Red Cabbage Slaw

Total Time:
1 hr 15 min
15 min
1 hr

6 to 8 servings

  • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons celery seed
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/2 head red cabbage, cut into roughly 1 1/2-inch chunks
  • 2 small carrots, grated
  • 1 small red onion, chopped
  • 1 cup golden raisins

In a large bowl, whisk together vinegar and sugar until dissolved. Slowly whisk in oil, celery seed, salt and pepper to taste. Toss in cabbage, carrots, red onion and raisins to coat well. Cover and let sit at least 1 hour.

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    This was good. Tangy, fresh. A little like bread and butter pickle with the celery seed. This could be a good light standard.
    Too much oil per vinegar/sugar ratio. Added a lot more vinegar, sugar, and lemon, also red pepper.
    I liked this recipe a lot. BF doesn't eat raisins do i substituted sweet corn. Added since cilantro to garnish. Had it with fish tacos, very yummy will make it again for sure.
    I'll have to join the "5" Star club on this one. I went a little more lightly on the quantities of golden raisins and the red onion. Also downsized the dressing quantity, as I thought it might be too much vinegar for my taste. I threw in some chopped pecans. It does need to sit for awhile to develop the flavor. Proof came a few hours later when we enjoyed it alongside teriyaki chicken - so good, not your typical slaw, perfect for something different for summer. I asked my son if it was too unusual for him, and he said, "No - it's amazing, really good." Next day, took leftovers to friends' house for dinner. Both loved it, and one commented, "I love how the sweetness comes from the raisins and not sugar." It was even better the next day! 
    this is easy and the whole family loves it.
    The flavors blend very nicely together. I enjoyed it even more the following day. Thanks Sunny!
    Delicious, Easy and Quick = Great recipe! The entire family loved it and for the first time ever seconds for my husband consisted of nothing but several LARGE spoonfuls of this slaw. I made a few minor changes, used green onions (green and white parts instead of red onion and turbinado in place of regular sugar. I did add fresh celery leaf. If you want to cut down on the sweet you can completely omit the raisins and it is still fantastic. We tried both ways and my family actually preferred it sans raisins.
    very very very nice
    I was searching for a red cabbage recipe that was easy but that would not be bland and I must say that this recipe meets both of those requirements. I loved the flavors and the colors of this dish. I ran out of celery seed the last time I made it and even without the celery seed the recipe came out tasting amazing! I would highly recommend this recipe as either a great side dish or as a starter salad.
    This was great straight from the recipe; something I seldom can do. (RADD - recipe attention deficit disorder Served it alongside pork tenderloin-based schnitzel. Celery seed a must; crunch still very good after 6 hours. Will add apple batons next time.
    A lot of fun. I was able to taste all of the ingredients as I went along. Beautiful color. Nice contrast with tart and sweet.
    I've made this a few times, and the more I make it, the more I like it! I even like it better than "traditional" slaw recipes, because it's lighter and fresher IMHO. I've used this as a condiment on spicy sandwiches, such as Bobby Flay's Cheyenne Burgers (instead of onion rings) and also served it as a side dish. The only change I'd suggest is to moderate the amount of raisins, to adjust the sweetness (I like mine a lil less sweet, so I cut back on the raisins and sugar). Great recipe!
    I have given up watching Food Network for Lent, a real sacrifice for me. Since I can't watch, I have resorted to printing and trying a few recipes I remembered having watched that looked good, including this one. I used what I had, so that meant subbing regular white onion for red onion, and regular raisins for golden. I also cut the recipe in half, since it's just my husband and me. I made it in the morning before leaving for work, which gave it plenty of time to marinate. Even with my sustitutions, it was a winner for us, and it was a nice complement to the lasagna I made.
    I loved this recipe. I made only because i had 1/2 head of red cabbage sitting in my refrigerator and my husband and I absolutely loved it. Will definitely make this again. We ate ours after it set in the fridge for couple days. I think it helps veggies to marinate.
    Great recipe!!! I heat the sauce and then pour over the cabbage and then place wrap over the salad for 1/2 hour then serve.
