Mrs. Salter's Peanut Butter Pie

Total Time:
1 hr 5 min
5 min
1 hr

1 pie

  • 1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 8 ounces cream cheese
  • 1 cup crunchy peanut butter
  • 1 cup confectioners' sugar
  • 1 graham cracker crust, store-bought or premade

Whip cream with 1/4 cup sugar. Mix all other ingredients until smooth and fold in whipped cream until well blended. Pour mixture into a graham cracker crust and chill for several hours before serving.

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    I usually adore Paula's recipes, but this one was a dud. The leftovers sat in our fridge...which never happens in our house...for days. Not sure why others love it so much. There was no truly defining peanut butter taste to it.
    With some sliced bananas on top... Delicious!
    The easiest and best pie I've ever made! I did add cool whip, the swirled chocolate on top with crushed up reese cups on top!! It was delish!
    Loved this pie recipe! Like several others here, I used a chocolate cookie crust. I also made a whipped topping to cover it (1 cup heavy cream whipped with 1/4 cup powdered sugar. Highly recommend sticking with the crunchy peanut butter! Absolutely delicious! Will make again soon.
    This was a pretty good peanut butter pie, but it wasn't as rich as my original recipe. Next time, I will add another 4 oz. of cream cheese.
    I love peanut butter, but I couldn't imagine how a peanut butter pie would taste. I loved it, and so did my guests. It's a pretty rich dessert, but that's what Paula does best!
    This pie is very tasty and so easy to make! I love peanut butter but not usually a fan of peanut butter pies because they are to rich. The whipped cream in this recipe really makes this pie. Thanks Paula!
    Fantastic!!! I also used creamy peanut butter (because I have dentures. It is better chilled overnight like Kait21 said. It has a cheese cake consistency instead of the pudding type pies, which is great. Use your extra whipping cream and make some to top it with....mmmmmm
    Absolutely the BEST peanut butter pie! And so easy to make! This was the first Paula Deen recipe I've ever tried and I LOVED it!
    Really good peanut butter pie! I think I may have liked it better if I used a chocolate crust. However, I did add melted hot fudge and crumbled Reese's to the top of the pie! Great addition! It needed the chocolate to contrast with all of the peanut butter. I felt that the pie tasted a lot better after sitting over night in the fridge instead of eating it after a couple of hours chilling. However, REALLY creamy and smooth. Would make again, but would add the chocolate crust!
    This pie is amazing! I made it for a bake off at my company picnic and I won first place, the pie was gone in just a few minutes and everyone was asking for the recipe! You can't beat the simplicity of it either. I did use an Oreo chocolate crust and I used creamy peanut butter (mostly because I don't like crunchy and I also topped it with Shell (it's a chocolate that hardens when it gets cold and I felt that broke up the richness from all the peanut butter. Please do yourself a favor and try this!
    This pie is tasty and very easy to make. I did cut back on the sugar, skipping the granulated sugar in the whipped cream and cutting back the powdered sugar to around 3/4 cup. Still seemed plenty sweet to me! In fact, I was wishing I had some salted peanuts to add to the top--I think that would have made a great contrast. I also made a chocolate cookie crust as I didn't have any graham crackers. I think more chocolate would have put this pie over the top. Next time I'll add some melted chocolate on top like others have suggested, or perhaps make a ganache and add to the crust before the filling. Still a good solid base to work from.
    I made this because I love peanut butter. It turned out amazing. The only little thing I added was I melted a milk chocolate Lindt chocolate bar and drizzled it on top of the pie. It was the perfect topping to this delicious, decadent pie. Also a great pie to bring to a party ... super easy and people will think you spent a lot longer making this than you really did.
    I made this for Father's Day, and it was wonderful. Instead of heaving whipping cream, I used an 8oz tub of Cool Whip and omited the 1/4 cup of sugar since cool whip is already sweetened. I dressed it with hersey's chocolate syrup on top. I would definitely make this again, for family and get togethers, it's a great dessert.
