On a Roll: All-Star Eggs

Find out how Food Network chefs take their breakfast sandwiches. Then dig into what we think is the best egg sandwich of all time. 
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Photo By: Levi Brown

Photo By: Levi Brown

Photo By: Levi Brown

Photo By: Levi Brown

Photo By: Levi Brown

Photo By: Levi Brown

Photo By: Levi Brown

Trisha Yearwood    

Homemade buttermilk biscuit, cheddar cheese, scrambled egg, avocado and bacon

Marc Murphy

Buttered toasted sesame roll, Swiss cheese, ham and fried egg 


(Wrap the sandwich in foil and let steam for a few minutes.)

Bobby Flay

Soft roll, American cheese, bacon and fried egg

Jeff Mauro

Toasted croissant, strawberry preserves, American cheese omelet and bacon

Alex Guarnaschelli   

Buttered soft sesame roll, bacon, two fried eggs and cracked pepper

Geoffrey Zakarian

Griddled bialy, cheesy scrambled eggs, chives and smoked salmon

Our Best Egg Sandwich

Behold, our test kitchen's ultimate egg sandwich: soft bun, runny yolk, crispy potatoes and a hit of hot sauce in the most-unlikely place. 

Get the Recipe: Loaded Egg Sandwich

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