Cheese Fries

This is a wicked-easy recipe that's wicked-good!

Total Time:
17 min
5 min
12 min

4 to 6 servings

  • 1 sack frozen French fries, any brand or shape – crinkle cut, thin cut, steak cut, waffle fries – prepared to package directions
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 cups whole milk
  • 2 1/2 cups, (10-ounce) sack shredded yellow Cheddar
  • 3 squirts ketchup, about 1/4 cup

Have your GH (Grown Helper) put fries in oven on a cookie sheet. While fries are baking in the oven, have a GH place a sauce pot on the stove and heat it over medium heat. Add butter and melt it. Add the flour and stir. Cook butter and flour together for 1 minute or so. This is called "roux" (like Tiger and Roo with Pooh Bear) and it helps to thicken up sauces. Use a whisk to stir as the milk goes into the pot. Keep stirring until the milk gets thicker. Use a wooden spoon or heat-safe spatula to stir in the cheese. When all of the cheese melts, take the sauce off the heat and stir in 3 squirts of ketchup. This is your SECRET ingredient. When everyone asks what you put in your cheese sauce that makes it taste so good, just say milk and cheese, you can NEVER tell what secret ingredients you add! Tell your GH to keep the secret, too or they can never help you again!

Pour the sauce over the fries or serve the sauce on the side if you like to dipping better.

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    Bland, more white sauce than melted cheese. Worst result I've ever had from an online recipe.
    I was only looking for a cheese sauce for french fries, I was already making some baked potato wedges. 
    After reading some reviews about how adding ketchup was bad, I thought twice about making the cheese sauce but well without the bad there is no good so I gave it a try. 
    I really liked the flavor, it was very tasty, to me the addition of ketchup was not bad at all it gave it a nice flavor, I used Sharp cheddar cheese. 
    The one thing I didn't like was the texture, it was grainy which is exactly what I didn't want, I was looking for a creamy cheesy sauce recipe, I haven't found a perfect one yet, but the flavor made up for it. 
    I burned the roux the first time so I had to start over but overall it's easy to make.
    very tasty I like them. the ketchup did add a better flavor.very easy to make will do again
    These were good...i added some garlic powder and it really helped
    This was probably the nastiest thing ive ever tasted. Just go to outback and get some cheese fries!
    The fries were kind-of underdone (We cooked them in the oven And we used Ore-Idea Crinkle Cut fries . . . And added ham . Next time we'll make our own fries and fry them . And maybe something different with the cheese . . . Still a very good recipe . ?
    I thought the cheese sauce was lacking a lot, really disappointed - just thought Rachel Ray was a better cook than that.
    Mine turned out awesome! I added a couple slices of pepperjack along with cheddar and it was supergreat!

    Give it try!

    this cheese sauce was so great! i loved it!
    very tasty and cheesy=]
    The cheese is really great, ketchup is the secret. Great for children!
    Although this was incredibly easy to make, the texture was awful, and the flavor was lacking. I prefer to make cheese sauce with Velveeta cheese, and I think I will stick with that. Good idea, bad execution.
    the kids loved this recipe. we ate it with burgers & hot dogs and they were dipping those in the cheese sauce too. my sister commented on the smoothness of the sauce and asked for the recipe... so it must have been good. I didn't think it was the best, but was pretty good... will make this again. Thanks Rachael!
    I love this cheese, the consistency was not that great but the cheese over the frozen fries was delicious. I also put some bacon bits on top of the cheese along with some sour cream. Thanks Rachel!!!
    quick, easy and good
    Very Tasty!
    I am from WIsconsin oringnally. Anything that has to do with cheese is good to me.
    The consistency was a little different than I would have expected, but made it much better by toasting a piece of texas toast, put a hamburger on top of that, then the fries and cheese. Making a ponyshoe out if it made it 10 times better!
    the sauce was terribly dissapointing. the concept was good, but i don't really think the ketchup mattere one way or the other cause the sauce's consistancy doomed it.
    EASY, and KIDS LOVE IT!!!
    The kids were very excited for this, but when it came time to start the dipping, they quickly said it was gross!
    I tried this recipe and I was extremly satisfied!. It's great and a lot tastier and healthier than the processed cheese sauce that I buy in the jar. Keep up the good job Rach!
    I forgot to add the ketchup and we still enjoyed the recipe.
    The cheese did not have much flavor
    They were alright, however I did not like the ketchup in it.
    Just as easy as on tv. Next time I won't use so much ketchup but still so good!
    I made this recipe for lunch (yes, just cheese fries) one day between classes for my mom, my sister, and I, and I loved it, though I used a whole 1-pound block of cheese, instead of stopping at what I thought was 2 & 1/2 cups. I didn't add the ketchup to the sauce itself, since my sister doesn't like ketchup. I did add it to my own plate, however, and it tasted that much better!
    a very good treat
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