to prepare, my
    family says it's one of the best soups
    I have ever made. Once again, Paula,
    thank you SO much. We just love you in
    Greensboro - y'all come visit!
    My husband remarked this is the best soup I've ever made (married 8 years now). I went to 3 stores and couldn't find fish stock, so I used clam juice instead and it was delicious! I also used king crab legs instead of lump crab meat. This recipe is quick, simple and very delicious. Your family and friends will be impressed.
    This is the first time I prepared this soup and it is fantastic! Save this delight for when you invite company over!
    They will love it.
    This soup is so incredibly easy to make and absolutely delicious! The crab is a bit expensive to buy, but if you make this, do it right and buy the lump crabmeat (not the claw meat). This was so good that I made it on a Saturday night, and then made another batch for my in-laws the next day because I knew they would just love it! Thank you Paula, now my mother-in-law actually thinks I can cook!
    I made this right after watching the show, and we were absolutely delighted! We couldn't believe how fast it came together. Plus, to lighten it up, we used all 2% milk for the cream and milk, and thickened it with some fat-free sour cream. It tasted like a million bucks.
    This recipe was very easy to make and without a fuss to prepare it. This is great for Fall or Winter to sit by the fire and have something warm and inviting. The melted cheese gives it such a good bite to it as well. And the chives give it color.
    Although this recipe was really good I'm confused by the instructions? The recipe called for FISH STOCK and I had a horrible time finding it...then I saw the repeat of the show today 8/5/07 and Paula indicated Chicken there a true difference because I would love to try this again....thanks dja
    I made this soup for 3 teenage boys and they loved it so much the adults didn't get any soup. I added shrimp and lobster instead of the crab as I live in Maine and lobster is so plentiful.
    this was so good it didnt last long at the table. i used clam juice instead of fish stock. turn out wonderful. thanks, paula
    This soup is just fabulous! It's not too rich and has just enough seasoning to and flavor to compliment the crab. I'll use this one a million time!
    I hope this is the same crab soup that I had at Lady and Son's in February 2007. It is the best ever. You have got to try it.
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