Hot Buffalo Wings

Total Time:
22 min
10 min
2 min
10 min

4 to 6 servings

  • Creamy Roquefort dip:
  • 1/2 cup Roquefort cheese, crumbled
  • 1 (3-ounce) package cream cheese, softened
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon wine vinegar
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 12 chicken wings, disjointed
  • Oil, for frying
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter
  • 1 cup hot red pepper sauce

In a medium size bowl, cream the Roquefort and cream cheese until smooth. Mix in the remaining ingredients and blend well. Chill for 2 hours.

Using a fryer or a large pot, heat oil to 350 degrees F. Deep fry the wings until golden and crispy, approximately 10 minutes.

In a separate bowl, melt the butter, add the hot sauce and heat thoroughly. Immediately toss hot wings into sauce. Place wings on a platter and serve with creamy Roquefort dip.

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    I made two changes.....I ran the wings thru a little seasoned flour just to give it a little more crisp and I made twice the sauce recipe and let it cook down until it was really thick. As with most of Paula's recipes it was a hit. It was quick and easy and something I can do fast when I need it.
    One of the easiest and tastiest wing recipes ever. Much better than breaded wings.
    This recipe is perfect for a spice-wimp like me. 
    Not too hot, not too intense...just lots of flavor and a nice tingle on your lips. 
    I used Frank's RedHot Original. 
    Never made these before, always thought they'd be really hard to do, BUT NO ~ they're super easy! 
    My roommate even melted the butter and sauce in the microwave. 
    We prefer to keep things simple and decided to just have some blue cheese dressing out of a bottle, instead of making the fancy dip.  
    But these buffalo wings were absolutely delicious, just like in a restaurant! 
    I do like mine a bit crispier so next time we'll fry them for a bit longer, I think. 
    Thanks, Paula!
    This is the true first buffalo wings. yum. Franks family was at my wedding
    AMAZING wings!! Both my husband and I could not get enough of them!
    The Dip WAS GREAT!!!!!
    awsome and good go on paula make more
    Very taste with a nice bite and it only takes about 15-20 min . Although, i didn't make the blue cheese the way Mrs. Paula suggested i still in joyed the wings. Thanks Mrs.Paula this was great. Delicious!!!!!!
    BEST Buffalo Wings ever. Loved them. Very easy to do.
    I have been toying around trying to find a good blue cheese recipe and buffalo wings. This was a huge hit! Very good and easy to make. It's a keeper in my book!
    This recipe was fantastic - both the wings and the dressing!! We used our indoor turkey frier and it was quick, easy and wonderful. This will be our signature item when people come for games!!
    I made this with boneless chicken breast, and the wing sauce was amazing! Just make sure not to fry the chicken too long if using boneless/skinless...Otherwise, it gets a little tough.
    I didn't actually taste it myself, but my boyfriend's a huge buffalo wing person and he said these were better than any he's ever bought out before! Frank's hot sauce was a huge success so definitely use that instead of just regular hot sauce. As for the dipping sauce, I used regular blue cheese instead of the incredibly expensive imported from France Roquefort kind and it still turned out great so I don't think it'll make a huge difference if you don't wanna spend $10 on a piece of cheese =)
    I have never tried to make Buffalo Wings befor, this recipe is so easy and good that the wings didn't make it to the platter.
     They were to be my lunch at work.
    I am from western NY and my Mom always made her wings this way. We always had them with blue cheese dressing and celery on the side. Don't make any changes!
    For a nice kick, I use Gourmet Garden's squeeze tube Chili Pepper, available in the fresh produce department for about $3.99/4 oz. tube. It's a geat mixture of cayenne and habanero that works perfectly with buffalo wings, without the prep', fuss or waste. I found it at my local Safeway (they also have garlic, basil, cilantro and other flavors) but their website has a store locator at
    I have always made my wings like this... the traditional Buffalo way, with NO breading. I fry em for 12, not 10 minutes, though.
     Anyway, people might want to try adding a splash of vinegar to the butter/hot sauce mixture... it really gives it a great tang.
