Winning Olive Recipe

A hearty egg-and-cheese pie from an Oregon reader came out on top in our olive-themed contest.

Photograph by Sherman Wallis

Winning Recipe: Perfect Brunch Pie

Everyone is in the mood for comfort food, or so it seems from the response to our November 2009 olive recipe contest: Readers used the secret ingredient in casseroles, baked pastas, stews, buttery biscuits and, our favorite, this savory brunch pie, submitted by Celia Wallis of Independence, OR. "It's like a scrambled-egg pie," Celia says of the quiche-like creation. She set up her own little test kitchen, baking mini variations in muffin pans to perfect the flaky phyllo crust and olive-cheese filling. The recipe name is bold, but we think it fits.



Celia Wallis of Independence, OR, used phyllo dough for the first time to make her winning pie.