Lime Sherbet Punch

Total Time:
5 min
5 min

18 to 20 servings

  • 2 quarts lime sherbet
  • 2 liters ginger ale
  • 1 (46-ounce) can pineapple juice
  • Lemon slices
  • Lime slices
  • Maraschino cherries

In a punch bowl, add 2 quarts of lime sherbet. Then add ginger ale and pineapple juice. Decorate with lemon and lime slices and some maraschino cherries.

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    This was excellent at a reception/memorial service. The guests kept going back for more. It will be used more frequently at my next functions. Thanks!
    Made this for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary party using raspberry sherbet. Everyone loved it!
    Highly Recommend! Mint sherbet was not available. I substituted rainbow with some green food coloring. It was a huge hit. I also substituted frozen strawberries for the marichino cherries. It will be a go to punch for the future.
    This punch is pretty much a standard at all my holiday parties. Whether its a more health conscious crowd or not, my punch bowl is always empty at the end of the party.
    I made this for my grandsons high school graduation open house, everyone loved it! 
    They couldn't get enough, thank you for a great yet simple recipe.
    Not only did the kids LOVE it but the adults enjoyed it the most. Thanks Paula!
    I made this punch this past weekend for my "Game Night" celebration! Everyone loved it, including the adults and children. I will make this again!
    This is my family's go to punch. I want to try an adult version, but I don't know whether to go with vodka or champagne. Also, I don't know the quantities. Any help?
    Made it for the kids on Christmas, and it was a BIG hit! Possibly a bit too sweet for grown-ups (maybe replace ginger ale with club soda...or something stiffer, but kids love it, and it's so festive. I would let the sherbet melt first before adding because it looked very "gloppy" for a long time. I also did an ice ring with just water and maraschino cherries...yum. PS- I also did this once on Halloween with a bit of dry ice to make "witches brew"...
    This punch is always a hit anywhere you serve it, weddings, showers, parties. It is same punch that my mother used for years. Ingredients can be found in almost any grocery store and mixes quickly and easily.
    Thank you Paula Deen and food network. So so good. My spouse was a bit sceptical, but he is so happy I persisted. Yum. We may try it with vodka or champange added, on Christmas. I could not find plain lime sherbert, so made it with Dreyers tropical sherbert mix of lime, pineapple, orange(? and Rasberry. And I did not have a punch bowl, so figured out that my cake stand is also a punch bowl with a bit of on line searching, the top handle fits into the bottom when you turn it upside down. Had it for over twenty years and did not know that.
    YUM! A holiday favorite that everyone looks for year after year. I learned to buy the lime sherbert in advance since the stores sell out around the holidays.
    Delicious!! Easy too.
    This Punch was AWESOME. I made it for my housewarming party and everyone LOVED IT. I used Peach Sherbet instead of the Lime and it was delicious. You can't go wrong with this.
    This recipe was simple and delicious!! Everyone had to ask about it and loved it!! Thank you!!
    has anyone used 1/2 whitegrape juice and 1/2 gingerale? Have not tried this recipe as given above yet but based on all these reviews, I will use it at upcoming event that I was charged with providing a green punch!
    Great Punch, ice cream melted fast but kids and crowd loved it!
    thank u so much. i first tried this punch in the 5th grade at a halloween party, my mom put it in a coldran with dry ice it was a hit. we also served it at my wedding, it's my sisters 1st birthday and when i was told i was in charge of drinks i knew exactly what 2 make and where 2 find the recipe u guys rock!
    This is the best punch ever. We always had this for Christmas when I was a child.
    I made this for this past New Year's party for all the non-alcoholic drinkers and it was so good. If one wanted, they could easily add champagne or I'm thinking vodka to it.
     I will be making this again during the weekend for a BBQ I'm hosting for the neighbors. I might try out another sherbet flavor this time...or just do it lime again. =)
    OKay, wow, I will actually use this space for what it is intended...REVIEW THE RECIPE. This punch is great, grew up on recipe identical to this.....we can expect it every Thanksgiving.
     You can do ORANGE SHERBET instead of the lime if you wish
     (subsitute orange slices instead of the lime/lemon) very good...even putting half sherbet and half Vanilla Ice cream gives a very smooth sweet taste...kinda like a dreamciscle.
     AND ladies, c'mon. ..we don't need to use this space to blog or bicker...
     The only people Ball-sy enough to call out Paula Dean on her cooking methods are those with some sick fear of "REALLY" cooking....and we ALL know EVERYONE licks the spoon.....and if they don't, maybe they should stop with the long pause during their first bite of the finished meal and ask themsleves......WHY DOESNT THIS TASTE RIGHT??
     Their IS a reason SOUTHERN food is SOUL food.
    I support Paula Deen and her methods of mixing. She is great and so full of energy! My family is Southern and we have used our hands to mix recipes for as long as I can remember. Not because we can't afford utensils or electrical mixers, but because it allows us to feel where pockets of unmixed food might be and because it is more thorough. There is nothing GROSS or CLASSLESS about mixing with your hands because we southerners wash our hands before cooking!
     And about licking the spoon...why wouldn't you want to taste the food before it is served.
    I never made a punch this way and it was quite good i added a little more pineapple juice and i couldn't find lime sherbet so i used lemon instead and it came out good thanks paula!
    I am thinking of adding white wine to the recipe. Any suggestions? It is for my sprinkle and I want a light punch for the ladies to enjoy with a hint of alcohol and less costly than my usual red sangria which is too strong for an afternoon sprinkle anyway.
     Add wine, or champagne, or replace an ingredient with the alcohol of choice??
    Are you ladies replacing the ginger ale with champagne, or adding the champagne in addition to the ginger ale? Thanks!
    I have made similar punches like this before - lemon sherbert is wonderful -- but when I added the champayne - sheer heaven!! Love this stuff.
     As to the fuss budgets who have to criticize - please. Paula is wonderful and mixing with hands is what GOOD cooks do.
    i guess alot of u arent from the south all of us use out hand to cook with u can mix better with ur hands then ur spoon if u dont like paula deen then dont watch her i love her get a life instead of coming on here gripping cause u cant sook like a southner!!!!!!!!
    To "LICKS THE SPOON"--it is so frustrating for people like you to use this forum to criticize the celebrity cooks/chefs on a personal level. This is supposed to be where you rate the recipes, you idiot!!!! Paula is one of the most popular celebrity cooks on this network and my personal FAVORITE!! She is on TV and YOU are not. If you don't like her (and you probably don't like many people) then DON'T WATCH HER!! And, certainly don't take your frustrations out in this forum.
     I made this recipe and it is amazing as is all of her recipes. Keep keeping on Paula--we love you!!!!!!!
    I added 2 bottles of champagne and everyone loved it!!!!!!!!!
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