Mama's Fried Cream Corn

Total Time:
35 min
10 min
25 min

4 servings

  • 12 ears fresh corn, shucked
  • 4 slices thick slab bacon
  • 1/2 stick butter
  • Freshly ground black pepper

Remove corn from cobs by using a corn grater or knife, and mash the whole kernels a little. Slice bacon into 1-inch pieces. Cook bacon until brown in a large skillet. Remove bacon from skillet and add 1/2 stick butter to bacon grease. Over medium-high heat, pour in the corn. Fry in the grease and butter mixture. Lower the temperature and cook for 5 minutes, then put on simmer until corn is done, 10 to 15 minutes. Add black pepper, to taste. If corn seems too dry, add a little milk or water.

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    This is good. 
    The reason I am posting is the corn cutter Paula uses in the video. I bought one on Amazon. It is made by The Lee MFG CO. out of Dallas.
    Fried corn is an enjoyable southern dish. I loved the simple ingredients that added that particular charm that the cooks in the south seem keep.
    My family LOVES this recipe. I have made it for Thanksgiving two years in a row. It is always a hit and smells divine when making it. Thank you, Paula.
    My family and guests absolutely loved this recipe! I did saute a chopped onion in the bacon drippings first and added about a 1/2 cup of cream and let it simmer down because even though I extracted the milk from the corn by using the back of the knife, it still didn't have that creaminess I was looking for. It came out amazing and difinitely worth the effort!
    We loved this! I put in twice as much butter and sweated 1 medium onion and garlic before adding the corn. At the end I added about 3/4 c milk and a little corn starch to thicken and about 1/4-1/2 t nutmeg for a little balance.
    This is absolutely delicious, how could it not be with all that grease & fat. We made 3 batches w/IA sweet corn & froze some...ate more than we froze though.
    Great recipe... it was, however, the dead of winter in OHIO and I substituted Shoepeg Picsweet frozen corn (2-cups cooked in microwave for 4 minutes and then food processed 1 cup of it before adding to the butter and bacon grease mixture... added a few diced green onion tops, garlic salt, cracked pepper, milk and honey to taste and OMG... a great side dish was to be had... WOW!!!!!!
    To the point: BEST STUFF EVER!!
    My family is from the south we fry corn all of the time this recipe was very interesting !! 
    This was really good after adding some half and half and extra butter.
    tasty i agree i love corn
    After reading so many rave reviews, I was disappointed with the recipe. It just tasted like corn cooked in bacon grease. I was expecting it to be better than that.
    So good!! I used canned corn and took my emulsion blender to it to give it a better texture. This is definitely a holiday staple in our house.
    I had been missing my grandmothers fried corn.....this recipe is exactly as i remembered it and very very very easy to make
    I have made fried corn for years and this was the best. Bacon drippings and butter really make the dish. When I microwave the corn be shucking, it dries the corn out, so I use half and half for the creamy part. I sometimes saute onion in the bacon drippings, it's very, very good.
    amazing recipe but i added a little milk and some grean pepper. came out great
    I loved it creamed corn is my bf fav food
    I think the most difficult part for this recipe is getting the corn off the cob. Fresh corn was expensive, so I bought 3 fresh and 2 can to make this one. Everyone liked it. I did cooked the fresh corn first until it was similar texture as the can corn.
    Here in Florida, corn is WAY out of season at the holidays. 12 ears of corn would have cost me $12 at Thanksgiving. So, you'll need 12 servings of frozen corn (just look at the serving size on the side of the bag -- I needed 1 bag plus 1 1/3 cup from another). Put about half of your corn into a food process and pulse until the corn gets pasty -- thus releasing the "milk". Then follow Paula's instructions. I added cream and milk to get the right consistency and some salt. Tastes just like my Nonna used to make. The whole house smells like her kitchen from my memories. Thank you Paula Deen!
    I made this last year for Thanksgiving. It is SOO GOOD! I make it for all holidays now!!
    This is the perfect side dish on thanksgiving.. Don't skimp when you go to put some on your plate or you'll HAVE to go back.
    If you cut the corn off the cob with a potato peeler, then scrap the cob with a knife, you will have better results with creamed corn. Paula's is great!!!
    I served this dish along side a Prime Rib for a very fancy dinner, for 40 people. Everyone loved it, and wanted the recipe! It was so simple I was able to focus more attention on my guests.
    This tasted awesome and why not? Butter, bacon annnnndd I even added a bit of cream at the end (well maybe a bit more than a bit). I made this for Thanksgiving last year and it was so fun, my sisters and I were in the kitchen shucking the corn and cutting it from the cob and preparing our meal. Well somehow the recipe paper got lost in the hoopla and I couldn't remember for sure but thought I was supposed to add cream. Made sense, right? Well it was fantastic and my father in law complimented me so much saying it was just like his mother used to make. He admired how well it turned out because he knew all the hard work that went in to it annnndd it tasted GREAT. hahaha. Wasn't that much work (more than if I used frosen or cannced for sure) but well worth the kudos. Thanks Paula!
    I tried this recipe for the first time last Thanksgiving and it was an instant hit! Everyone loved it! I was asked to make it again on Christmas, Easter...its the new addition to all of our holiday meals! THE BEST creamed corn EVER!!
    This recipe brought back many memories of my Grandma's fried corn. I have been looking for many years for a recipe similiar to hers.(I somehow missplaced mine,) Thank you Paula, I have found it.
    This recipe is easy and the results are wonderful, satisfying every taste bud in my mouth. My kids love this recipe also!
    Connie, Seattle
    This recipe is wonderful and mouth-watering.
    This is a recipe that my grandmother used to make and I never knew what she had in it. Thanks so much.
    I added a bit of heavy cream but this is not for the calorie conscious.
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