    All I have to say is that my husband was speechless after he took a bite of this pie! We love it, and it is soooo easy to make. I did not have crunchy peanut butter on hand, so I simply used natural creamy peanut butter, and it was still wonderfully delicious =)
    Great recipe!! We were looking for a "Resses Peanut Butter Cup" recipe and used this one for the base-few additions, we made a chocolate ganache and covered the graham cracker crust with it. We them put some of the whipped cream aside and covered the top with it. We then drizzled the remaining ganache over the top. I have never received so many raves about a dessert. This ones a keeper!!!
    Hands down...the best Peanut Butter Pie I have EVER put in my mouth!! My Daddy, God rest his sweet soul, loved peanut butter AND this pie so much!! I have wonderful memories of making it for him and watching him eat it with pure joy!!!
    This Peanut Butter Pie was fantastic! I am making for Christmas, and decided to make one last week just to make sure it was good....Oh and It was...It was gone in a day between my family of 3. I used creamy peanut butter, though. It was so quick and easy to make. A great no bake recipe.
    I'm really charged about making this for my family. I will let you know the results.
    I am about to make this for the second time! It is REALLY good and pretty easy to prepare. I like it with a chocolate Oreo premade crust. There is an easy crumb topping that tastes great on it. Use 1c. Confectioners' Sugar and 1/2 c. Crunchy Peanut Butter. Mix together, and sprinkle on top before chilling.
    I made this after a disappointing recipe for the world's best peanut butter pie!!! This truly is the best peanut butter pie!! I used a chocolate crust and chopped reese's cups on top with a hershey's chocolate drizzle. Plenty of cream in the pie but if you it with more whipped cream. Thanks Paula!!
    This is an awesome peanut butter pie recipe. I have to admit that I wasn't looking to make a peanut butter pie, but looking for a good recipe for a filling to add to another of Paula's recipes... the peanut butter cupcake. Using creamy peanut butter, this recipe works great as a filling for cupcakes. I love it!!! 
    Thanks, Paula! You rock, girl!
    Wow, is this ever good! I'm sitting here waiting for my graham cracker crust to cool, and if it doesn't cool off quickly, the filling will be all gone because I can't stop nibbling on it! What an easy, delicious pie, even with Cool Whip substituted for the heavy cream!
    I've never made a peanut butter pie before in my life. 6 ingredients?! Best pie I've EVER put in my mouth!!! Mrs. Salter, Mrs. Deen, LOVE YOU BOTH. SUPER EASY.
    I really like the add ins from the other fans. I've just got to try it with a gingersnap crust. Oh, Paula, look what you've started.
    ...but so good!
    Loved it,
    i made this for the first time on my first at home cooking date, we actually had it after the penne jambalaya with andouille sausage, and chicken recipe that emeril has on here, which is also delicious i might add.... but now i get begged to make it all the time, two years later. my roommates cant get anough of it.. i always like just the flavor of the fresh whipped cream too so i usually split it in half and put half in the peanut butter mixture and the other half on top of the pie... usually topped with chocolate syrup, but this week i have peanuts! yay
    my roommate was devastated to come home to me having forgotten that i was supposed to make this earlier in the day so i could have it set after we ate dinner [which was the alton brown vegetarian steamed dumplings make with pork instead of tofu, and the sesame noodles with chicken. all of which DELICIOUS]
    Love this PIE! I made a brownie crust and swirled home made strawberry jam in the filling. Unbelievably fabulous, my friends actually went to the store and bought more peanut butter so I could make a second pie right away!
    I've been using for recipes for about as long as I can remember using the internet. However, I've never taken the time to register on their website, in order to be able to give ratings such as this one. This changed today after I made this pie. Hands down one of the best pies I've ever tasted. Obviously you have to like peanut butter but the combination with the cream cheese is phenomenal.
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