English Peas

Total Time:
10 min
5 min
5 min

6 to 8 servings


Melt the butter in small pot and add the peas. Cook over medium heat until peas are warm.

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    I don't like peas and I highly doubt anything else tastes good with butter. Thanks, Obama.
    I bought some fresh English peas at the local market not knowing exactly how i would cook them. When i got home i Googled serving suggestions for the peas. I came across this wonderful recipe and figured i would give it a try. I figured out how to get the peas out of their pod by watching a video on YouTube... it wasn't that difficult and it got much easier as i developed my own technique for pea extraction. Unfortunately, the butter i buy is from a wholesale market, and it comes in 1 lb. rectangles (not cubed), so there are no helpful little marks to show you how much a 1/4 cup is... so i went from memory and cut out a chunk about what looked to be a half stick of butter. My thermometer doesn't say "warm" rating, so i just guessed and pulled the pan from stove after a few minutes.  
    I didn?t really like the result? it didn?t taste good. Then I remembered, I don?t like peas.
    Paula Deen now posting common sense BS masquerading as a recipe.... calling this a recipe is actually a little insulting. Not giving stars to this. Paula Deen can't take credit for the fact that peas and butter taste good.
    Substituted the peas for butter - my family LOVED it! Thx
    Well once I mastered the can opener it was a breeze! Next time I'll look for cans with a tab on them...would make this so much easier, that and brushing up on my knife skills would of helped out here..;
    Think I prefer this to sous vide.
    This recipe is awesome. I added a pound of bacon and left out the peas. Delicious!
    I would've given it 5 stars but the recipe was too complicated. Incredible show of technique though. Maybe you could do a video tutorial on this one because I was so lost.
    Fantastic I did have to substiture garlic powder because I was out of garlic...and still good and fast.
    Gracious me! What a wonderful Southern recipe for English Peas. I just LOVE all of Paula's recipes - I don't know what I would do without her. Just delicious!! 
    Too much butter!!! I use X-vrgn olv oil, salt/pepr and a pat of butter on FROZEN peas. Canned has preservatives and salt........with frozen YOU control the seasoning.:
    This is a very good dish,
    This is some good comfort food. I love canned peas and butter. This is good also using frozen peas, half the butter (because you've got to have butter and some mixed seasoning blend.
    Easy Directions to follow. Might add a little kosher salt at the end.
    Great recipe. I added a 1/8 teaspoon of ground black pepper. yummm! 
    Very good. This is the way my grandmother taught me to cook English peas. I have been cooking English peas this way for 50 years.
    Thanks Paula, for sharing all kinds of recipes, no matter how simple they may seem. My son is learning how to cook and this recipe is perfect for him to try.
    I subbed in carrots and this came out great. I take on every recipe as a personal challenge.
    Substituted non-fat milk for butter... The milk curdled :( my kids ate them after I told them it was peas and warmed cottage cheese : Thanks Paula!
    You are great Paula!!! Give em hell!! The pea recipe is great!
    Thanks Paula.. works for me... a cookless old batchelor who needs simple instructions to survive!
    Nothing like the English peas I grew up with in England. My Mum used boil peas until they were a uniform grey color, then throw out the nice pea-green water and serve us the grey bits. I never knew peas were green until I saw John Major eating them on Spitting Image. He was grey though. My Mum did use to server us butter in chunks though to make up for it.
    An absolute delight. However, if your kids revolt at the sight of vegetables, be sure to add a generous helping of HP brown sauce. They surely won't know they are eating something healthy! Sneaky! :
    Good, but this needed more salt.
    Trying a modern take, I purchased a microwavable bags of peas. After the 5 minutes of cooking, I opened it and added about 5 heaping teaspoons of butter, sealed and shook, then poured on the plate. Yum, yum! Please list similar recipes for us working families so our kids can get their healty veggies!
    I needed something light and refreshing for a barbecue on a really hot day last August so I modified it a little and made it into a tasty summer salad. Everyone loved it and was asking me for the recipe! Thanks Paula!
    I found this recipe also works if cooking outdoors.
    This delish English-style recipe brings to mind the Beatles hit, they MUST have had this classic English-style recipe in mind... 
    "Peas, peeeeeeas me, oh yeah, like I peas you."
    I made this recipe for my future mother-in-law to prove to her that I can cook. I decided to jazz it up a little and add pepper--it made for a very unique taste that I'm sure she found impressive. I bet one day she will ask me for the recipe so she can pass it around to all her friends when she's bragging about what an amazing cook her daughter-in-law is!
    I like butter! I like peas! The combination is breathtaking.
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