      What i really wanted to comment on was the blue cheese dip. Paula's is a bit different than mine, but I absolutely LOVE hers after trying it, and will continue to make it that way.
     Now, an answer for the people who say silly things in their reviews ...
     "Paula should dye her hair"... why? if i had such beautiful thick silver hair I would never touch it with dye!...and what has that got to do with the recipe, anyway?
     "I guess Chicago style wings are different"... duh, yeah.. that is why these are BUFFALO wings! and Chicago pizza is different from NY pizza, too.. :)
     "there was no recipe for the chicken, just the cheese sauce"... did you scroll past the blue cheese dip recipe to read the directions? or how about go to the tab that says "video" and WATCH it being done.
     Of course, the person who gave it 5 stars without trying it is another story....
    I tend to have problems doing simple tasks in the kitchen like make an egg or toast bread. But I did manage to make these wings and they were great! I recommend this for everybody from the pro to the cooking impaired like myself.
    These were perfect and I will use this recipe often because I love a good chicken wing!!!
    The first time I made these was for a Super Bowl party at my house. Everyone was eating them faster than I could make them. I now make them on a regular basis for my husband, two teenage boys and their friends. Everyone says these are some of the best wings they have ever had. The only thing I had to change was everyone said they needed to cook longer so I now cook them about 20 minutes.
    Hi,I was surfing recipes and came up with this one for hot wings. I have not made it yet but I have it saved to my recipe box. Why are you One Star Review people giving this recipe a bad rap?
     Who would give them to their dog? Chicago wing's person was disapointed because you expected it to taste like yours? When you try someone elses recipe keep in mind that it may be different. Knowing Paula's from the south- of course it's going to not be like chicago style.
     Be Kind to PAULA!
     Keep Cooking Paula -we love you!
    it was very easy!!
    These were excellent. Chicken comes out crispy, and the cheese sauce is easy and perfect especially if you like blue cheeses. I use Chipotle peppers in Adobe sauce (blended) for the hot sauce. They are quite hot but we like them that way. They were a great hit with all the guests.
    i had a HUGE pack of wings that i didn't know what to do w/...this recipe saved the night. it was quick to fry everything up, && the taste was just insane. i'll definitely use this recipe again. && btw, they were just as good, if not better than, the wings u'd order out @ a restaurant. i can tell u, i'll rarely buy them out again.
    I love Paula Dean's Homecooking show, but this chicken wings recipe is missing the main part of the recipe -- how to make the wings!!! It just lists the cheese dressing.
    Did you actually read the recipe? The instructions are right on there? 
    "Using a fryer or a large pot, heat oil to 350 degrees F. Deep fry the wings until golden and crispy, approximately 10 minutes. 
    In a separate bowl, melt the butter, add the hot sauce and heat thoroughly. Immediately toss hot wings into sauce. Place wings on a platter and serve with creamy Roquefort dip." 
    Read more at:
    I have to say these may be the best wings I have ever made/had. Everyone raved about them. Making them again today for Super Bowl Sunday.
    I have made this receipe so many times for my husband. After making this a few times my husband and I put our own twist on it. We marignate chicken legs and wings in the hot sauce and then put them in self rising flour with our own set of spice mix and it is the best.
     Thank you Paula for giving me a foundation for the best Fried chicken I have ever made. My dad hates chicken but when I made both receipes for him he loves it now.
    i saw this episode about 2 years ago and the hot wings looked so simple and absolutely delicious. fortunately for me i had a party to go to so what better time to try out the recipe. OMG those wings were a hit!! everyone loved them and i got compliments all night. lol..those wings totally rock my socks!! im making them tonight so i came back for the recipe!...i recommend this recipe to anyone who enjoys super duper delicious food!!!
    i havent tried it
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