Pecan Clusters

Total Time:
13 min
5 min
8 min

6 dozen

  • 7 -ounce jar marshmallow cream
  • 3/4 pound chocolate kisses (recommended: Hershey's)
  • 2 1/2 cups sugar
  • 6 -ounce can evaporated milk
  • 1/2 stick butter
  • 2 cups pecan halves

Place marshmallow cream and kisses into a large bowl. Set aside. Combine sugar, milk, and butter in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and cook for 8 minutes. Pour over marshmallow and chocolate, stirring until well blended. Stir in pecans. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto waxed paper.

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    This is the first time I made this. I read a lot of the reviews and decided to try it. I did use a whole one and a half pound bag of Hershey kisses. I also did not stir the sugar mixture at all while it boiled, when pouring it out I did not scrape the bottom of the sauce pan either. This turned out wonderfully creamy and smooth. 
    I saw Paula make this recipe on TV so I thought I'd try it. First time I made this recipe it was nasty and grainy. I had to throw away. I figured it was just me so I made it a second time and followed to the letter. Another disaster. I wasted a lot of money on this recipe. I've made so many Paula Deen recipes and have had good luck. This is the worst recipe I've ever tried. Paula needs to adjust some of the ingredients or something.
    Made this recipe for Christmas. What a winner! Did read reviews first so used only 1/2 of the marshmallow cream and chopped the pecans. Used a Le Creuset pan so had no problem with soft boiling the mixture for 8 minutes. I'm a retired Home Economics teacher and from my experience I have found heavy pans work best for candymaking. The equipment you use 'can' make a difference in the result. This recipe will be a go-to for candymaking.
    Tried this recipe TWICE and both times the mixture was way too thin to harden. It just made a blob on the wax paper. After reading some of the other reviews, it seems that the recipe online is incorrect and should only have HALF the jar of marshmallow cream. Wish I had read the reviews first before wasting all those expensive pecans and chocolate. :-(
    The first time I made these I used the half pecans as listed and the cluster seemed too bulky and awkward to make so I made them again the next day and used chopped pecans and they were much easier to put onto the wax paper and my husband said they were better that way.
    I did not see the show where Paula prepared this recipe, so I don't know anything about discrepancies in amounts. What I do know is that I followed the recipe and loved, loved, loved the candy. The clusters were very soft the first time I made them, so I have poured them into a 9"x9" pan since. I then cut this into squares just as I would fudge. Since the recipe doesn't say stir, I don't stir. Doesn't matter; perfect texture, perfect taste. I have experimented using half milk chocolate chips and half semisweet chocolate chips. This is good stuff!
    i tried this recipe. everything was fine but i could not get the chocolate to melt completly. i do carmel corn so have no problem cooking the candy part. plus these things are way TO SWEET. oh i did use the whole container of marshmellow cream. cant believe the chocolate would not melt.
    Thought this would be a no brainer..I followed the recipe , but like a few said I think the 8 min. time is a bit long. Mine turned out all crumbly and grainy. Not trashing the recipe just the way it turned out. Don't know what I did wrong , its not as if this is the first time I have cooked. Glad it turned out for some. I am just glad I didn't have to buy the pecans , they came from our trees. Don't think I will try this again though.
    Listen up, people. If you don't enjoy a Paula Deen recipe you did something wrong. Occasionally there is an error between tv show and printed recipe. Read the reviews and make notes before you start cooking. But don't trash a recipe and give a poor rating when you didn't know what you were doing----like when making candy! This is fabulously yummy when made properly!!!
    One ingredient in the recipe online is incorrect. On her show, Paula uses 1/2 a jar of marshmallow cream, not the entire jar. Food network, you should make this correction, please.  
    I am glad I read the other reviews first and followed rnorton88750_12456412's suggestion. 
    Waiting for them to cool now. I hope they harden enough.
    Just finished this one and cleaned up my kitchen and it turned out great!!! Add a little cinnamon for a kick...perfect for a Latin theme party.
    This is a great recipe! It's pretty much the same as my fudge recipe. For those having trouble with it being grainy it's because your sugar is crystallizing. Put the sugar in the middle of the pot then pour the milk around the edge of the pan so NO sugar is in direct contact with the side of the pot until the sugar is melted. If you see sugar crystals on the pot brush them down with a wet pastry brush. If you stir the mixture constantly, make sure you don't "splash" it on the side of the pot. If you do you must wash down the sides with water. Also, DO NOT scrape the pan when pouring or spooning it out. If there is hard sugar cooked to the bottom it will crystallize the whole mixture if you scrape it up. This is pretty basic candy making - just one sugar crystal will "ruin" the whole batch.
    I'm not sure how I could have turned so many wonderful ingredients into a mealy, grainy mess. HELP! What did I do wrong? I boiled the milk etc. for the 8 minutes (stirring the whole time) and immediately poured over "kisses" and Marshmallow Creme. I poured it all at once and almost right away it was very thick and hard to stir. I kept hoping that after I added the 2 cups of pecans that a miracle would happen...NOT. Oh well, maybe I'll try again one day, but there are too many "tried and true" candy recipes out there that I can count on. In fact, I made one of your candy recipes(English Toffee) yesterday that was perfect! I love your recipes.
    I followed recipe exactly except I used semi-sweet choc. chips because I did not have Hershey's kisses. I leet it come to a boil per instructions and then I stirred often during the 8 min. They turned out great! Tastes like fudge. I would like to try with Hershey's kisses.
    Do not try this recipe. Waste of ingredients and time.
    I saw Paula make this on her show and thought it would be a nice treat to make for our neighbors. I'm always looking for something easy but tasty to make during the holidays. My 11 year old son enjoys helping. We followed the recipe to the letter (with the exception of breaking the pecan halves into smaller pieces) and had no problems at all. The hardest part (not really hard) is waiting for the milk mixture to boil, then stirring it for the 8 minutes. I brought it up to a boil slowly, on med to med hi-heat, then turned it down slightly to let it cook for the 8 minutes, stirring constantly. My son really enjoyed spooning it onto the wax paper, then licking the spoon when we were finished. They began setting up pretty fast. Can't wait to share them with our neighbors and the wonderful people at the nursing home!
