Foolproof Standing Rib Roast

Total Time:
1 hr 41 min
10 min
1 min
1 hr 30 min

6 to 8 servings

  • 1 (5-pound) standing rib roast
  • 1 tablespoon House Seasoning, recipe follows
  • House Seasoning:
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1/4 cup black pepper
  • 1/4 cup garlic powder

Allow roast to stand at room temperature for at least 1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 375 degree F. Rub roast with House Seasoning; place roast on a rack in the pan with the rib side down and the fatty side up. Roast for 1 hour. Turn off oven. Leave roast in oven but do not open oven door for 3 hours. About 30 to 40 minutes before serving time, turn oven to 375 degrees F and reheat the roast. Important: Do not remove roast or re-open the oven door from time roast is put in until ready to serve.

House Seasoning:

Mix ingredients together and store in an airtight container for up to 6 months.

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    As reported below, I made this today in an electric oven. A not very good electric oven, and still it came out absolutely, overwhelmingly delicious and right on the money with doneness. I don't want to say that I heard yummy sounds. It went beyond that. They were moaning. I'm just sayin'.
    Cooked my first rib roast today using this recipe. It was absolutely delicious. Just need to figure out how to carve it next time.
    I cooked a 7 pound roast and followed the directions to a T, and it was perfect! I did not adjust the seasoning ingredients even though I was making a bigger roast then called for. There were 8 of us, some who like it medium rare, others who like it medium well, 1 who likes it well done. To adjust for everyone, AFTER it did it's thing in the oven, I took it out to rest, then cut each person's piece. I brought the juices left in the roasting pan to a slow boil on the stove top, added a large container of beef broth and then cooked each slice of meat in the broth (for those who wanted it cooked above medium rare). For medium I cooked it in the broth for 2 minutes each side, medium-well was 3 minutes each side, and well done was 5 minutes each side. Do not have it at a full boil, just a small rolling boil. 
    My expertise: I can screw up a tuna fish sandwich! All of my guests STILL rant and rave about this rib, and I made it for Thanskgiving! Try this recipe, it's amazing
    I have to say I was a little hesitant to try this but it came just like hers in the video, it was the best and easiest rib roast I've ever done
    I used this method with a rib (boned) roast and it was superb. However, now I want to use a boneless rib (we call it rib fillet or scotch fillet in Australia). Is the cooking method and time the same for boneless fillet?  
    I want to make this on Tuesday (3 days away) so will be very very grateful for a reply. Thanks in advance.
    I was amazed that this actually worked made it for New Yrs day excellent
    Question: Do I follow these exact cooking instructions if I have an electric oven ?  
    Am Cooking an 8 lb. roast and am nervous leaving it for 3 hours!
    I made this today in an electric oven. It was superb, luscious, succulent, divine. My family said that it was the best they'd ever had - so go for it, redcardinal! (Ohio?)
    This was the most DELICIOUS ROAST I have ever had in my life! I made it for my 2 year wedding anniversary, and my husband loved it! Do everything she said word for word! I even asked to use my neighbors gas oven! GAS OVEN very important! And we didn't open that oven door no matter how tempting it was! Thank you Paula!
    TERRIBLE! Maybe a 20 yr old oven doesn't hold heat that long but we couldn't even get one outside slice that was edible. Still mooing.
    Thats wild, Did you follow the exact steps? ours turned out just like the video, and our oven is about 30 years old. Check to see if your oven is calibrated maybe it's off. Good Luck next time.
    So simple and delicious. The same cooking time works for a roast of 9 pounds too. The rub is a bit too salty for my taste though.
    I made this roast for NYE for the first time an it was AWESOME!! So easy and everyone that came in the house loved the smell and had nothing but complements on the taste. My brother said to be sure and tell Paula what a great roast that was. I am sold on this. I made one last year and the butcher was telling me what to do,I did follow his instructions can't even compare to this. That one last year had no flavor what so ever. This was so tender and yummy. Thanks for the AWESOME recipe.
    THE BOMB!!!! Fool proof indeed. I let it sit out to long. Still good. I added an herb butter. Better. I left it in the oven for almost 5 hours. Great. To reheat, I started it at 500 degrees. Perfection. I did not follow the instructions well, but the technique was perfect. Perfect medium rare! 
    And for those of you that think Paula meant for you to use A CUP of salt on this expensive piece of meat. Don't quit your day job.... 
    Perfect rib roast every time. Have followed this method for roasts ranging from 4lb to 8lb and has come out perfect every time.
    I made this with a boneless prime rib roast and it came out perfectly!! Will be making this again for New Years!!
    This was the best prime rib recipe. So easy and so delicious. We will be making it many times in the future. Wonderful. I cooked a 10 1/2 lb prime rib just the way it states it. Perfect!!!
