Easy Corned Beef and Cabbage

Total Time:
42 min
30 min
12 min

4 to 6 servings (If serving 6, use 2 cans corned beef)

  • 4 slices bacon
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 1 head green cabbage, coarsely chopped
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste
  • 1 can corned beef

Cook the bacon in large pot over medium heat until almost crisp. Remove the bacon from the pot and set aside. Melt the butter in the pot with the bacon grease. Add the cabbage, stirring well to coat the cabbage in fat. Add about 1/3 cup water, and salt and pepper, to taste. Cover pot with a lid, and cook over medium heat for about 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile, chop the bacon into small pieces.

Remove the lid from the pot, and scatter chunks of corned beef and chopped bacon over top of the cabbage. Cover and cook until desired doneness. I personally like a little bit of crunch left to the cabbage.

Tip: Cabbage is one of those vegetables that naturally contains water in its leaves. Begin by adding just a small amount of water. As cabbage cooks, if it needs more liquid, then add more water.

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    I haven't made this, but I remember with horror canned corned beef from my childhood. I have no respect for anyone who claims to be a good cook or professional chef and puts this on her web site, and I can't imagine what the people who recommended it are used to. Disgusting.  
    I know, don't rate without trying, but there is no way this is anything but overly salted garbage. Look elsewhere for corned beef, cabbage and black-eyed peas recipes; they are out there. And good.
    You're right if you haven't tried it you shouldn't have an opinion.
    This is what I grew up on. The only difference is my mom did not put bacon. Thanks Paula will make again.
    The key to this recipe is using corned beef canned in New Zealand or Australia, easily found in Asian or Hispanic food stores. The stuff in the regular supermarket is from Brazil and it's disgusting. Apparently Asian and Hispanic customers won't buy that crap.
    This was delicious - the whole family enjoyed it. It will be going on the monthly menu...
    While I do LOVE making me some corned beef and cabbage from scratch, I've made this recipe a few times over the past few year since I found it. My family and I love it! it's a great quick fix when you want corned beef and cabbage, without the hours of cook time it takes to make it from scratch.
    Very tastful. I only used one cabbage head and one can of corn beef. Everything else was the same as Paula's. Just be careful not to get your heat too high, it will stick. I served with cooked whole potatoes & carrots. Made me some Kentucky cornbread, and wow, it was good!! Thanks Paula
    This is the easiest and best tasting corned beef and cabbage EVER! Thanks Paula for sharing it with us. My family loves it! I don't make it just for St Patrick's Day but all winter long.
    we have been enjoying bacon and cabbage for years, even on the grill you wrap your cabbage wedges with a nice thick slice or two wrap that in foil and grill till tender, with that being said, I love this recipe because it's good, cheap and fast...now thats a great combination don't ya think? Thanks Paula!
    This really WAS easy! I made this for St. Paddy's Day. I was hesitant to use the canned corned beef but since Paula insisted in the video that it really is delicious, I went ahead and used it. It took only 15 minutes to make and was delicious.
     Deep down though, I really do think that making the actual corned beef would have tasted much better. Just taken hours longer. I think next time, I'm going to make my corned beef and cabbage without the canned corned beef! But this one is perfect if you are in a hurry!
    Excellent recipe - - and perfect for a weeknight. 
    thanks, Paula!
    I have made these recipe several times and we really enjoy it. I am suprised at some of the reviews complaining that it isn't made with beef brisket. This is a tasty quick recipe that reminds us of the traditional meal, but never pretended to be a substitute for it. It is delicious and we will use it many times more! Thanks for a simple tasty meal.
    Well Paula you did it again. This was a hit in my household minus the corned beef. I never had corned beef therefore, i was afraid to put it into the cabbage but the cabbage was delicious. The cabbage was quick and easy to prepare. This is definitely a keeper!!!
    I made the cabbage by itself and my family said it was the best cabbage they ever had. I made real corned beef in the crock pot and used the juice from that for the water needed in the cabbage mixture. Excellent recipe!
    I am not a big fan of corned beef, but my husband is Irish and likes to have this dish on St. Patty's Day, so thought I would try Paula's recipe. It was FANTASTIC!! I even added some shallots to the bacon when frying and everyone just loved it. A must keep recipe for the future!! Thanks Paula!
    I make this but I don't use the bacon or the butter. This recipe is great without that. I just use water seasoned with salt and boil the cabbage untill almost tender, then I add the corned beef and simmer about 5 minutes, add a touch of sugar if you like (splenda) just to cut a few calories if you must. Try this way if you don't want all the bacon grease and butter.
    If you're making corned beef today then use the leftovers for this dish. To cut the fat calories I buy eye round corned beef from BJ'S.