    Merry Christmas!!!
    I followed the directions as posted and they never set up, gooey, what a waste of money!!
    I followed the recipe as is and this was easy and came out great, the candy was good and i even made a bunch to hand out to co- workers for x-mas :)
    So, I saw this made on TV and it looked soooo easy! :D I came home and whipped it up and used semi sweet choc. chips instead...and then as I was boiling the sugar/butter mixture I realized that I didn't want it to cook the full 8 min. I let it cook for almost 6 min. and I stirred it constantly to make sure it wouldn't boil over or burn. When I poured if over the choc. and marshmallow mix it sounded strange so I stirred as I added the hot mixture and gradually combined the two. When all is said and done they are great! I think they just taste like little mini-fudge pieces! This is a very easy recipe you just have to "baby" it and stir stir stir! And just so you know....I am not an experienced cook/baker and this is the first time that I made them! :D
    At first I was not going to try this recipe because of all the reviews but then there was one excellant review which stated if you just follow the recipe but use 1/2 jar of the marshmallow cream it came out well. I am greatful for that review or I might have used 1 whole 12 oz can of Evap. Milk and had a runny mess. As it was I used the 6 oz. I also followed the suggestion to add the Hershey's Kisses and Marshmallow cream to the pan the sugar and milk mixture was cooked in. I took the pan off the stove, added the candy and marshmallow cream, mixed and then added the nuts and mixed. Had my wax paper ready and strated dropping the candy by teaspoons onto the wax paper. Got over 7 dozen good size pieces of candy and by the time I finished the first ones had already set up. I used a non-stick pan and just gave everything left in the pan a quick turn every once in a while and it did not start to get hard in the pan. DO stir constantly when cooking both before and after the milk and sugar mixture boils or the sugar will start to harden. I adjusted the temp. of the eye on the stove to keep the mixture at a low boil the entire 8 minutes. It also taste great!!
    I was warned from other reviews about this recipe. Evidently I did not heed their warnings. I tried it and it was a disaster. I believe the cooking time is way too long for this type of candy and I'm not real sure about using that much candy kisses. When I incorporated all the ingredients together, it was as though they were being deep fried, turning into hard grains of mess and I didn't even get to mix it all together! I am very upset that I spent the time and money thinking I would be able to give them as Christmas gifts this season! Lesson well learned.
    Paula you've done it again the receipt looked so simple so I tryied it what a mistake.I said I would not make any more of your recips and I just made anoither mistake thank you for wasting my money. mw
    I am an experienced cook and baker. This was not worth the effort. It was dry and crumbly and the taste was not something I'd want to eat. And I love chocolate and pecans. So save those expensive pecans for something else.
    I was afraid to try this after all the reviews but I took every precaution necessary and they turned out perfect and delicious. I did cut the marshmellow cream in half (3 oz) and if I hadn't looked closely I would have used a 12 ou. can of evap. milk instead of cutting it in half. So that was a save. Also, I put the Hershey kisses and marshmellow into the butter, sugar, milk mixture and left it on the stove on low and it was very workable. Also, to make it a cluster, you have to mix the pecans into the mixture not put one on the top. I was very pleased with this recipe and hope that those suggestions will help others to have a success as well. Also, I used fat free evap milk.
    seems paula dean would take the time to review her receipes that someone else types in for her. i watched program on tv showing these cookies and wrote down directions as she gave them. was in question about amount of marshmellow because one time she said use a 7 oz jar and another time she said she used a half a 7 oz jar. its important to have the ingredants correct or u could end up with something u will have to throw away. so i came online to get a copy of directions and here it says use a jar not half a jar. sure glad a read reviews because i probably would have used a whole jar. if ur going to tell me how to make something give me the correct directions. i think someone should tell paula dean but of course she will never learn of this.
    I wondering if some had problems with this because they used marshmallow fluff and not marshmallow creme? The creme is a bit more dense than fluff. Just a thought.
    I have come to the conclusion that noone from FoodNetwork or Paula reads these reviews. I seen the tail end of the show last week featuring these Pecan Clusters and I thought they sounded like a good idea for New Years at my Moms. I told everyone that I was making them. I followed the recipe to a T except I used simi sweet morsels instead of Kisses. They never set up, and never resembled a pecan cluster. Looked more like puppy poo. I only wish that I had read the reviews first before I spent all this money on the ingredients of something that I now have to trash. And to make matters worse have to find something last minute to make for tonight!!!
    I followed the recipe according to the good housekeeping which was similar to the one here. It was dry and gritty. *sigh* all that time for nuttin. (pun intended). It would be great if they would give you correct ingredients.

    Once again I have tried to make something using one of Paula's recipes, Pecan Clusters, and it did not work. I saw the show featuring these last season and copied the recipe from the website. Today, I put the recipe together and the batter was too runny. I put it in the refrigerator to cool thinking it could set up and harden. No luck. This afternoon the show was on again and I watched carefully. She stated that she only used 1/2 of the 7oz. of marshmallow and the batter shown in the segment was obviously thick. I am now very wary of any of these receipes as this is the 2nd one I have used from Paula that was not written on the website correctly.
    This turned out great! I started timing the 8 minutes after it started to boil and I didn't stir. I also used 1/2 of the 7 oz jar of marshmallow cream. For the ones who it didn't work for, try again.
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