    This was such an easy recipe and it was fool proof. To ease your mind, invest in a meat probe that displays the roast's temp outside the oven. I had a 5.15 lb. roast, I let it come to temp for 2 hours and it was 42 degrees. After putting it in the oven for the hour and turning off the oven, it rose to 125 degrees after 2 hours. At the 3rd hour, the temp decreased to 109. When I turned on the oven, the internal temp never rose back above 115. The roast was perfectly med rare all the way through, the future, I'd let it rest for only 2 hours, not 3. I gave it 5 stars because my hubby loved it, and he doesn't like red meat.
    I followed this recipe to the "T" except I used Montreal Steak seasoning and garlic powder over the whole roast. The whole house had this amazing smell and everyone made great comments walking in the door. We roasted red, yellow and orange peppers, baby portobellos, sliced onions and asparagus spears sprinkled with olive oil and Montreal steak seasoning. Also cooked orzo in chicken broth infused with white Chablis, rosemary, oregano and thyme. This will now be a traditional meal for the Christmas holidays. The crustiness on the roast was awesome but second to how great the roast tasted. It got rave reviews by everyone! It was the easiest way to make a memorable, delicious meal. 
    There wasn't enough bits in the pan to make au jus so I used beef broth, 1 beef bouillon, merlot, and dash of worchestire. DELISH! You will write a review I'm sure after eating this roast. This is my first written review but had to say what a great recipe! Thank you, Paula!
    I have a 5 pound boneless rib roast ready to cook and was wondering if I would use same temp and cook time as this recipe since mine is boneless? Any suggestions?
    Yes you would!
    OMG! OMG! O?M?G!!! 
    Made this for Christmas dinner 2013. Fab-u-lous!!! Followed the directions to a "T". Even used the house seasoning blend (but not the huge quantity listed). I made enough seasoning for my roast only. I let my roast sit overnight with the seasoning on it (for incredible flavor), in the fridge. I put it on the counter Christmas morning for about an hour before roasting. Once in the oven, I DID NOT OPEN THE OVEN (per the directions, and the overwhelming consensus of previous reviewers)! It turned out absolutely perfect. 
    I loved it! My family loved it! 
    I served it with "The Neely's" Chorizo & Collard Greens Dressing (also totally delicious), and "Sunny Anderson's" Parsnip Puree (mixed reviews here). 
    Will now make this this roast every year for Christmas, and at every other opportunity throughout the year. You must add this recipe to your repertoire! So easy! And absolutely delicious. It will not disappoint.
    Made this for Christmas dinner. I followed the recipe exactly and it was just perfect! My rib roast was almost 8 lbs. Everyone loved it.
    Excellent. As others recommend, trust the timing, and don't let you thermometer misguide you.timing was exactly perfect for my 7.8 pound roast. I did find that the rub was twice as much as needed.
    I used a tiny rib roast (3lbs) and was worried it would be overdone. I cooked it for less time but left it in the oven for the full 3 hours. I was pleasantly surprised when I sliced into that bad boy and the meat was pink and tender! Perfect medium/rare. Yum!!! I used less salt and more pepper and garlic powder for flavor. The salt adds a nice crunch to the outside, but I think used less since my roast was tiny. This recipe is crazy easy and truly delicious! It made for a very happy holiday feast.
    Just used this technique on a 19lb standing rib roast for a holiday dinner. It worked perfect. I wanted less work on meeting the various taste preferences of 16 guests, so I brought the temperature up to 145 during the 2nd "heating" (which took 1h30min in my electric oven). The meat rested a good 1/2h while I finished off the side dishes. The slices all the way through were a beautiful, succulent,medium that pleased the crowd. I must admit I was nervous about that 3hr. "off" oven section of the recipe, but HOPED that all these hundreds of 5* reviews couldn't be wrong! I was a 5* chef this holiday! 
    Not only was it ridiculously easy, it was also ridiculously delicious. Perfectly medium to medium-rare throughout using a 6.6 lb. roast. I did not season it using Paula's recipe, instead, I made my own with (much less) salt, pepper garlic and fresh chopped rosemary.
    Excellent! I agree that it was a little salty but my family loved it. I'm not a big salt person. It cooked perfectly though.
    Only complaint would be that it was too salty!! Use regular salt as stated but I guess I should have used kosher salt!!! Other than that the roast was really good and fortunately the salty taste was only on the crusty part. Anyone else have this problem?
    Yes. We just ate our rib roast and it was ridiculously salty. I re-watched her video and I know I didn't season mine as much as hers, and it was still way too salty. I used sea salt.
    I had a 7 pound rib roast. I baked it for the initial hour at 375. Let it rest in the oven 2 hours. Cooked it for 30 minutes. Rest for 30 minutes. Then finished it off with baking another hour at 375. Mine turned out perfect. Medium to medium rare. Wonderful for our Christmas dinner! First one I have ever made!
    I have a 4 lb roast, any cooking time differences? I just put it in!
    Same cooking time. I've done it with 4,5, 6 pound roasts and they all owrked out great with the same timing.
    I liked a few of my husband's posts - he is an expert at this recipe having made it for four to thirty people.
    Do you start the reheat after the 3 hours? Or start the reheat before the 3 hrs is up to end at 3 hrs?
    Start the roast back after it's sat for at least three hours and one hour before you want to eat to allow for resting, carving and other last minute chaos. :-) 
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