Snow Ice Cream

Total Time:
5 min
5 min

8 to 10 servings


Place snow or shaved ice into a large bowl. Pour condensed milk over and add vanilla. Mix to combine. Serve immediately in bowls.

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    Delicious! I didn't add the entire can of condensed milk for fear it would be too sweet like some of the earlier reviews mentioned. I did add milk to get it to a desired consistency!
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless you like your snow cream VERY strong, make sure the 8 cups of snow you gather is PACKED when measuring. Also, hand-stir only; don't attempt to mix in a mixer, as the snow cream will be too soupy.
    Very very good!!!!
    We are having a snow day today so why not take advantage other key ingredient! Fun, easy, and yummy!
    Since we're in a crazy snow storm, I could have opened an ice cream shop lol. Nonetheless, this recipe was very tasty and the consistency was divine. We had never heard of it, now I see this being a staple for us. Thanks!
    Wow! Yum! We just got 10 inches of new snow and it was a snow day from school. Made it for the boys and we just loved it! You can almost look forward to having it snow just so you can make this! We ended up with more than 8 cups of snow once we started to stir. We added about 4 more cups. I think it would depend on the snow that fell where you live. Thanks! Great fun!
    yummy! Added about a tablespoon of sugar, and it's just like my mama used to make. :
    Love this simple recipe... for a little variety, add just a bit (to taste of strawberry preserves (or whatever flavor to the mix... AMAZING!
    It was pretty good..although it was a little sweet. I think maybe if you only add half of the sweetened condensed milk it would taste better. Also, make sure that the snow is packing snow, if the snow is light and fluffy you will definetly need more than 8 cups. If you want to add a playful twist on this recipe, use a couple of squirts of mint extract and crushed peppermint :
    OMG this takes me back to when I was a kid...I loved "snow" ice cream...thanks for the memories!
    This is my go to recipe now.It is as equal in taste to the "old fashioned recipe" with sugar,pet milk and van;but this is faster.I love the condensed milk.I haven't had the opportunity before now to have the snowcream, due to being on call in the medical field during our white out, but I got lucky today.Thank you Paula.
    Loved it! My parents, visiting from Australia, were amazed. I didn't have vanilla in my pantry, but it still tasted great.
    I'm so glad i found this recipe!! With all the snow we've been getting i have such a variety of snow to choose from. My boyfriend prefers the vanilla snow, i personally like the chocolate but my mom is always craving the lemon flavored snow.
    This was so perfect! I've been dying to make this and we got enough snow last night to make a huge bowl! My wee one loved helping stir the snow. I can't wait to make it again!
    what a fun recipe! My girls (2 & 4) loved it & loved waiting for our snow pot to fill up! :o)
    This is a dish Our Mom's made for us everytime it snowed when we were growing up. Wow from the First bite All the memories filled the air!! This was the first time our son has ever had SnowCream!! Thank you Paula for having this recipe.. Sweet Cooking
    I thought this was so much fun! It was supposed to be for the kids but it turns out that me and my husband loved it just as much if not more. This was so tasty! It taste just like homemade icecream without the wait. I also found out that my grandmother used to make this for my mom when she was a kid. Delicious and Easy for everyone!!
    so easy and fun! didnt use vanilla extract instead i put i little bit of honey and syrup ! turned our great! perfect for a snowy day.
    To those who "used to eat" snow -- since we have been measuring air quality, the air in the United States has never been cleaner. When homes used to be heated by burning wood or coal, the air was filled with a much greater level of particulates. Let's not be ridiculous, okay?
    I always make this for my kids when it snows. It takes me back to the days when my Grandmother made "snow cream" for me and the other grand-kids. I love the memories of family and fun times brought about by a certain food and/or scent. Enjoy this with your little ones and big ones! The time spent together preparing it is totally worth it.
    Ok, I live in Florida, so I'll never be able to make this with snow, but I have used shaved ice and it's pretty good! For those people who are concerned about eating real snow...c'mon people, you eat worse things than "polluted" snow every day!!
    Today we had a snow day , my children and i came accross this recipe and were alittle nervous at first to try . To our surprise it was a very delightful treat and we cant wait to have another snow day! Paula, you have done it again !!!
    Excellent snow cream and so easy to make!!!! I did have to add a little white milk to make it creamy, but that may have been because we started out with more snow than receipe calls for...didn't measure snow. Highly recommend!!!!!
    amazing recipe!!! i added peppermint schnapps and candy canes to make it extra special! peppermint extract would work too!
    Super Yummy! I did use about 10 cups of fresh fallen snow. I will be looking forward to snow in the future for this tasty treat:
    Great recipe for our rare snow days. Fun to make with the kids and they love it.
    absolutely delicious... perfection! tastes like homemade vanilla bluebell ice cream






    I'll have to say it take a true southerner to get it right. Love ya Paula thanks for all the recipes you have. Snow cream is the best. I was raised on it and now my children and I'm going to now make some for my grands. A family tradition.
    Thank you Mrs. Deen!
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