Old-Fashioned Sweet Potato Pie

Total Time:
2 hr
20 min
45 min
55 min

6 to 8 servings


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

For the filling, using an electric hand mixer, combine the potatoes, 1 cup of the sugar, the butter, eggs, vanilla, salt, and spices. Mix thoroughly. Add the milk and continue to mix. Pour the filling into the pie crust and bake for 35 to 45 minutes, or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean. Place the pie on a rack and cool to room temperature before covering with meringue.

For the meringue, using an electric mixer, beat the egg whites until soft peaks form; beat in the remaining 1/4 cup sugar 1 tablespoon at a time. Continue beating until the sugar dissolves and the mixture is glossy and stiff, but not dry. With a rubber spatula, spoon the meringue onto the pie, forming peaks. Make sure the meringue touches the crust all around. Sprinkle with a pinch of granulated sugar. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, or until delicately browned. Cool and serve.

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    so good,,I may never make a pumpkin pie again
    Very good. Double recipe for deep dish
    I made this for the first time at Thanksgiving and everyone demanded it again at Christmas. Its so easy and really delicious. Even the skeptical pumpkin pie eaters loved it. (I made it without the meringue too!)
    super easy and smells better than anything ive ever cooked, delish too cant miss with this and im a newbie baker but this was childs play.
    This is a keeper. I don't eat Sweet Potato Pie, but my husband requested it for Thanksgiving. I knew I hadn't made it before, and I also knew I had to get it right, since he's really picky about his Sweet Potato pie and has raved over some and criticized others through the years. Glad I settled in on this recipe after looking at so many. I didn't do the meringue part either; no need for it. I added a squeeze of fresh lemon juice -- a key ingredient that gives it a special edge. Used 2% milk. May use half and half next time.Thanks for the win, Paula!
    Delicious!!!! I used 3/4 heavy cream instead of milk and went a little extra on the sugar and spices. I subbed nutmeg for ginger and nixed the meringue. A great easy, peesy recipe!!!!
    This has become my favorite pie for Thanksgiving. I recommend it to everyone who wants to be a hero in the kitchen, super easy and absolutely delicious.
    This has to be the most delicious sweet potato pie I have ever baked. I did omit the meringue, not a big fan of that. The cooking time was approximately 65 minutes, with oven set at stated temperature, ( also use an oven thermometer) I plan on making this again for Thanksgiving. I would like to increase it from a 9' to a 10.5 ' pie. YES, it was that scrumptious!:) Does anyone have any recommendations as the best way to do this? Thanks Paula!! :)
    It does not say the size of the pie plate to be used. Anyone out there have any idea on the size of the pie crust? Have not made the pie yet, as I don't know what size of pie pan to use, thus the 4 stars. So, help!!!
    it's the deep dish pie crust (9-inch pie crust) and it's available in grocery stores.
    Funny how one of the reviews threw me off, and I used nutmeg rather than cinnamon. Anyway, it's still good. Watching the video, Paula used a frozen pie shell. These are about 8.25 inches, not 9, and so she didn't use all of the filling. That might have baked in 35 minutes, but mine took 55, and I see some people are baking them for longer. It shouldn't take much longer than that, though. I baked 3 medium-large potatoes in a microwave-halogen oven for 11 minutes. They were done, and I let them cool while the crust was resting in the refrigerator. I used Martha Stewart's butter pie crust. After removing the peels, I made the pie mix and forced it through a strainer. This removed any of the stringy pulp. If you want to use that, you can chop it up in a food processor, but I just discarded it. I like the flavor even with the nutmeg rather than cinnamon. I am a big ginger fan, but I think I'll leave out the ginger next time. I'll try the bourbon in the future, too.
    Forgot to say that I used evaporated milk instead of the 1 cup milk. I didn't know you could make a sweet potato pie without evaporated milk. :)
    there's a 9-inch pie crust? it's the deep dish pie crust. it's also available in grocery stores. you just have to make sure and read that the label say's 9-inch. the regular ones are about 8 inches.
    I love this recipe because it makes a pie with a perfect texture & it tells you an exact amount of sweet potato needed. Other recipes are very unclear like use " two med. sweet potatos" or 2 & 1/2 lbs. sw. potatos. How would I know a med. potato from a large from a extra large. And who has time for trying to determine potato weight. I'm not a fan of meringue so I skip that part. Also I prefer sweet potato pie to be milder without too much spice. I use cinnomon & vanilla extr. but nutmeg seems so strong to me. I use a slight pinch for complexity but I never ever use allspice or ginger. Also a touch of lemon extr. complements the vanilla nicely.
    It came out yummy. I will admit I do not like sweet potato pie but my husband and M-I-L like it so I made it. They both said it was really good (which is a huge thing because they are picky with things like this) 
    I made them into mini pies, I used graham cracker pies which my hubby said it was fine my m-i-l said it was good but it probably would be better with another type of crust.  
