Easy 3-Ingredient Appetizers

Turn three simple ingredients into a fun party appetizer.

Photo By: Andrew Purcell

Photo By: Andrew Purcell

Photo By: Andrew Purcell

Photo By: Andrew Purcell

Photo By: Andrew Purcell

Photo By: Andrew Purcell

Photo By: Andrew Purcell

Photo By: Andrew Purcell

Eggs + Chipotle Mayonnaise + Bacon

Mash the yolks of hard-boiled eggs with chipotle mayonnaise and finely chopped cooked bacon. Spoon into the egg whites; top with more bacon.

Beet Chips + Roast Beef + Horseradish Mustard

Top beet chips with thinly sliced roast beef. Top with a dollop of horseradish mustard.

Goat Cheese + Cranberries + Pistachios

Mash herbed goat cheese with chopped dried cranberries. Roll into 1-inch balls, then roll the balls in chopped toasted pistachios.

Cucumber + Cheese Spread + Smoked Trout

Spread English cucumber slices with garlic-herb cheese spread (such as Boursin). Top with smoked trout.

Biscuits + Apple Chutney + Dill Havarti

Split and toast mini biscuits. Spread with apple chutney, top with thinly sliced dill havarti and broil until bubbling, 1 to 2 minutes.

Prosciutto + Bocconcini + Peppadews

Roll thin strips of prosciutto around oil-marinated bocconcini. Stuff into jarred Peppadew peppers and drizzle with some of the bocconcini marinade.

Shrimp + Chili Sauce + Lime

Broil peeled extra-large shrimp until cooked through, 5 minutes. Toss with sweet chili sauce and a little lime zest and juice.

Chorizo + Potatoes + Spicy Honey

Brown sliced dried chorizo in a skillet. Skewer with roasted red potato wedges. Drizzle with warm spicy honey.

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