Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Total Time:
1 hr
15 min
45 min

8 servings

  • 2 heads garlic
  • 6 pounds Idaho potatoes, peeled and quartered
  • Salt
  • 2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 (12-ounce) carton sour cream
  • 1 (8-ounce) block sharp white Cheddar, grated
  • 1 1/2 pounds cooked bacon, julienned

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Cut tops off 2 garlic heads. Wrap in foil and roast for 30 minutes. When cool enough to handle remove the flesh from the garlic heads and set aside.

In a large stockpot, cook potatoes in enough salted water to cover for 10 to 15 minutes or until tender.

Drain and return to stockpot. Beat with an electric mixer until smooth; adding salt, to taste, pepper, butter, garlic and sour cream. With a spatula stir in cheese and bacon. Add more salt and pepper, if necessary. Serve immediately.

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    Big hit for my family at Christmas. Used a lot less bacon than it calls for but it was plenty. Also used fat free sour cream and reduced fat cheddar and it was EXCELLENT!
    I subbed half the sour cream for cream cheese and I added jalapeños (sauteed in a bit of oil, peeled, then diced them). They were awesome! Oh, I also didn't use an electric mixer - I just smashed and mixed them with a fork. They were a bit chunky but still so yummy.
    I have made these mashed potatoes every Thanksgiving for the past 3 years and they are a HUGE hit! Last year I actually used cream cheese instead of the sour cream and it was amazing. Very easy and a must try!
    So delicious! I did add a little milk because they were really thick but the flavor is amazing!!
    The flavor is great - but the reason I gave it only four stars is because it is simply too thick . Next time I will add milk to the potatoes and butter when mashing them and then adding the remainder. Our guests had trouble getting the potatoes off the serving spoon!
    Great mashed potoates
    it was awesome
    I made this for Christmas Eve dinner and it was delicious. My husband said, "These are the best mashed potatos I've EVER had!" I was worried about how the cheese would taste but no worries now! The cheese was not too much and the bacon was perfect. I would make these again and again. Thanks PAULA!!!
    OMGosh!!!! This recipe is a piece of Heaven!!!! I saw this recipe, last Saturday, and made it that night. When the show was repeated on Monday or Tuesday, I barely had some leftover to eat while watching the show, it was fun tasting LMP while seeing it being prepared on TV!! It reminded me of the Loaded Baked Potato Soup I used to get @ Bennigan's. I don't have to miss the soup anymore, when I can make this dish!! WOW!! says it all!! Paula's recipes make me a better cook every time I try them. Thanks, Food Network & Paula Deen!!lol (That's what it tasted like!!
    A wonderful dish for Thanksgiving or any other night.
    This was great! I cut the recipe in half, because I only cooked for two, and my boyfriend and I both enjoyed it.  
    Always a favorite in my house! This dish is so delicious, my family keeps requesting me to make it, especially for the holidays!
    A great recipe. This side dish is quite popular with my family and we make it often.
    Pretty good, but not five star spectacular.
    I made this recipe for my family... THEY LOVED IT! One thing I was worried about was not having enough ingredients; I was low on sour cream and bacon. Though as I ws making it I "eyeballed" the amount of ingredients I needed for the rest. I used a little less pepper (not a big pepper person)and salt and used the same amount of butter and cheese.

    When the potatoes reached the tabel my baby bro resisted (5yrs old). Though one spoonful sent him diving into the pot! It was the same with the rest of the fam! Thanks for such a great recipe!
    Came out real good, the kids loved them
    I made so many things for thanksgiving, and this was by far my family's favorite. It makes enough for at the very least 8-10 people. We had four big eaters (maybe two cups of potatoes each on thanksgiving...seriously, we couldn't stop eating them) and still had potatoes for the next few days.
    These potatoes were super delicious! I know some users said they were too salty, but I added salt to the boiling water and as I mashed and whipped them, I salted to taste. I thought they were going to be a little on the bland side.... until I added the cheese! Sooo good. My guests wanted seconds. I didn't add any bacon to them (one of my guests was off pork for some reason... go figure), but they were still wonderful. 
    It was hard to eat a lot of them because they were so thick and rich, but definitely delicious. Another recipe for my arsenal. I swear, this site and the users on it have me looking like an excellent cook! Thanks to all.
    Best. Potatoes. Ever. Bacon, butter, sour cream...seriously, could it get any better than that? I like my mashed potatoes super buttery, so I always add extra (clearly Paula and I think alike :D ), and the addition of the sharp cheddar gave the potatoes an amazing kick. This is a Thanksgiving staple.
    Absolutely delicious!
    I also added a little milk to make it a little smoother in the end. The cheese really made it delicious. These potatoes are great with meatloaf.
    after following recipe exactly , I added some milk because I like a smoother wetter mash. aslo added some parsley which I always love in my potaoes. Came out great. You can find the white cheddar at walmart and other stores where the block cheese is the brand mostly is Cabot. I thought this was missing something so I may just try it with yellow cheddar ( since that is what I use most ) and maybe more butter ( surprised she didnt use more here) lol next time. over all it was resturant quality for sure so please try.
    But I would leave out the cheese. I couldn't find "white" sharp cheddar cheese so I bought the "yellow" sharp cheddar cheese. I don't know if that made the difference or not but it was tooo sharp for my taste. Other than that, it was really good. I read the reviews before I prepared the dish so I was on the look out for too much salt and I salted to taste. Salt was not the problem. That cheese was.

    Always a fan Paula
    I have made these potatoes several times and they have always turned out delicious. For those of you who say these are too salty, you probably added 3 tablespoons of salt to the already mashed potatoes. ADD THE SALT TO THE BOILING WATER and you probably won't even need any more salt. Also, with this specific recipe, the bacon also adds saltiness to the potatoes so watch out for that. But I gotta say, with any recipe, salt, for the most part, is to taste so if you think that the measurements in the recipe are too much, then just don't use that much!
    I made these potatoes for Christmas with a Pork Roast, had to double the recipe because there were 15 of us. Everyone loved them-prepared them the night befor and put them in the oven in the morning. they were wonderful! GREAT WAY TO MAKE POTATOES!
    I know..."butter makes everything better," but I just cut the butter in half, used low fat sour cream, and turkey bacon. YUM YUM YUM! Paula you're awesome.
    On Thanksgiving, we made regular mashed potatoes with butter and small amount of liguid for consistency. We also made the above recipe.

    Bottom line...we had regular mashed spuds left over...not a morsel of Paula's "loaded spuds".For what this is worth to you...try it...you'll like it!

    Thanks Paula.
    I was craving for some mashed potatoes and decided to give this recipe a try. It turn out so delicious! One thing I never do though is follow anyone recipes recommendation on how much salt to put. I always put my own dash of salt and pepper to my liking. And it turn out perfect! I am planning to make this again for x'mas dinner. Thanks Paula for a great recipe!
    I work at a large Orthopaedic office, and we had an office Thanksgiving potluck. I said I would bring potatoes. When I saw this recipe, I thought it would knock everyone's socks off. It really did. The doc's were upset that they could not get seconds. :O) As for the salt issue, I limited the intake on the recipe, and the potatoes turned out great! I even made them for Thanksgiving dinner, which did not not last long at the dinner table.
    Now I am headed to Phoenix for Christmas, and I am told that I have to make them for the Christmas dinner. Paula, thanks for the great recipes, and the" love" you put in to them!

    Happy Holidays from Jacksonville, FL :O)
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