    This recipe made 16 mini pies, cooked about 20-25mins. I followed it exactly as it is, but i did not do the merigue.
    I Baked this for several minutes longer, I have a thermometer in my oven, just needed a longer time frame. Over 60 minutes. I used exactly the spices that it said. Did not make the merigue. Can use whipped cream or plain. Like the recipe, have had ones with lemon, etc. this is just plain ole sweet potato pie!!
    Excellent recipe. I added a heavy pinch of nutmeg. Bake time for me was 75 minutes. Also, baking the sweet potatoes first and then scooping out the inside is a whole lot easier than peeling.
    The pie came out wonderful! I did end up baking it much longer than suggested until a knife came out clean from the center. I messed up the meringue topping but I think that was an error on my part. It was my first time having this pie and I look forward to having I again in the future.
    Update: The cook times have been changed to the following. 
    Prep Time: 20 minutes 
    Cook Time: 55 minutes 
    Inactive Prep Time: 45 minutes 
    Active Time: 20 minutes 
    Total Time: 2 hours (includes cooling times 
    Admin Customer Service
    Great tasting but it took much longer (almost 1 hour & 30 minutes to bake. I think bake time is a typo.
    Made it tonight. A really picky person liked it, so it`s a winner with me. I didn`t make the meringue . I put real whipped cream on top.
    I made this for Thanksgiving.  
    I didn't do the meringue because we don't really care for it, though it does look delicious here. I also don't know how much my sweet potatoes weighed, but I used four mid to large sized ones and did the measurements of the other ingredients according to what Paula gives. I also didn't have honey so I used agave nectar. I was afraid that the mix wouldn't turn out right because it wasn't thick at all (use a large bowl because it WILL splash!. I used three 8 or 9 inch graham cracker crust pie pans and the pies turned out perfectly.
    Great and very easy recipe- I used Jack Daniels instead of the vanilla extract; bourbon brought out the favors in every bite
    This pie was sooooo good! I have never made sweet potato pie like this before!.
    Wonderful. I added half brown sugar and half white and baked about 30 min more. Delicious!
    Holy cow!! It's my new favorite pie. I didn't make the meringue but it didn't need it... Again Holy- Cow.. Thanks a bunch..
    I've made this recipe twice this week for Christmas Eve and a New Year's party. Here are some suggestions if you are working with different size pie plates or are trying to make it a little healthier. 
    10" pie pan: 
    Simply increase each ingredient by 33% (e.g., used 3 cups of sweet potatoes instead of 2. It required about 30 minutes longer in the oven, but the results were amazing. Great flavor and texture. Travels well across town, too.  
    9x13" dish: 
    After lining the dish with pastry, I simply doubled the pie recipe, and it was perfect. Bake time 1 hr 20 min. 
    Healthy version: 
    I wanted to see if I could make it healthier without compromising taste or texture, and I am delighted that my changes turned out so well. 
    #1: I completely eliminated the butter, and I couldn't tell at all.  
    #2: Substitute Silk brand Coconut Milk for milk. 
    Results? Perfect! Outstanding recipe and (sugar aside not that unhealthy with these changes.
    This is by far the best sweet potato recipe I have had to date! I found this recipe a couple of years back for Thanksgiving and I've been using it every since. The only thing I did different was leave the meringue off, but I like it better that way.
    Absolutely delicious!! I made it on a whim for Thanksgiving and it was a huge hit! I used canned sweet potatoes and bourbon for two of the ingredients. After baking it, I really didn't think it needed the meringue and just used whipped cream.. Also the baking time can be up to double what is called for in the recipe. But this is the best pie I have made in a long time!
    Completely LOVED this recipe. I ended up having to bake it for over an hour as well and skipped the meringue. I did a simple whipped cream instead which paired nicely with the texture. I did, however, double the bourbon, but instead of using it in the pie, I just drank it while baking...I passed out before actually tasting it, but I'm assuming it was fantastic.
    Good recipe. I used nutmeg instead of ginger and I added a 1/2 cup of brown sugar and more cinnamon. My family loved the pie.
    well I was so pleased to see how simple this is, but I think there is a typo , the cook time at the top says 1 hr 55 min, and then in the recipe it says put batter in crust and bake 35 to 45 min,, it did take over an hour at 350,,,,
    I've always wanted to make a Sweet Potato Pie. I read most of the reviews before I made it. Last night I did my first test of this recipe and it rocked! I used more brown sugar & only a bit of granulated sugar, used unsweetened vanilla soy milk instead of milk, used 1/4 t of fresh grated nutmeg, a little more cinnamon and used a graham cracker crust. Baked the pie on a cookie sheet which made the pie take longer to bake and burned the graham crust a little bit. I fried up 3 slices of BACON to sprinkle on top of the pie. It was delicious! Sweet and salty! I'm gonna make it 2 more times before Thanksgiving. One will be made with all Splenda brown sugar & soy milk and other one with evaporated milk & brown sugar.
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