    I've prepared MANY recipes from this website with outstanding results, but I'm not sure what everyone is raving about. It's OK, but nothing to write home about. I followed the recipe to a tee, letting it sit for several hours before trying it, but it just seemed like something was missing. I will say that after it sat for a few days, the ingredients and flavors did marry better, but not enough for me to say "awesome recipe". The sweetness and texture that the raisins brought to the party was a pleasant surprise, but I don't think I'll make it again. Sorry, Sunny, but I still love ya!
    I had a dinner party and everyone really liked this recipe. I believe everyone indulged in seconds. However, I found the original recipe to be a bit too vinegary, so I reduced the amount of vinegar. I also went half apple cider vinegar and half raspberry vinegar to make it a bit sweeter. I opted for apples over golden raisins and followed a few other tips in people's reviews: parsley for color and peanuts for extra flavor.
    Easy and soooo delicious! Thanks for a great recipe Sunny.
    This is my first recipe of Sunny's to try out. It sure looked good when she made it on her show. I didn't know if I would like so much red cabbage (normally I add a little to my green salads but that's about it), but this is just right on a plate with a burger and potato salad. Quick and tasty. Well done Sunny!!
    What an excellent cole slaw recipe. I saw Sunny prepare this on tv. It was fast and looked delicious. It turned out wonderful! It does make a difference to use EVOO and not canola oil. Also we added a few chopped roasted peanuts w/sea salt. It added more crunch.
    Sunny - Honey!!! This Red Cabbage Slaw was a HUGE Success at my dinner party last night! I have been reviewing this recipe for months and finally decided to try it and boy it did not let me down. Even my guests were not quite sure they wanted to try it but they loved it! We are true mayo-slaw based southerners but I may have converted my guests over to the no-mayo slaw club.
     You and I are cut from the same cloth. I have been cooking in the kitchen since I was 6 y/o. I am not a chef but I have a love for cooking and entertaining. You and I have the same taste! I am so glad you are on the Food Network. I hope to meet you one day. Take Care
    I am a huge fan of NON-MAYO slaws, and this is definitely going to be a favorite. I didn't have any celery seeds, so I omitted them. I added some chopped flat-leaf parsley for color. I served it with grilled bratwurst, and the sweet, tangy, and crunchy slaw went great with the juicy charred brats. Thanks, Sunny, for a great recipe!
    I never really cared for the above three items in the same bowl together, but again you have made a beleiver out of me.
     Very good slaw and enjoyed preparing it for my husband and myself
    Sunny, this is the tastiest slaw I have eaten in quite sometime alltho I bumped it up a notch and got rave reviews. You are a great cook and I enjoy watching you. I enjoyed the crunchiness of the slay and the flavors married together well. I bumped it up with sliced ham. Keep those tasty, easy to follow recipes coming and I will stay tuned. Sincerely, Sandy Springer- Kenosha, Wisconsin.
    turned a few people into slaw lovers after i served them this recipe.
     i added apple also and followed everything else to a tee...wonderful results.
    I've never been a fan of red cabbage, but this recipe changed my mind. This goes together really fast with great results. I've made this three times, and the third time, I substitued chopped apple for the raisins, mainly because I was out of raisins, and it was equally good.
    This slaw was okay, but not fabulous. I've had many others that were much better. I doubt I'll make it again.
    I have been looking for a slaw recipe that didn't use mayo and this is it! I used a bag of golden raisins mixed with dried cherries and added some brown mustard seeds as well as the called for celery seed. We did have it after it sat an hour and it was a success, but, we ate it the next day and it was a huge hit. Sitting for 12 - 24 hours is the best way to go. 5 thumbs up for this red cabbage slaw.
    If you buy the cabbage preshredded, this is even easier to make. It is really good!
    This is good. I have to admit that I didn't follow the recipe to the letter. I didn't have cider vinegar so I used a combo of rice wine vinegar, white vinegar and balsamic and I added some diced jicama, that added a nice crunch.
     That being said I liked the bigger chunks of cabbage instead of the shredded and the combo of flavors from the rest of the ingredients.
     Thanks for the great ideas and a fun show.
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