     This dish is similar to dishes my grandmother and mother made and I still make. Sometimes just vegetables cooked in bacon grease, sometimes with ham and occasionally canned corned beef--what ever was in the pantry/could afford.
     By the way cooking cabbage and bacon is Irish, unlike corned beef, & adding leftover meat (corned beef) makes sense. Irish ate lots of pork just like Southerners and for the same reason, beef was a rich man's meat. Canned corned beef is cheap and, while it may be artery clogging, it may be better for you(and cheaper), when cooked with cabbage, onions etc, than the fast food junk people stuff themselves with everyday.
    I absolutely adore Paula D.! I watch her show and enjoy her products as often as possible (quite faithfully, as able!) This is just an example of a dish that contains 1) corned beef 2) cabbage and 3) is easy. What else could you ask for? I recognize an original version of this classic isn't particularly difficult, but let's face it: how often does corned beef brisket go on sale? Generally, only a few times a year. In my opinion, I wouldn't spend the money on that coarse/tough of a meat if it wasn't on sale! This would be a simple fix and a tolerable substitute if the real deal wasn't available. Note: the episode is titled 'Busy Working Women's Quick Meal'. I don't feel this is in anyway grossly misrepresented! If you're worried about your arteries, forget the bacon and butter: perhaps consider turkey bacon and EVOO. Better yet, please try to realize that none of us share any body parts with Paula Deen and that, frankly, she can eat, cook, and do whatever the hell she pleases :)
    I hate the word CRAP but what a waste of money.. Go ahead and take the time to cook a real corned beef.. not any trouble and SO MUCH BETTER.
     This can had so many ingredients in it that I knew it was POISON. My daughter did it because she thought it was quick and easy. MISTAKE!
     How about doing a healthy cookbook for those of us on our death beds too.
     I love to cook and do eat small portions of so many things but being diabetic, high blood pressure, choleserol.. IT"S TIME PAULA for a healthy cookbook.
    This recipe is wonderful. You can even kick it up a notch by adding carmelized onions and either noodles or fingerling potatoes to turn it into something more gourmet. If you play around with seasonings you can turn it into anything from an oriental style meal to a spanish style meal. All you need is the imagination and some really good tastebuds! Nice work Paula on creating something that is not only quick & easy but also exceptionally easy to turn into something unexpectedly brilliant by adding other ingredients to the mix. Thanks for this one!! My family loves it no matter which way it's prepared!
    This is real cooking. My mother has been making this recipe for years. It's quick and good and easy for anyone to make. Did the negative reviewers actually try the recipe? If not, please try it before you comment. Comments on recipes which have not been tried (tested) and tasted are not helpful.
    I can't understand how YOU would even publish this under your name/brand whateveer. This is NOT corned beef and cabbage--but then what would a Southern gal know about cooking this? (Like expecting this Yankee to know how to deep fry chicken.)
     BTW, the comments about arteries and bypass should be well taken...including you, Paula.
    With the ease of purchasing whole corned beef brisket brined and ready to cook using canned corned beef is a true tell. Have some respect for yourself and your trade. Chefs in the US have been working diligently over many decades to earn respect in the culinary community worldwide. Canned meat does nothing for food.
     If you are going to make something make it right even if it is only grilled cheese.
    this is got to be the worst one word ARTERIES!!!!!!!
    Man, here is another great recipe from Paula. Fun, easy, and delicious! Comfort food.
    I ate this at the Lady and the Son's lunch buffet and wondered why it's so much better than this recipe and then I tasted the extra spice she adds. So now I add cloves and a bay leaf while cooking this dish and instead of canned corned beef, I prefer either deli corn beef or ham. It has become a thanksgiving favorite in our family :-)
    I was a kid wen i had this and i always remembered it and asked about it time and time again and it was excellent!!!!!!
    What's with canned corned beef put-downs? I grew up on it and am just fine. It's inexpensive and very very tasty if cooked right. Like any meat, it doesn't have to be unhealthy. Mix with veggies... Dont fry... You can also steam... While there undoubtedly are some canned corned beef that do not taste good, I have found two brands that are great... I think they're from Australia... Nice one Paula Deen! A quick and easy meal! You could do without the butter though...
    My husband and I are Paula fans from Clearwater FL who are currently living and working in Macau, China! We are grateful to you for using canned corned beef in this recipe as there is no such thing as deli corned beef here. This was a favorite recipe at home and works just as well here..
    I make this recipe as a cabbage side-dish, without the corned beef, and it's great. Just leave out the corned beef and it's delicious. I'm making it tonight with a pork roast and potatoes. Easy, and my kids love it!
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